How to choose the right plus size dress

A beautiful and stylish dress should be in the wardrobe of every woman, but many women deny themselves such weakness, as they are afraid to cause disapproval of others. Overweight for some women turns into an insurmountable obstacle when choosing clothes, but modern designers offer many interesting options for ladies with curvaceous shapes. In this article, we will show you how to choose the right style to emphasize the advantages and hide what you consider to be a disadvantage.

What fabric and color should I choose?

Choosing a large size dress should start with the selection of fabric and print. The most important rule of a successful purchase is the high quality of the canvas. Choose republic womenswear that will look good on any model, it is better to give preference to soft materials that form beautiful waves and folds.

There are several tricks to help you choose the right fabric:

  • Avoid harsh materials. It is better to choose a dress of a large size from soft fabrics that will pleasantly fit the figure and add femininity to the image. The stiff fabric creates a crisp geometry that accentuates the flaws of the figure.
  • Choose quality fabrics. You should be comfortable in a dress, so it is better not to save money and buy clothes that will allow the body to breathe and not experience discomfort throughout the day, even in the hot season.
  • Pay attention to the style. It is very important to choose the right style of the dress, which should hide some of the figure flaws. For example, an empire-style dress distracts attention from the lower body and emphasizes the waist.
  • Choose the right accessories. Details create an image, therefore, special attention should be paid to individual accents. A thin strap visually emphasizes the waist, a voluminous brooch focuses on the upper part, a low heel visually increases growth.

Many women choose plain dresses, as they fear that the print will only emphasize the extra pounds. However, a colorful outfit with an original pattern sometimes looks much better than plain clothes. When choosing a print, pay attention to the following subtleties:

Many women choose plain dresses, as they fear that the print will only emphasize the extra pounds. However, a colorful outfit with an original pattern sometimes looks much better than plain clothes. When choosing a print, pay attention to the following subtleties:

  • Floral pattern. If you decide to purchase a dress with a floral pattern, choose a small pattern. Such a print does not focus on volumes, and you can choose a pattern in any color scheme.
  • Strip. If you want to hide extra pounds, buy a dress with vertical thin stripes – such a pattern visually stretches the figure. Horizontal stripes, on the contrary, increase the volume, and in such an outfit, extra pounds become much more noticeable.

Polka dots. A polka dot dress is a classic that will never lose its relevance. However, overweight women are better off choosing small peas, which will help hide extra pounds.

As you can see, a colorful and bright plus size dress is a great choice for a modern woman who is not afraid to challenge and stand out from everyone else. Much depends on the chosen style, but you should not buy dresses with a flared bottom in order to hide those extra pounds. Avoid styles with a sun skirt that makes the bottom look wider. A dress with a half-sun skirt looks much better, which will emphasize the waist, but not increase the volume. A dress with a wrap looks interesting, which creates a feminine image and emphasizes the waist. If you prefer straight-cut outfits, pay attention to styles with decor in the chest area.

 Such details balance the straight cut and divert attention from imperfections. For city walks, you can choose an A-line dress that looks feminine and romantic. By the way, tight dresses look good on curvy women. For such an outfit, it is better to choose original models with folds and flounces of a complex cut, in which the details serve as the main decor.

How to choose the right size for a fashionable dress?

When you buy a dress from a store, you can try on several models to find the right size for your outfit. Online shopping in this matter is not always convenient, but a lot depends on the chosen online store. For example, our company offers a wide range of clothing from a Belarusian manufacturer, which uses the generally accepted domestic dimensional grid for sewing its products. If you are buying a dress for the first time and do not know which size is better to choose, you need to take a few basic measurements:

  • Breast volume. Measure the volume of your chest at the highest points to choose a dress that will not be cramped.
  • Waist. The next important measurement is the waist, which is measured exactly along the waist line. At this stage, some make a mistake and try to press the measuring tape as close to the body as possible, but it will be difficult to breathe in such a dress, and you will not be able to stay in it all day.
  • The volume of the hips. The last important measure is the volume of the hips, which is measured at the highest points. At this moment, the tape should be parallel to the floor, and it is better to take the measurement in such a way that the measuring centimeter fits snugly to the body, but does not press.

On a separate page of the store, you can find a size table that lists all the proposed sizes with a detailed description of the volumes. If you do not know what size dress will suit you, you can contact the store’s consultants and consult with them. Experts will help you choose a dress of the right size, which will fit well on the figure and will emphasize all the advantages.

Where to buy a plus size dress

If you decide to reconsider your views on wardrobe and purchase several dresses, start purchasing from trendaddictors online store. Some trading platforms are official representatives of manufacturers, so the offered assortment meets all the established requirements, and buying clothes online is much more profitable also you can buy plus size sleeveless hoodie at a reasonable price.

Our site is a great example of an online store that offers quality products at affordable prices. We often run various sales, our customers can join the club of regular customers to buy clothes with a good discount. The catalog contains the entire range of products, the dimensional grid is detailed, and the store’s consultants are ready to answer any customer questions. 

The main advantage of our store the high quality of the materials used and the observance of the correct cut standards. For sewing, natural fabrics or fabrics with the addition of high quality synthetic fibers are used. Clothes of our production do not stretch or lose their shape, do not fade and do not come apart at the seams. The patterns created taking into account the peculiarities of the physique, so the dress fits well to the figure. High-quality fittings will not let you down even after prolonged look feminine or a whole series of washes – our dresses will give you joy and comfort for a long time.

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