How to create call-to-action within a podcast

Content marketing experts nowadays prioritize creating high-quality content and include precise call-to-action (CTA) in the content. CTA is a key part of a website or content. It is something like telling your audience directly what they should do. It is excellent to promote podcasts and drive your audience into a particular action by creating urgency. Marketers use CTAs as a vital element for their sales funnel. CTAs are a mostly visual element. It can be a button, banner, graphical object, or even text. So, they are usable in a blog post, image, or video. But, when the podcast is your primary form of content, you have to think differently. In this post, we are sharing how to create CTA within the podcast. Enjoy the rest.

Common CTAs to use in podcasts

Using appropriate CTAs in podcasts is essential to growing your audience and promoting your product and services. It also reduces the communication obstacles and enhances the opportunities for sale. Here we mention some widely used CTAs to include in your podcasts:

– Subscribe

– Click the button

– Comment here

– Check out the following link

– Leave a review

– Download my freebie

– Join our Facebook group

– Watch my video on YouTube

– Follow me on Twitter and Instagram

– Buy it now etc.

You will find CTAs with hundreds of variations. Including them in podcasts better attract the listeners. As a beginner, you can start with Soundcloud and buy soundcloud plays to make your podcasts eye-catching. The following are a few more strategies to apply while using CTAs.

Make the CTA straightforward

CTA in a podcast should be crystal clear. It needs to be uttered in such a way that will catch people’s attention. If you listen to popular podcasts, you should notice that the podcasters are excellent in delivering the CTA straightforward as well as in a creative way. Usage of precise CTAs helps you to keep listeners’ attention from beginning to the end and compel them to come back again. So, use CTAs carefully so that they can easily understand what they should expect. 

Offer a bonus

You should always appreciate listeners’ opinions about your podcast. It also creates an opportunity to add some good CTAs to the episode. Offering a bonus episode is a good technique here to apply. For example, you can ask listeners’ feedback about the last few episodes. Then you can announce a bonus episode on the same topic if you get a good number of responses. Including a CTA in this approach will help you get a huge engagement and generate new ideas for the next episodes. 

Mention deadlines

Mentioning a deadline in your podcasts is one of the clever CTA strategies. When you talk about a deadline, people become more attentive than usual. It automatically creates urgency among listeners. For instance, if you are reviewing a product with money off through a podcast, you can mention the last date to have the discount. After listening to the review and the deadline, customers will hardly try to buy the product within the given date. 

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