How to Choose the Perfect Sunglass Lens Colour

When the sun is too bright outside, it can become a bit difficult to see since the sun hits your eyes. Some people prefer to stay indoors during the entire time or use an umbrella if ever they need to walk somewhere. Even when using an umbrella, the brightness of the sun can still hit your eyes.

This is the best time to wear your sunglasses because it provides adequate protection to your eyes. If you do not have them yet, you need to buy one that will suit your needs. One area of it you should look out for are the lenses. You might regret buying one because it did not suit your needs correctly. You need to know how to pick out the right sunglass lens colour if you want it to be perfect. 

Experiment with Different Colours

If you are still new to choosing lens colours for your sunglasses, the best way is to start by experimenting with different colours. This helps you gauge which ones will suit best for your preferences. There are many kinds of lens colours to choose from that can give off specific needs. 

If you want neutral colours, you can go for brown, green, or grey lenses. They are great at decreasing the glare from direct light. It is also easy on the eyes, preventing eye strains from happening. But if you prefer more contrast, you have amber or yellow lenses. They are great at blocking blue light, which is said to cause harmful effects to a person’s eyes. 

Consider Photochromic Lenses

After you have decided on the colour, you should check whether the lenses you want are photochromic. You need to know these types of lenses can adjust depending on how more or less light there is in an environment. Some people prefer to have this feature with their prescription glasses since they do not want to waste their time changing their glasses to sunglasses. Photochromic lenses are quite expensive, but they are worth the money if you only want to have a single pair of glasses with multiple benefits. 

Go for a Medium Tint

If you only want simple lenses, you can always choose sunglasses with medium tint. You should try looking at a mirror and check whether you can see your eyes or not. If you see them, that means the lenses are not dark enough, and bright light can still pass through it. It is also not ideal to choose sunglasses with a heavy dark tint since it can become difficult to see in medium-lit places. Keep in mind that they should protect your eyes from bright light while ensuring you still have an adequate vision. 

Investing in Different Pairs

The sunglasses you buy may not be suitable to wear on occasions where you need them. If style is one of the reasons you need sunglasses, consider buying several pairs of them. Some people prefer to get two or three pairs for different activities such as driving, sports, or add style to their overall outfit. 

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