How to Create Clickable Social Media Content

How to Create Clickable Social Media Content

Every day billions of people log into their social media pages to scroll through their feeds and interact with new content. If your business isn’t taking advantage of these numbers, you’re missing out on a killer marketing opportunity. 

If you create the right social media content, you’ll be able to humanize yourself in the eyes of your target audience and instill a sense of trust in your brand. 

Play your cards right, and they’ll share your content with other users, which may gain you some new followers. Want to learn how to get started? Check out this guide to learn how to write posts that will get people talking. 

Use Statistics to Your Advantage

Every time your business reaches a new milestone, you can use it for social media advertising. By throwing up a positive statistic based on your growth, you’ll show your followers that they can trust you. They may even share these statistics to show other people how well you’re doing. 

To this end, make sure that you’re not posting these statistics at random. You’ll find yourself having to pay for 100 free Instagram followers just to get your traction back if people find out that you’re lying. 

Share User-Generated Content 

Users love it when they see brands interacting and working with real people. This is what user-generated content is for. You can link a guest post to your account. 

If you ask, your followers will have no problem writing up a testimonial that you can share on your social media to gain followers. This is especially true if you give them an incentive in the form of deals. People love free stuff! 

Influencer Marketing

You might not have a lot of Tik Tok followers right now, but there’s someone out there who has a ton. Consider finding one of these influencers and teaming up with them. 

Let’s say that you have a makeup line. You can hire an influencer to wear your products in a video. They’ll give you a shoutout in the clip and tag you in the post so their followers can find you. 

Impact Society

Now more than ever, people care about what’s going on around them. If you choose a cause and fight for it, you’ll tug at a few heartstrings and make an impact on the world at the same time. That’s a win-win in our book.

Write up a post in support of a particular cause or group, but go a step further. Actually, organize something to help that group. 

Those who are interested in participating in the event will sign up for it and get their friends to do the same. If this doesn’t net you some attention, we don’t know what will. 

Creating Social Media Content That Attracts a Crowd 

With the billions of people that scroll through social media on a normal basis, you can’t afford to not take advantage of it. By posting regular and relevant social media content, you ensure that you stay on your follower’s timelines. 

If you play your cards right, you may even get a few new followers along the way. 

Are you looking for more ways to get your business’s name out there? Check out our blog daily for additional articles like this one.

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