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How to choose the right recruiting software

Jobdesk® is the simplest and excellent responsive UI that you can operate on a smartphone, pc, tab, and laptop whatever devices you want even from your home. From vacancy post to hiring got you all covered with its AI-based features as free account opening & CV dropping forever, easy clicks account setup, smart AI base features, and access from anywhere to any devices.

It ensures the smoothest performance with any device you want, available in the language of your choice. Big and small companies, recruiters, and contracting companies are using as a main recruiting platform. They successfully tripled their turnover. We also offer its enterprise clients limitless customization and a dedicated support team.

The features you’re looking for in any software are integrated into our jobdesk® recruiting software. If you’re worried or confused, recommend you to visit our site Besides, here you’ll find the external features about how to choose the best recruiting software. You’re one step way to maximize your output by sung recruiting software from now on.

What is recruitment software?

Recruitment Software is software that helps organizations optimize their recruitment process from searching and attracting candidates, before sending resume screening and proposal letters. Recruitment software is often referred to as an applicant tracking system or ATS, but the two are not quite the same?

Recruitment software is a broader category that includes applicant tracking systems as well as other tools that focus on each stage of the recruitment process.

CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) recruitment uses other types of recruitment software similar to ATS. However, ATS manages the support for specific jobs, while CRM is a tool for developing relationships with potential job seekers.

In short, ATS focuses more on active job seekers, while CRM is used to build a pool of talent suitable for future jobs.

How to choose the right recruiting software

The features that you should consider while choosing the right recruiting software for your business. Here they are:

  • It should offer a proper candidate management layout.
  • Unlimited data limits for the users.
  • Automation in everything
  • Accessible from anywhere and anyplace
  • Automated CV parsing

HR’s most important feature, and the key to the success of Candidate Manager’s hiring solutions, is its ability to reduce the time it takes to recruit the right talent. This provides a streamlined overall process.

Approval of purchase requisitions improves communication between automated departments. Candidates are automatically evaluated and screened while the system searches itself. Then the system can find a suitable candidate for you.

Candidate Manager’s Recruitment Software allows candidates to be instantly filtered, ranked, saved, and progress made easy. Candidates can be contacted at every step, allowing analysis of the process through management reports and continuous improvement.

As a result, HR staff can focus on finding talent and focus on the best candidates. Detailed reports allow you to evaluate your efficiencies, and whether you can introduce efficiencies. Our talent pool provides a significant competitive edge in the ongoing search for new talent.

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