How to connect a mobile device to a projector?

Currently it is comfortable to work directly with our mobiles or tablets, as well as to use them at home to watch videos or movies.

A common question is how it could be done to be able to see the mobile screen through a projector, thus avoiding the use of the computer.

In the classroom it will be very comfortable for the educator, and at home there will be many users who instead of an extra-large screen prefer to also use a projector at home. How to transmit the image from the mobile to the projector?

How to transmit the image from a mobile to a projector?

Projecting what we are seeing on the mobile on a projector in the classroom or at home can be very comfortable to share the image with other people and see it at a larger size.

The mobile will act as a player and remote control, also allowing us to move around to do other tasks. How can we do it?

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If we have a projector that allows connection via WIFI, this would be the ideal option, the most comfortable.

The mobile device would be connected in a network with the projector and we would automatically see the image of it on the projector, just like when we connect a cable from the projector to a computer.

To facilitate the reproduction of content, we can use Android apps of this type: LibreOffice Impress Remote , intended for the reproduction of LibreOffice presentations. In iOS we would also have alternatives such as: Epson iProjection or Airplay.

With cable:

If the projector does not have a WIFI connection, which is very common, you will have to use a cable to connect the projector and the mobile.

If we use a cable, we will lose the possibility of moving with the mobile, obviously, but it is what it is.

The most common cables of this type will be the micro-USB to HDMI type (for video), or the micro-USB type to standard USB, the typical cable with which we connect the mobile to a computer, for example.

In the event that we want to connect the mobile via cable, we also have several options. If we use a video cable such as HDMI, the output should already be seen automatically without having to do anything else.

On the other hand, if the connection is USB, we will depend on the characteristics of the projector.

In general, many projectors allow us to read a USB pen drive directly, therefore we can watch videos as long as they are in a suitable video format but not a video that we are watching on YouTube.

If we really wanted to see everything, what we are doing on the mobile through the projector, we would have to use an intermediary computer and with a mirroring software transmit the mobile screen to the computer and make it look on the projector as we usually do.

Mirror communication:

With this technique we project the mobile screen on the computer, and since its video output is communicated directly to the projector through a cable of any type (VGA, HDMI, etc.), we will see the same thing in the projector that we are seeing in the mobile.

It will be the ideal solution for older projectors, that is, that do not have the option of connection through WIFI or that cannot read USB pen drives.

They require the installation of additional software, both on the mobile through the app and on the computer through a program that connects them to both. We have several alternatives that will essentially work in a similar way:

TeamViewer: For Android, iOS and other systems, which connects the device to the computer through a private key.

MirrorOp and Airdroid: For Android, with a similar operation.

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