How to Choose the Right Designer Bikinis for Our Bodies

The holiday season has arrived, and almost half of all Americans said they planned to travel this Christmas season. If we’re among the half of the population who will be traveling out of town this holiday season, we may be wondering what to bring and what to leave at home. A decent swimsuit is something that everyone needs when heading to the beach. Finding the most suitable swimwear for our body shape is one small thing we can do to boost our confidence. Holidays are simply more enjoyable when we feel our most confident selves in what we’re wearing. 


Our relationships with our bodies can be difficult, and shopping for swimwear can be intimidating. There are so many styles we may wonder if we are ever going to be able to find one that fits us well. When deciding what type of swimsuit to wear we need to remember everyone should wear whatever makes them the happies. The swimsuits we wear should make us feel authentically ourselves. It does not matter if we want a bold print or a more neutral toned bathing suit. The greatest way to achieve a beach body, they say, is to get our bodies on the beach. When we enjoy the feel of water on our bodies and catch the sun’s rays, we can all look amazing.


General Swimsuit Tips


There are some general tips we all should keep in mind when picking a swimsuit. We should look for adjustable straps which allow us to switch it up depending on what we are doing. We typically don’t want a bunch of dangling pieces on our suits which can get caught on things and be a pain to deal with. We should also make sure not to get too tight bottoms. Swimsuits that we feel comfortable in will always look better on us than suits that don’t fit right. Once we have a basic idea of how to pick a swimsuit, we can consider how our body type can impact which ones we choose to buy.


When We Want to Highlight Our Bottoms


If we’ve always opted for full-coverage boy shorts, we should try on a “high thigh” bikini bottom or a Brazilian bikini. Full-coverage bottoms can have a pancake-flattening effect on our posterior that many of us don’t want. If we want to draw attention to our curves, we should search for high-leg, high-waisted briefs that provide a lifted, rounded effect.


When We Have a Petite Chest


Those of us with petite chests have many swimsuit options. Triangle bikinis, boob tubes, and adorable bandeau tops are ideal for petite chests since they help us avoid ending up with strap tan lines.


When We Want to Highlight Our Chest


If we have a larger chest, an unsupportive bikini top might cause an uncomfortable back and leave painful strap marks. For a flawless fit, we should look for bikinis that can be ordered by our bra size (i.e., band and cup). We also want to look for straps that are wide enough to help spread out the weight. Tiny straps will end up causing us pain in the long run.


When We Have a Pear Shape


If our hips are more prominent than our upper torso, ruffles, and embellishments at the top of our swimsuits can help provide some visual harmony.


When We Have an Apple Shape


If we are apple-shaped, that usually means our frame is wider in the bust and shoulders, with a round tummy and slim legs. A high-leg bikini with ruching and a delicate shaping effect will draw attention to our beautiful legs. Furthermore, a plunging neckline flatters our décolletage.


When We Have an Athletic Build


Why not invest in a fun “wear everywhere” one piece if we have an active body? These suits provide enough covering to allow us to get out there and play, with no wardrobe malfunctions. 


When We Want Modest Swimwear


If we want full-coverage modest swimwear, there are various stylish collections of cool sporty separates like swim leggings, tunics, and hijabs that are all expressly designed for the water. The fabric also tends to have SPF, which is important because it protects us from the sun. No one wants to get sunburned on the beach.

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