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How to Conduct Manual Cross-Browser Testing Quickly?



Cross browser testing

Cross browser testing is an essential part of the modern testing standard. For instance, this process allows you to ensure that the application is superior and accessible on all devices. Thus, it helps to increase your stand in the entire Software Development Industry. Various companies perform manual cross-browser testing. As you all know, manual testing is a long and complicated process, and a single error can hamper the entire testing process. Additionally, you must try to save as much time as possible to reduce the application’s development time. In this article, we will discuss various methods that can help you save time on manual cross-browser testing.

What is Cross-Browser Testing?

Cross-browser testing falls under the family of non-functional testing processes. It helps to ensure that the application is completely functional and accessible on various devices and platforms. So, it ensures that every part of the customer base can access your web application irrespective of their device. Additionally, it helps to maintain user interaction on responsive applications. Thus, we can justify that cross-browser testing is an essential part of the web application testing process. Cross-browser testing also helps to ensure that special features like screen readers are working correctly on the web application so that differently-abled people can access your website. In the present industry, new browsers are releasing every single day. Thus, it is essential to provide continued support for all the browsers available in the current market. 

Importance of Saving Time in Manual Cross-Browser Testing

In the present software industry, almost every vendor has transitioned to open browser standards for website browsing. This transaction is uniform for all vendors; however, the application remains vastly different. It is because every company has another ideal for rendering JavaScript or HTML websites. So, you need to test your web application on every browser to initiate a consistent performance. While conducting the testing process manually, it will take a lot of time. However, time is one of the few things that you cannot afford to waste in the Software Industry. Thus, you need to follow specific techniques that will help you to speed up your manual cross Browser testing process.

Tips to Save Time on Manual Cross-Browser Testing

1. Code Linters

As a developer, you must link your source code with the static analytics tool. You must perform this process irrespective of the developing languages that you are working with. This process is highly essential as you may not have the capability to find out the source code’s errors at a glance. The source code analysis is also known as linters. They help you validate your code and execute various code rectifications. It also helps to perform cross Browser validation on different web development languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Furthermore, you have the freedom to use both online and offline tools on your local desktop. However, we advise all the developers to discuss this plan with the project manager before executing static code analysis.

2. Perform Cross-Browser Testing after a Development Milestone

A typical source code for a Cross-browser website consists of more than 50 modules. So, even if you perform only two changes per module, you will have to test more than a hundred changes in the source code. As manual testing is entirely dependent on human consideration, a lot of work may confuse the tester. Thus, we recommend all the companies to perform testing on the source code after every single change. This process will decrease the average workload and increase the efficiency of the testing process. Additionally, after fixing all the bugs, you should follow one complete round of compatibility testing to double-check all the changes you have made. 

3. CSS Prefixes

Browser vendors use mechanisms like CSS vendor prefixes or CSS prefixes to add new features to the browsers. You must incorporate your CSS code to ensure that your website is supported by both the browser’s new and old versions. Additionally, you can use specific CSS flexbox tools to generate new layout features for the web application. For this process, you must provide all the necessary Syntax details for the application to create the code and execute it on all browser versions. 

You also can add the prefix changes manually. However, there is a high possibility of an error during the manual process. So, we recommend all the companies to make the necessary changes by using automated CSS scripts. 

4. Parallel Testing

Parallel testing of parallel model development is one of the fastest methods for conducting automatic and manual software testing. It helps to perform all the vital testing processes simultaneously and reduces a massive portion of the testing time. You can perform parallel testing with the help of test scripts that allow cross-browser compatibility in the source code for different browsers and devices. Furthermore, you can create your test script that can mimic human interaction by using specialized Selenium WebDriver. These test scripts can help automate all the redundant processes involved in bug fixing. 

5. CSS Profiling

In the earlier parts of the article, we discussed the importance of CSS linting. However, this process only helps to find the error in the main source code. Thus, you will need a separate application that can help you perform CSS profiling. For instance, it is common for a developer to add codes to a different CSS module with the Legacy code variations. Thus, various CSS properties can help you handle the Legacy codes for the main framework of a web application. 

CSS Parker is the most popular tool for profiling CSS codes. This application is highly prevalent in the software development industry as it provides statistics about your CSS code.  

6. Cloud-Based Cross Browser Testing

It is a very costly process to set up physical infrastructure to conduct testing on browsers and operating systems. For instance, to test a web application on Android, you need to have devices with various Android operating system versions for accurate results of F95 Zone. So, you can justify that physical testing is a non-scalable and impracticable method for multiple reasons. 

The best solution to this problem is the use of cloud-based services provided by various companies. LambdaTest is one of the reputed companies that allow you to focus on the testing process without worrying about the infrastructure. Additionally, you can develop automated test scripts with the help of Selenium to create a seamless testing environment. 

7. Perform Testing at Every Step of the Development Process

Periodic and thorough tests allow you to notice all the bugs as soon as they enter the website’s primary framework. You should also ensure that you perform various combinations of testing strategies to ensure the application is ready for its release to end-users. In simple terms, incorporate testing and change in the mindset is necessary to become your daily routine to develop a successful website.

Additionally, it is an excellent option to divide the testing plan for complex functionalities. This process allows you to eliminate all forms of dependencies on the activity log. You can also use various tools for prototyping your test cases for further referencing and error management. 

8. Develop a Detailed Plan for the Testing Process

As we already discussed, it is essential to create various combinations to test your source code on different devices, operating systems, and browsers. Thus, it will be impossible to keep track of all these combinations at one point. It would be best if you created a plan beforehand to simplify this process. Additionally, things can get more complicated when you perform software testing on the same browser but combine it with a different operating system or device. 

Your test plan must consist of the essential functionalities that require thorough testing with different combinations. Additionally, you can use a group of devices to get an idea about the formulation of your test plan. This process will also help you to track the error according to the device that triggered it. 

9. Perform Unit Testing

Unit testing is a process of testing the changes that have been introduced by the developer at the unit level testing. It is essential to verify the code changes irrespective of the programming language. You should perform this testing on a test-driven development environment to introduce the culture of thorough testing. Additionally, this process allows you to create beautifully crafted source codes. JavaScript provides a set of libraries that can help the tester to perform unit testing on various frameworks. 

10. Use of Test Scripts

Regression testing helps to support the end-to-end functionality of a web application. This process also helps establish that no new changes affect the old functions of the source code. For instance, there are various cases where a visual element is linked with functionality. An excellent example of this is the creation of clickable buttons using JavaScript. Additionally, there are specific scenarios when the system interface gets updated after the end-user clicks a button. So, it is essential to ensure that the circumstantial changes do not affect the web application’s core functionality.

We recommend the companies develop and maintain the test scripts on a timely basis. Additionally, it would help if you grouped the test script according to the priority and testing category.

The Verdict

We can conclude that it is highly essential to introduce time management in your manual cross-browser testing process. In the present generation, all customers expect delivery of high-quality web applications. Thus, if you fail to stand up to the market’s expectations, you will end up losing a considerable portion of the customer base and incurring massive losses. Your primary motive should be delivering high-quality and smooth services to all of our customers as a company.

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Why SSD Disks Make Data Recovery Difficult



New storage units as an alternative to hard drives have become widespread in recent times: these are SSDs or solid state drives.

Unlike conventional hard drives, SSDs lack moving components, such as magnetic platters, read heads, or motors. Thus, the only element that SSDs usually have in common with conventional disks is the electronic controller and also, in most cases, a connection interface such as SATA.

SSD drives are based on flash memory technology. USB memories and SD cards, storage devices that are already part of our daily lives, also work with this technology.

How are SSDs better than conventional hard drives?

It can be said that the main advantage of SSDs over conventional hard drives is their response speed.

Standard hard drives need substantial time getting up and running. When starting, the motor should start to rotate to move the plates to the optimum speed; the reading heads must leave their parking area and move until they are positioned correctly. Then, for each operation, the heads must wait for the rotation of the plates and position themselves in the relevant area.

However, on an SSD disk, by working exclusively with flash memory, reading or writing data is much faster. The time it takes for the drive to wake up and be ready to go, almost instantly, is also much shorter.

Pros and cons of SSD drives

There is no doubt that SSDs have a much better performance, and that without a doubt, in the not too distant future, they will gradually replace conventional hard drives in large part of our computer equipment.

But not everything is advantageous with this type of device, with price and capacity being its main disadvantages. An SSD is more expensive than a standard disk of the same size. In addition, the maximum capacity that we can find today in the market for SSDs is much lower than that available in conventional disks.

One must keep in mind that SSD units are known to experience defects in their firmware or their controllers; These malfunctions can render the disk unusable and cause us to lose our data.

Most SSD models are programmed to permanently erase the free space that remains unused in the file system. Unfortunately, this has profound implications for accidental deletion of files or folders or when they disappear due to a logical error. So there’s a high risk that the disk will delete any remaining deleted or lost files, causing them to be irretrievably lost.

What to do in case of data loss

If you know that your computer uses an SSD disk and you encounter a situation of file loss or accidental deletion, we recommend that you immediately shut down your computer and put your SSD in the hands of professionals to carry out data recovery.

If the machine is still on –either by working with it, or by trying to recover the data at home–, for every moment that more data passes, it will be irretrievably erased by the device itself, making it difficult to recover the data.

This particularity of SSD disks can be considered a good security measure for those who want that no one can recover their deleted or old information, but it can also represent a great problem in case of loss of information by accident.

We end by remembering, as always, that the best prevention is to have one or more backup copies, updated and verified, so as not to find ourselves in need to request a data recovery.


We are specialists in the recovery of data from hard drives USB Flash, SD Cards, Cell Phones and in the recovery of data from RAID systems. We can recover data from any digital storage device that has logic, hardware, or both failures.

We offer a free professional data recovery diagnostic service for your support within a 

(2-3 DAYS) maximum period of 24 hours (24 Hours considered emergency service and costs 100 Euro for Disks 50 Euro for everything else. The elaboration of a diagnosis supposes the effort of a whole team of professionals. Therefore, only the hard disk recovery companies can offer it with the best guarantees; be wary of so-called professionals; this will only make them speculate on the value of your information.

Have you lost your files? There’s still hope! Contact us now

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YouTube Marketing 2021: Tips & Tricks




Videos can be a great tool to market your products- a visual of the presentation of your products can instill a belief in your audience and raise its credibility value. The question is which platform we should choose for such a marketing strategy. 

Undoubtedly the largest platform that hosts millions of videos-YouTube-is the best place for it. YouTube market is the unsung hero of the new era, where you can market anything you have, from a small safety pin to the world’s most luxurious car. Owing to the large inflow of customer visits, large companies have invested millions in YouTube marketing.

How to do it?

Keep aside the scenario of large companies, how can you perform YouTube marketing as a beginner? It’s simple: create a YouTube channel for your brand. Speak about your products, their advantages, uniqueness, etc. Develop more exciting content and gather more subscribers. This will bring more customer investment.

Tips & Tricks for effective YouTube Marketing

1. Generate quality content

Always create top-quality content with good and extensive research, well-planned script, and always maintain good video quality. After uploading a video, assess its reach and if it doesn’t reach too many audiences, find out the reason and rectify it in the next video. Be updated with the latest trends and make content that the audience loves. If you have a thought block, refer to other creators and take inspiration from them.

2. Scheduling content

For a YouTube channel to reach the masses, it should be highly active. You should upload videos regularly. One strategy to execute this is to shoot some 3-4 videos at a go, build a content calendar, and upload videos early. Then use a scheduling tool so that the videos will go live at the specific time you need them to. This also builds anticipation among your followers.

3. Work together with other channels

Browse through YouTube and find other channels of similar topic of interest that have already been proficient in this area. Ask them for promotions or make content by collaborating with them. This is based on a mutual bi-directional helping, where both the parties are benefitted. But for that to happen, you need to make quality content so that the other channels understand your potential.

4. Use SEO to increase views

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. If your videos are SEO optimized and come on the top list, this can attract more viewers for your videos. While writing descriptions, use keywords that can help you rank well. The keyword shouldn’t protrude out but should fit inside the context. Moreover, add closed captions to videos. The search engine will identify your video with the help of these captions. Either you can edit captions or opt for automatic captioning.

5. Direct your viewers to act on your videos

While watching the videos, direct them to subscribe, like, or comment on the video. Persuade them with a single, good reason to subscribe to the channel. Also, ask them for a like or comment on your video if it draws their interest. Conduct Q&A inside videos so that answers can be posted as comments. With the help of an animation, portray your website so that the user can jump into it after the video.

6. Buy Views & Subscribers from Buzzvoice: The perfect solution for a quick results

Buzzvoice is a genuine platform which provides YouTube subscribers. For a beginner, such services can really be a blessing. All you have to do is go to: and place the order for the amount of YouTube subscribers you require. So, buy subscribers from Buzzvoice and escalate your channel to great heights.


YouTube Marketing is thus an effective way to increase your brand’s coverage and users. It depends on how dedicated you are to the process; the more time and creativity you spent on it, the more the results. Perks of the digital world!

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How to Choose a Profitable Niche for Affiliate Marketing



For many people, affiliate marketing is a popular source of passive income.Many affiliate marketers fail because they don’t do enough research before choosing a niche.

Finding a niche that suits your needs and allows you to make a lot of money is possible. Here are some tips to help choose a profitable niche.

Choose a niche that is high in demand and low competition

It can be challenging to establish your niche in highly competitive markets. If you choose a heavily saturated niche with many big players, it will be challenging for your website’s rankings to rise. It will cost you a lot of effort and time.

Affiliate marketers who successfully work in niches with low competition and high traffic or demand tend to be more successful. You can identify niches within broad niches that will give you an advantage over your competitors.

You can use keyword research tools such as WordStream and Google’s Keyword Planner to identify high competition keywords.

Choose A Niche You Are Passionate About

It’s always better to choose a niche that you are passionate about to research the topic well enough to create the content yourself. It will be fun to build your affiliate website rather than a tedious task.

  • You should first list all of the niches that you are passionate about and know.
  • Do some market research to find niches that have the highest growth potential.
  • Find a sub-niche in the niches that you have identified.

Look for Affiliate Marketing Niches that Offer Good Commission Rates

Affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money if you choose a niche that offers a high commission rate. High commission networks provide steady income streams for affiliate marketers.

Engaging in high-ticket affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for you to make big commissions in a short time.

Promote high-priced products and services to earn you a $100 commission per sale. Research high-ticket affiliate marketing programs that involve niche-relevant products and services.

Select a Niche With A Wide Range Of Monetization Options

It would be best if you choose a niche that offers multiple monetization options. It will allow you to have multiple income streams. Affiliate marketers often focus too much on Amazon affiliate programs and miss out on great opportunities.

To see what products affiliates are promoting in your niche, you can go to Amazon. These products must be something you would use if you are recommending them.

You can also search for products through other affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and ClickBank. You should have multiple monetization options to continue receiving income from other sources, even if your top earner cuts you off.

Make sure you check if your niche has a good range of traffic sources

You can do this by searching for websites that are related to your niche. Examine the websites of your competitors to see how they attract search engine traffic.

Affiliate programs in niches like gaming, health, pet, and beauty have many traffic comes from different sources. These niches are getting traffic from search engines as well as from social media.

Many online tools can help you find out the sources of traffic to websites. We recommend choosing a niche that attracts large numbers of visitors via social media.

Locate Market Deficiencies or Market Gaps

An analysis of the market gap can help you identify a niche that has a narrow market.Check out the websites of your competitors to see what is missing.

See if you can improve or add to their content. You might have more valuable information that You can use to help people better than your competitors.


You can create a successful affiliate site with the proper research and marketing strategies. You can also enjoy writing content in a niche that interests you and make money. So go ahead and choose your affiliate marketing niche based on the criteria mentioned above so you can get the most from your marketing efforts.

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Ways to Hire Services of IT Agencies




Firms in Roseville,

Many companies can bring marketing expertise in-house, which can be a significant advantage for keeping a hold on resourcing costs, maintaining control, and building a solid team for the great future. However, this approach also has some downfalls, mainly around the attraction of creative talent and the lack of independent, outside perspective that IT agencies bring to a creative brief.

There are many benefits to working with IT Support companies to partner on strategy, campaign planning, and skills building. Once you decide to hire the services of an IT agency, then the next steps in the process kick in. You can get digital marketing agency services to expand your business and boost it up.

Ways to Recruitment Services of IT Agencies:

In today’s fast world, no matter which business area your company operates in, it is virtually guaranteed that you will use technology at some point. It could be something straightforward, like primary electronic storage to keep all the data of your customer and the information of sales are well organized and easily accessible by all corporate team members.

It could be tons of intricate computer networks and devices, all of which are essential to keeping your company on the successful track. However, no matter how much technology you use, it will require the services of IT Support Companies at one point or another. There are lots of benefits of hiring a digital marketing agency. That’s the reason we will provide you with some ways to hire the services of IT agencies.


When you need to hire services of IT agencies, you must select the agencies who will give you the best rates of their services. Of course, you need quality work, but you can’t deny the fact that you don’t want to break the bank. Therefore it is vital when hiring services of IT agencies to select the one who provides you quality services in your budget.

Another thing that you must consider when hiring services of IT Support Companies is that ask about the working strategy of the IT agency. For example, do the IT Support Companies want to hire monthly retainers, or are they project-based? Since you are not paying for the benefits, your main focus is on whether you spend your money on the right IT agency.

Monthly retainers are more formalized and allow for better working conditions, as you can hire them only for large campaigns. Project-based work can cause disturbance because the IT agency will likely have to fit it around their stable retainer work. However, this will help you to check your relationships without long-term contracts.

Speed of Work:

It is also one of the essential points to consider when hiring services of IT Support Companies. Considering time is equally important as cost and quality. The reason is that you need efficiency, but you also don’t want the quality to suffer. Therefore, when you hire services of IT agencies, ask them, will they set you up on the monthly or yearly plan? How will the deliverables break down over a month or a year? How macho do you want to be? All these things are significant to ask from the IT agency before hiring their services.

Ask for Sample Work:

Before hiring the services of any IT agency, ask to show their prior work as a sample. For example, ask to see the web development work of previous clients they do, or you can also ask for the handles of accounts they have managed in the past. Not all IT agencies are created equally. Sample of previous campaigns or work the IT Agency has done will help you to decide quickly.

Final Words:

Before taking your decision to hire IT Support Companies for your business, it is imperative to consider all these above mention things.

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Business Laptop Buying Guide




Dell Laptop

Currently, most equipped business laptops run 9549 or more. Most high-end laptops cost $ 750 or more, depending on how many bells and whistles you want to use with your product. Personalized laptops can improve your productivity.

When buying a business laptop, the first thing to keep in mind is that size does matter also to check buyerdirection. If you travel regularly or need something for the office, you should keep location in mind and buying a laptop will reflect that. Most business laptops are up to 12-17 inches in size, depending on the screen size, so you can pick up dirt when shopping for a business laptop.

Business systems require you to have a secure and fast hard drive. A hard drive under 7200 RPM is practically useless, so make sure you include something nice and big in your budget when shopping. Compare hard drives to other laptops and you might get some surprises.

Integrated graphics are required, but 3D graphics are optional, so you can choose in this area as well. If you are using a laptop for basic applications such as Word and Excel programs, built-in graphics will save you a lot of money. The more multimedia applications you have, the more graphics means more variety.

When shopping for a business laptop, along with size and graphics, security is very important. Check the options before buying and compare the product’s security benefits. One of the most interesting security features you can find in even the most affordable laptops is the fingerprint reader, which ensures that you can only access your laptop.

Size, security, graphics and hard drive space are the most important considerations when buying a business laptop. You can find a wide variety of units at different prices, so take your time and compare when shopping.

Finding the right laptop is frustrating as there are so many options, categories and unusual models to choose from. To help you get there, we have simple laptop buying guidelines to help you.

Who are you ?: Most laptop users fall into five main categories: students, business travelers, designers / photographers, game fans, and home users. If you are one of those people, it will make things easier because most laptops are classified according to their users. If you are not sure what to read.

Students: The average student’s budget is very small. He needs something portable, lightweight, and it can run for hours on a single charge. 11-inch network with 6-cell battery and 1GB of RAM is a great laptop for a student using Intel Atom. However, it does not have the processing power to run two or three applications at the same time, or to play games and watch HD movies.

Business travelers. Business travelers usually have a large budget, travel regularly for business, and transfer important information/files to a laptop. These users want very safe and durable laptops that can handle the offers and the hardships of travel. A laptop with a 12 ” to 15 ” display with Intel Wipro and TPM functions pays off. Most manufacturers such as Lenovo and Dell offer these laptops, while others offer shockproof, dustproof, and sealed laptops.

Designers / photographers. All photographers and designers work with multimedia. They need a little more processing power to store multimedia files, special graphics for image and video processing, and at least 500 GB of disk space. They also want large screens, and 15 to 17-inch laptops like the Apple MacBook Pro make them ideal for users.

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