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How to correctly stuff a wedding invitation

You might think that stuffing a wedding invitation is as easy as wrapping it in some nice paper, but there are actually many details to take into account besides deciding on a wedding invitation templates. This post covers what you need to know about how to correctly stuff a wedding invitation. It’ll start with the most common mistake people make when stuffing an invitation and explain why this detail is so important. From there, it will discuss the best method for putting your invitations together in order to avoid any faulty handwork.

Start with the Invitation

The rule of thumb in this case is to start with the invitation, make sure you place this face up on the table.

What to do with the tissue paper

In most instances, the tissue paper is used to keep the ink from smudging. So, you will have to decide what to do with the tissue paper. Note that most inks used these days will not smudge which means you will probably not need the tissue. For the few people that wants to keep the tissue in the suite, you can place it on the top of the wedding invitation.

Proceed to add the Reception card

After deciding to keep or not to keep the tissue, the next thing is to add the reception card. If applicable, the reception card should be placed face-up over the invitation. Some people choose to add this to the top of the tissue paper if its included.

Include any enclosure cards

You might have some remaining enclosure cards such as the map cards or a hotel accommodation card. If this is the case, then add them face up. If you have more than one enclosure card, you can add them the way you want. The order in this case will not matter unless they are included in different sizes. In this case, you will have to start with the largest card all the way to the smallest.

Proceed to the RSVP card

The other thing you shouldn’t forget is to place the reply card facedown. This should be above the enclosure cards. You should insert the reply card under the envelope flap to leave the printed side visible. For those going with the folded style invitations, place all the enclosures within the folded invitation rather than choosing the top.

Stuff the envelop

Some couples choose to use two envelopes for cheap save the date magnets or wedding invitations (the inner and the outer envelope). In this case, insert the invitation suite into the inner envelope. You can do this folded edge first for the folded invitations and left edge first for a single-card invitation. This makes sure that the guest can see the printed side of the invitation when the envelop flap is opened. Now proceed to insert the inner envelop to the outer envelope. Do this in a way that the handwritten guest’s name is visible when opened.

For couples using only one envelop, stuff the fully assembled suite to the envelop. You choose the folded edge first for the folded invitation and the left edge first for the single card invitation. This ensures you can see the printed side of the invitation when the flap is opened.

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