How to Choose the Right Glass Bong

How to Choose the Right Glass Bong

More people today are smoking cannabis, and it’s being legalized and decriminalized in more areas each year. If you’re new to cannabis culture and want to get the best products available, choosing a great bong is like a rite of passage. 

We’ve got you covered with this bong guide so that your journey of smoking for beginners starts off smoothly. Here is what you should know about buying your next glass bong. 

What Should You Look For in a Glass Bong?

There are several health benefits that cannabis can offer you. Whether you fancy indicas or sativas, or if you’d like to smoke for medical or recreation, it doesn’t get much better than glass bongs. 

Glass pieces are among the healthiest ways to smoke, since you aren’t inhaling excess burned materials. This is matched with a water tank, which cools the smoke when you inhale it, allowing you to get the THC and CBD into your bloodstream more effortlessly. 

The chambers in bongs fill up with smoke, allowing you to take bigger hits than you could with any other device. This is one of the most amazing experience that you will have when smoking cannabis, and these tips will help you purchase the perfect bong:

1. Figure Out What Style and Size You Prefer

Knowing what kind of glass you’re going to buy is something you’ll want to take care of before you place your next dankstop order. 

Before you can stuff a fat bowl of your favorite OG Kush, you need to understand what size bong you’d like to get, and which style suits you. Some different bong styles include beaker base bongs, percolator bongs, bubblers, and even bongs that are a few feet tall. 

Figure out what glass your bongs are made with so that you can purchase one that will survive plenty of usages. 

2. Look Into the Best Designs and Craftsmanship

Always be detail-oriented when shopping for a new bong. You can go to smoke shops all day and find unique bongs each and every time. 

Many shops make their own bong artwork for customers to buy. The uniqueness of the pieces and the craftsmanship that goes into them are part of what makes cannabis a cultural movement. Make sure that you choose a bong that speaks to your personality or preferences so that you go into each smoke session in the right state of mind. 

3. Order Some Quality Glass at a Great Price

Finally, make sure that you shop around to get whatever glass bong you like. Figure out what competitors are charging, and choose a quality piece at a price point that you deem reasonable and affordable. 

Always have a budget for your glass, and buy a cleaning kit to go with it. 

Buy the Perfect Accessories for Your Cannabis Needs

The tips above will be useful when you’re ready to order a glass bong. This is one of the best ways to smoke, so start shopping for a quality piece that you will be happy to call your very own. 

Now that you’ve found the right bong, take some time to inform yourself on other subjects we specialize in. Check out our posts related to cannabis, business, technology, and so much more. 

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