How to choose your boots

Ankle boots are fairly classic shoes, even all-purpose! And yet, they are real must-have! They make it easy for you to style because they go with everything! You can wear them with pants as well as with skirts, dresses or shorts. They also have the formidable advantage of slimming the silhouette, which gives you a confident walk and a very feminine look! What else ?!


As always, we will preferably start with leather rather than synthetic!

Genuine leather has several advantages:

  • lets your feet breathe,
  • It takes on a patina over time
  • It brings a qualitative rendering

For a high-end rendering, the ideal will be to opt for lambskin.

The leather can be smooth, velvet, varnish etc.

Stem height

What distinguishes an ankle boot from a boot or low boots is the height of its upper. It goes from above the ankle to mid-calf. Where the boot shank can go from mid-calf to mid-thigh, and low-boots end on the ankle or barely cover it.

Wide or narrow stem?

The upper can be adjusted on the ankle. It is very trendy now because it is the ideal shoe for cropped pants, straight pants, culottes etc. Narrow-shank ankle boots will also be a slender silhouette when worn with a midi or maxi skirt or dress.

The wide stems are suitable for slim and skinny ones, which you can wear slipped into the ankle boots, but also for short or mini skirts and dresses. You can also consider fur high heel boots with dresses and long skirts if you have short height.

Be careful with wide stems: if your foot slips and comes out of the boot, it will not be comfortable to wear because it is very tiring.

There are now wide-shank boots and ankle boots with an elastic ankle support band inside. It’s really very practical, the foot is maintained without being compressed! I saw this on a friend’s boots, but it’s still rare!


You will have the choice between a thin heel or a thick heel. The feminine heel gives a very feminine result. the thick heel is generally more comfortable. For the height, I recommend a 5 cm heel to be able to trot all day without difficulty.

Otherwise try to stay under 8 cm to preserve your back and good comfort.

The colour

For once, I recommend that you have at least one pair of black ankle boots. They will be very versatile, you can wear them in classic, casual-chic, rock or glamor outfits. However, I advise you to avoid the too bland smooth leather and to opt instead for black ankle boots in suede, bi-material, patent, or with a crocodile effect, python etc.


If in doubt, always go for a model that is slightly too big rather than too tight, this will allow you to wear thick socks. Be careful that they are not too big, otherwise your feet will slip and this will create friction with the consequence of blisters.


Whether black or colored, go with a simple pair without too many frills to make it a true timeless wardrobe staple. You can opt for a pair with a buckle, a knot, laces, pompoms … as long as it remains discreet enough.

The material of your rock boots

The big danger with these rock boots is to look like a teenager. This is what we all fear a little bit. And what will give this result is a cheap and badly finished side. So we are going to choose for once, very beautiful rock boots with neat details and finishes; in a very beautiful quality leather. That will give a real luxurious look. Bye-bye the teenage look. And so the first thing is obviously to choose a very beautiful quality leather, very flexible, which does not have a rigid or plasticized appearance, a sign that it has undergone many treatments because of its low quality. You can also opt for nubuck. But if this is your first pair of rock boots , prefer a smooth black leather. If you are in the process of building your ideal wardrobe, I recommend that you instead keep the nubuck option for your western boots . This will strategically allow more combinations.

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