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How to choose the best graphics card under 200

The great thing about finding the top graphics card for less than $200 is that it is among the most competitive prices on the GPU market, only a little in the $200-$300 category. Despite all the advertising focusing on products like the newest, most powerful Super Saiyan RTX 2080 Ti, most people don’t have enough money to invest in a graphics card.

This makes finding the most powerful GPU for less than $200 an ideal choice in particular for mid-range and budget gaming PCs. A lot of GPUs within this price bracket can be utilized to rejuvenate older office machines or prebuilt computers to transform them into gaming machines.

What Kind of Performance Can I Expect in This Price Range?

If you purchase abest graphics card under 200or less it’s primarily an HD graphics card designed to play 1080p games. Between $100 and $200, the majority of cards are designed to work in 1080p resolution and high/max settings that run at 60 FPS in the latest games. When compared to the lower-quality graphics of consoles (generally comparable with mixed media settings for PC) and the common resolution/FPS compromises, you’re enjoying a superior gaming experience.

AMD cards that fall in this price bracket will outperform Nvidia cards in most situations however they will come at the cost of greater size and higher power consumption.

Does VRAM Matter?

The more VRAM you have doesn’t usually contribute to performance just as the more RAM on your computer doesn’t. VRAM is used to stream textures, managing effects from post-processing and managing high-resolutions.

In other words, the more RAM your system has, the more your card can handle higher resolutions, such as 1440p, 1500p, and 4K. The rest of the card has to be able to handle the demands, however, and GPUs within this price range are generally not designed to play modern games at native 4K regardless of the amount of VRAM.

Length, Width, Power, And Compatibility

Let’s discuss compatibility. This is particularly important for this price, which is why we’ve even included a power specification in our review in this article.


This is usually the biggest barrier to entry. The length measures in millimeters. This is probably the main reason why a graphics card will not fit in your PC. For those who have prebuilt computers and office PCs that have been refurbished it is particular an issue.

It is important to check our measurements against the dimensions of your chassis prior to making any purchasing decision. It should be okay with the majority of regular ATX or Micro ATX cases, but it’s better to be safer to be safe rather than regretting it.


Not as important, but nonetheless important to prebuilt users is the width. It will be determined by PCI Express slots in your chassis, with 2-Slot being the standard for the majority of graphics cards. This shouldn’t be a problem for any built-by-user PC (except some slimline HTPCs as well as built with SFF ITX) However, it could be an issue for some prebuilt.

If you’ve got at least two slots available in your chassis, then you are likely to be in good shape.


This is the other major one in this price range.

Although it is true that the RX 570 easily beats the GTX 1650 in raw performance but it requires more greater power as well as space GTX 1650. For a lot of pre-built PCs, this RX 570 is simply too big and power hungry in their chassis, and PSU to take on. Because you can’t always change the power supply on the office PC you have built or the PSU utilized isn’t a standard one which makes this even more difficult.

We’ve listed both the mandatory PSU power consumption as well as connections for power needed within our GPU reviews earlier. GPUs that don’t need an adapter can be powered via an PCI Express Lane, so that the PSU requirements are fulfilled.

Form Factor

The most powerful and expensive graphics cards are unable to fit into the small case of a computer. If you’re not looking to purchase a brand-new PC Gaming case then you need to look at any physical limits of the one you currently have. You can alter the GPU-shopping according to your preferences.

PCIe Connectors

Another thing you’ll be looking at when buying a graphics card is what kind of PCIe connector that the power supply uses and the type ports for PCIe your graphics card is equipped with. Most GPUs need to connect directly to power supplies.

It is possible to use a PCIe power connector in order to connect an electrical power source to your graphic card. Be aware that these connections on graphic cards are different between different cards. The more powerful the graphics cards, the greater number of pins in the power connector PCIe that the GPU requires.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 4GB Graphics Card Under $200 Enough for Gaming?

If you’re looking to maximize your graphic settings and play contemporary games at 1440p or 4K resolution You can certainly purchase a graphics card for less than 200. It’s typically overloaded for gaming at 1080p however it supports all ray trace affects that are compatible with the feature, making it a viable option.

If you’re making a gaming computer that is mid-range sthen you should consider a graphics card within this price bracket that is best suited to the design. Nvidia’s mid-range cards were based upon the Turing architecture and are recently updated with new versions that can dramatically improve the cost-performance ratio.

Can GPUs Under $200 Run Latest Game Titles?

Yes, definitely! The majority of graphics cards that are budget-friendly less than 200 will run the majority of premium 1080p gaming titles that are coming out in 2021. AMD and Nvidia have a number of great options within this price range. All you need to do is ensure that they are compatible with your needs.

In analyzing the key factors mentioned in this article, together with the top GPUs that we have reviewed, you can buy a GPU capable of running contemporary games.

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