How to Convert PPT to HTML5 Using SlideHTML5?

PowerPoint is indeed not web-based content (e.g. HTML, XML, Flash, etc.) — it is desktop technology. The full file should be downloaded on your pc before it can be viewed. PPT files may be huge, particularly if they include many pictures or other media. And to download them and view them urgently, you need a fast connection. So instead of downloading the whole PPT file, you may convert it to HTML and view it on a webpage.

Various online tools provide these services, and SlideHTML5 is one of the top service providers in this area.

About SlideHTML5

SlideHTML5 is a free online presentation tool  that allows you to convert PPT to HTML5 and share slides instantly.

Steps to Convert PPT to HTML5:

  1. Go to and tap on the “Upload PPT for Free” option that appears at the top of the page when you arrive.
  2. After that, submit your PowerPoint presentation to the website by searching for it on your computer. You may customize the title, description, and keywords for this particular file during the upload process. Additionally, you have the option of selecting which categories these slides belong to. For instance, “Education,””News,” or “Business,” among other things.
  3. After you have finished waiting for it to complete uploading, you are DONE! You may now proceed to distribute the HTML link to your community or class members.

The following are the main features:

  • Convert PPT to HTML5 online with ease. SlideHTML5 is an online presentation maker that transforms static content into interactive experiences in seconds. No formatting issues. No software or technical expertise is required.
  • Instead of using tedious offline ppt files, build online presentations with beautiful visuals and interactive features. Create them once and utilize them in all future marketing endeavors.
  • Your content can change the world. You may engage with visitors right on your SlideHTML5 website to boost clicks, likes, and shares. You may also integrate slide presentations into your website to reach a wider audience. Like magic, you can turn viewers into fans, then into promoters.

Benefit If Using SlideHTML5 to Convert PPT to HTML5

  • You may quickly turn your school project into an engaging online slide show. Slides may be shared with instructors and students or linked to learning management systems (LMS). Instant access, teach and learn anytime and anywhere you want.
  • Create online presentations to enhance internal communication. SlideHTML5 allows your team to present online, discuss, exchange, and learn new knowledge. Collaboration improves productivity.
  • Quickly deliver your next effective pitch deck or marketing plan with an online slide presentation. Customers may be led to your deck through a link, demonstrating your creative thinking. If you advertise professionally, you will get loyal customers.
  • Create online slides to share your amazing content with the world and watch it go viral. SlideHTML5 allows you to share slide presentations across all social media networks easily. With our online presentation builder, content sharing is a breeze. SlideHTML5 allows you to share slide presentations across all social media networks easily. With our online presentation builder, content sharing is a breeze.
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