How to Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles Grout?

People use tiles to bring a simple and elegant look to bathrooms. However, dirt in the grout lines can turn your beautiful tiles look ugly and messy. Since a bathroom is one of the most used areas, it is prone to lose grout easily. Hence, you need to clean it regularly to keep the tile new-like.

In this article, you learn how to clean bathroom floor tiles grout.

Different Grout Types

You can find different grout types which come in multiple colors. Before you gather your ingredients, you should understand different types. However, the common ones are epoxy grout and cement grouts. Often sellers offer grouts suitable for bathroom tiles in Bangladesh.

Sanded Grout

Sanded grout is a type of cement grout. You should use sanded grout for large tiles. By large tiles, we mean the tiles with a width of 1/8 to 1 inch. However, this barely provides polished and smooth stone on heavily trafficked floors. The grit causes such an issue with scratches on the grout.

Unsanded Grout

Another type of cement grout is the unsanded grout which is grit-free. The unsanded grout is used for narrow tiles with a width of 1/6 inch. It claims to be a durable ingredient. Also, you can smoothly clean this type of grout. This type is very common on bathroom floors.

Epoxy Grout

Epoxy grout is better than cement grout as they don’t sag or shrink. Also, they’re stronger and absorb more water than cement grout. This type is best for harsh surfaces like shower surroundings or backsplashes. Using this grout, you can clean easily while maintaining the original color.

How to Clean Bathroom Floor Tiles Grout?

Follow the below steps to clean bathroom floor tiles grout.

  1. Scrub the grout

You will find different products to scrub the grout. You can purchase a nylon brush with a medium bristle to keep your grouts safe.

First, put some warm water on the surface and start scrubbing in a circular motion. It would be best to avoid keeping the water for a long time or using too much.

  1. Use vinegar on the grout

When stains or dirt are sealed on the grout, you can use vinegar to clean the surface. In a bottle, take half water and half vinegar. Shake the ingredients to mix well. Next, spray the solution on the area and leave it for 5 minutes. Finally, take a brush and scrub off the grout.

  1. Apply the baking soda mixture

It is much easier and more powerful to clean using baking soda. First, create a paste using water and baking soda. Next, you have to apply it to the grout. After a few minutes, spray the vinegar solution on the paste.

You will see a formation of foam, which you can start scrubbing. Finally, clean the area with water. In some cases, you might require re-doing the procedure for resealing or unsealed grouts.

  1. Use hydrogen peroxide

You can find hydrogen peroxide in drug stores that are for moderate stains. You can directly use the ingredient on the grout area or mix it with the baking soda paste. Also, this ingredient is perfect for different kinds of grout.

  1. Use oxygen bleach

Tilers prefer oxygen bleach to remove the stain on white surfaces. There are many stores where you can get this powdered cleanser. 

While cleaning with oxygen bleach, you need to ventilate the bathroom. Apply the bleach by using the reader manual. Then, let the grout soak properly for 15 minutes. Finally, clean the area with water.

  1. Use stain remover

Many manufacturers came up with a stain remover cleanser that provides fast results. You can use this product through:

  • Spray-wipe
  • Scrub using a brush.

First, you have to spray the cleaner on the grout. Although this cleanser saves you time, it has harmful ingredients like solvents, chlorine, or acids.

On the other hand, you can scrub using a brush which might be tiring to some extent. People use this step when the grouts are too strong to remove.

  1. Clean the stains

One of the environment-friendly tools is steam mops. Many stores have steam mops that you can use to clean bathroom floor tiles and grout. Also, this mop is very helpful for hard surfaces.

  1. Apply chlorine bleach

Chlorine bleach works perfectly to clean bathroom grout. However, it is bad to use this to clean grouts regularly. In the long term, it can erode the surfaces. This will surely be handy when other ingredients aren’t working the best!


These 8 ways can help to clean bathroom floor tiles grout. When you clean the grouts, you create low chances of damaging your tiles. Also, make sure to wear gloves and ventilate the space before starting the process. 

Now, it’s easier to stay with a grout-free bathroom!

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