How To Create an Email Discount Campaign

According to numerous research, nearly 80% of buyers prefer to receive email discount campaigns rather than other types of advertisements.

You can send your customers personalized discounts and coupons through email campaigns and spread the word about other attractive offers that might interest them. When you send emails to your customers, you encourage them to visit your website to become familiar with your brand and buy products from your store.

At first glance, it seems that setting up this method is a complex and time-intensive process, whereas you can implement it within a few minutes without involving a professional’s help.

So, let’s dive deeper and figure out how you can create an effective email discount campaign.

Mini-guide to creating a successful email discount campaign

  1. Set your goals 

First of all, you should set the goals you expect to achieve at the end of your email discount campaign. Among them are:

  • Building a strong brand awareness
  • Increasing sales
  • Getting a group of devoted customers
  • Sharing news about new products

How do goals help achieve a successful email discount campaign? Let’s say you specialize in selling skincare products and want to boost your sales. When you know where your email campaign is headed, results will come in faster. In addition, you can create a custom coupon with the description of the products you intend to sell along with a discount that your customers will get for this product just by using the coupon. 

Pretty simple, right?

  1. Learn about your audience 

First, you have to decide who your target audience is and how your business can help them. It is better to start with your existing customers, then proceed further.  Here, your primary mission is to acquire more information regarding your potential customers. And, it does not necessarily mean that you have to hire an investigator to track them. There are various ways to get information regarding their age spectrum, profession, and preferences for specific products. 

When it comes to a successful email discount campaign, you will need as much information about your audience as possible. So, if you’re familiar enough with their interests, daily habits, and hobbies, it will automatically be easier for you to suggest personalized discounts. In the long term, this strategy will help build a loyal customer base. 

  1. Create relevant email content

Your next step should be creating a name for your campaign. If it is just a monthly update of news regarding your company, you can name it, for example, “November Newsletter.” However, if it is a special promotion, you should mention the product’s name that you are promoting at the beginning of your email.

Another important aspect is a carefully written subject line. That’s because the possibility that your customers will open your email directly depends on your subject line.

So, here are several essential tips which will help you create a good subject for your email campaign:

  • Show customers the main idea of your email.
  • Encourage your customers to open an email.
  • Try to develop a sense of urgency and be relaxed at the same time.

Again, do not forget about personalized discounts since every customer likes to be treated with care. Personalization is critical if you want your email to achieve success as it shows that you care about your customer and their interests. For example, you can send them special offers for the products they buy more often from your website or provide them with a small gift on their birthday.

  1. Build a creative email discount template

Finally, it’s time to create a template and put your brand’s logo and a copy of your text in it.

Additionally, you can use images to help your discount email look more readable and appealing to your customers. It would be better to include a customized coupon for your dedicated customer base, which will allow them to get a discount when they decide to purchase stuff from your website.

Finally, at the end of your email, make sure to mention your company contact information, including the links to your website and social media platforms, and send the email.


As you can see, the process of creating an email discount campaign is quite a simple one you can implement without evolving external help. But, at the same time, the advantages that you can get from this tool are unique. So, you can increase your sales within a short period and gain the trust of millions of prospects who are ready to make purchases from your website and on.

So, do not hesitate and start creating your email discount campaign, which will help take your business to a completely different level.

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