How To Choose Tampa Home Inspectors

How To Choose Tampa Home Inspectors

A home inspection is essential to house-buying, which is why you’re here. The optimum time to do this kind of study is before extending the offers, so I hope you’re not in a hurry to make a selection. For a 7-day inspection contingency, you may wish to skim the document (very quickly) and focus on the parts that matter most to you and your circumstances. Overall, you are doing the right things since you know that a thorough home inspection assures you will make a sound financial choice during increased stress and emotional turmoil. In addition, it guarantees that your house is equipped with the most up-to-date security features to keep you and your visitors secure. This is a golden chance for you to have a third-party specialist inform you on the state of purchase that, for many individuals, is one of their most costly EVER. Here we go! Let’s talk about how you may discover the best Home Inspector so that you can be appropriately informed (and why that leads you to Red Flag Home Inspection, LLC).

1.     Training and Certifications

They are trained and developed by Mike Powell, P.E., the CEO of Red Flag Home Inspectors. Structural engineer Mr. Powell has worked in the building, construction, and envelope industries for over two decades. To his team’s advantage, he has so much expertise in doing Cause & Origin analyses on these kinds of failures. During their training, our Certified Professional Inspectors learn to recognize the early warning signs and symptoms of system breakdown. Our inspectors must be well-versed in the Standards of Practice and thoroughly grasp the reasoning behind their findings. We want them to understand why and how a structure or component fails, so they can be more proactive in seeing early warning signs and indicators of a problem. When it comes to inspecting a home, all inspectors will tell you that they are only able to see what they can “see,” but they have the training and experience to help them uncover any problems that may have been overlooked.

Amazing things can happen when you know exactly what you’re looking for

Red Flag Home Inspection highly values its inspectors’ ongoing education and training. It is a requirement of employment that all inspectors maintain their qualifications and certificates and engage in company-sponsored private training sessions. Mock inspections guarantee that the same quality and meticulous documentation is maintained on all inspections performed by our veteran home inspectors. You learn something new every day, but only if you’re willing to accept it.

2.     Accommodating

Having an ally to lean on during trying times is reassuring. Allow a Red Flag Home Inspector to alleviate your anxieties by highlighting your new residence’s excellent and poor aspects. Attend the inspections and raise any issues that come up throughout the inspection. You need to know that your inspector of choice will be available to answer your inquiries. We at Red Flag are always willing to discuss any of our mentioned findings, remarks, or views after an inspection. We don’t see this as a request for a favor or an extra charge; rather, it is a way to close the loop on our ongoing relationship with you as a client. We can get industry connections for a specific area of expertise from us. Whether you’re a returning client or a new one, we appreciate your trust in us by recommending us to your friends and family. It’s a goal we hold ourselves to, and we work hard to achieve it in every inspection.

3.    Comprehensive Reporting

All of our Red Flag Home Inspection reports meet the InterNACHI Standard of Practice while also comprehensively explaining any issues that may have been discovered during the inspection. Although some of our customers are highly educated professionals capable of deciphering complex technical language, we write our reports to ensure that every observation and declaration of inadequacy is presented simply and unambiguously. For a better knowledge of the building’s components and their state of operation, consult our easy-to-navigate and clearly labeled report. Videos and high-quality photographs of more important discussion sections are often presented to guarantee that you can follow the debate. The Red Flag Home Inspector is more than happy to give a phone or Zoom conference if he or she fails to explain a scenario or fault effectively. Again, our dialogue does not come to an end on the day of our inspection.

To allow our readers to stroll about the property with our report (on your phone or tablet) and duplicate the observations collected, we created a step-by-step approach with dynamic hyperlinking and flowed throughout the page. Neither will the in-depth tales and images affect the timeframe. We make it a priority to produce inspection reports as quickly as possible. We know that these transactions take place within a short window of time, and we will do all in our power to avoid being a hindrance to that process. Do you need the report in less than a day? When you call to make an appointment, please mention this to the person helping you.

4.    Flexibility

The pressure is on as soon as the offer letter is signed and time is running out! Those who are ahead of the game (doing your homework) should be proud, but if you’re not, don’t fret. We’ll figure something out. If you have an urgent inspection request, we recommend you phone or text us instead of using our Booking Page. As a result, we can devote the time necessary to conduct an in-depth examination and discuss our findings with you.

5.    All Inclusive Inspection Process

At our firm, we strive to offer a low-cost choice with high-quality products and services. We had to ensure that we weren’t “nickel and diming” our customers to achieve that aim. When you get quotations, you should know that they may not all be the same. Could Thermal Imaging be a paid service? The answer is yes; quite a few of them do. Don’t even consider putting something like this at risk (whether a client will purchase it). Find out why by reading our blog entry on thermal imaging. These gadgets are quite expensive and prone to malfunction and failure over time. The plumbing systems need pressure testing; do we need to get hygrometers (temperature/humidity/dew point) or utilize them? NO. The importance of these factors in a thorough assessment was once again highlighted. On that front, we have no intention of reneging on our commitments, either. To keep the list continuing, we are not charging for using gadgetry like moisture meters, hydrocarbon detectors (gas leaks), examining Sprinkler Systems, or Microwave testing of the built-ins or follow-up video conferencing. Most of our rivals aren’t doing these things or charging extra for the privilege of doing them (which would be warranted). Simply said, it’s not our style, and because we believe they’re vital, we always include them at the usual charge in our reports.


So we understand that as a home buyer or seller you have a tremendous number of crucial decisions to make.  Do your homework and make an educated decision on your next Home Inspector hire.  If you choose to entrust your next inspection to a Red Flag inspector, we will provide the levels of service that aim to win not only you, but everyone you intend to tell about our services once complete.  Constantly driven to improve, Red Flag Home Inspection aims to raise the bar in the Home Inspection industry.  Meet us at your next home purchase to see how we’re doing that.

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