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How to Clear the AAPC CPC Medical Coding Exam

Learning how to clear the AAPC CPC medical coding exam is vital for anyone who aspires to become a professional coder. A perfect score is not necessary as long as you get 70% or above. Attempting the CPC exam is easier if you take the time to prepare for it. However, you should know that you cannot afford to make any mistakes because the exam is so tough and you could easily get disqualified if you commit any. Here are some tips to help you clear the exam. Medesun Medical coding classes provides best CPC coding training.

First, study for two months. You can get an additional discount if you are enrolled in an AAPC accredited program. Also, retaking the exam is free if you fail the first attempt. A good way to prepare for the CPC is to use a study guide like Pocket Prep’s. This app can be combined with textbooks to provide more detailed information and make studying easier.

You can also purchase an AAPC study guide. The AAPC guide contains detailed information on the different sections of the CPC exam. The guide includes practical examples, sample questions, and test-taking tips. AAPC also recommends purchasing an online practice exam. These are 50-question exams that can help you simulate the real exam. You can buy a bundle or purchase individual practice tests.

The AAPC CPC exam is divided into three parts – the CPT, HCPCS, and ICD-10. In order to pass the exam, you should know these three parts. The first part of the exam is to familiarize yourself with the three code manuals. You need to know the codes and the logic behind them. You also need to be familiar with the basic application of the CPC exam, as well as with how to respond to different types of cases.

Another section is anesthesia, which is one of the most complex parts of medicine. It is worth studying for the AAPC CPC medical coding exam. The exam covers the basics of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology. You can also practice with practice tests provided by the AAPC. However, it is recommended to take a mock exam before the actual test. If you have the time, try to take as many as possible. You can even go online and find practice questions that you find helpful.

Finally, the exam is long. You should not spend too much time on any single question. You should try to read all questions carefully. To be on the safe side, you can bring a timer to use during the exam. Make sure that it is not on a loud alarm, since the proctor will not allow you to use a cell phone. And, practice CPC tests to prepare for the CPC exam.

You should know that the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) is the largest organization of professionals in medical coding and is a reputable body to seek certification. As long as you are well-prepared for the CPC exam, it is possible to secure a lucrative job in the field. Just keep in mind that this profession is competitive and requires a high level of professionalism. If you are interested in earning more money, AAPC certification is the best way to boost your job prospects.

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