How to Choose an Online Cannabis Seed Bank?

In countries and states where cannabis growing is permitted, people may buy their seeds locally or from a local seed bank. But what happens when you’re quite far from a local cannabis seed bank or cannabis growing is restricted in your region? The most convenient way is to buy seeds from an online cannabis seed bank.

There are a lot of online marijuana seed banks but sadly, some of these businesses may not be as trustworthy. As more and more people are now growing their own supply at home, scam sites are banking on the eagerness of novice growers. Most scammers appear like harmless, everyday cannabis seed bank sites but are only out to get your money as well as your personal and banking information.

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How to select a reputable online cannabis seed bank?

Just like buying all kinds of products online, you must be extra careful when buying cannabis seeds. Although cannabis seeds are considered plant parts or agricultural products in most countries and regions, and may not pass border or customs inspections, most reliable cannabis seed banks sell seed to all countries. It’s always best to check your local laws regarding cannabis growing and buying seeds before you place an order.

  1. Check online reviews for reputable seed banks

It’s now easier to find reputable companies online through online reviews.  And just like any business, seed banks are also reviewed by consumers online. What you need to watch out for are paid reviews which will not help you find the safest sites since these are just full of positive nonsense. Look for balanced reviews that protect consumers from harmful and scam sites.

  • Ask around from reliable sources

If you have friends or family members who have ordered cannabis seeds online then you may consider them as reliable sources. Ask around and take a few recommendations. If there are physical seed banks in your area then ask if they have online seed banks as well. This way, you are sure that you are buying from a reliable online site.

  • Test-buy some cannabis seeds from a few seed banks

If this is your first time to buy cannabis seeds online then do this trick. Choose at least three online seed banks and order from each one a small number of seeds (usually, the smallest amount is around five seeds per pack). Find out which seed bank will complete and send your orders right away, which ones are difficult to order from and which ones won’t send your seeds. This technique will help you determine which seed bank is reliable and which ones are scamming you.

  • Use payment methods you trust

Sometimes the seed bank is reputable and highly-recommended but, it does not offer the payment method you prefer like PayPal or cash. If you cannot use other payment options or you are not comfortable with the methods offered then look for another site.

  • Look for online cannabis seed banks that offer stealth shipping

As we mentioned before, there is a huge chance that cannabis seeds may not be able to pass customs or border inspections. This is why it’s best to order seeds from cannabis sites that offer stealth shipment. Stealth shipping is a technique that ships cannabis seeds inside products that are unrelated to cannabis.

Seed banks ship seeds inside clocks, CD cases, toys, dolls, and other items. Also, stealth packages are unmarked with no logos or any marks that reveal that there are cannabis seeds inside. Also, you don’t need to sign anything when you receive your package.

  • Look for cannabis seed banks with special promos and deals

Do you want to save money when you buy cannabis seeds online? There are seed banks that have special deals or discounts on shipping, sometimes free shipping when your orders reach a certain amount. Also, some seed banks offer free seeds when your purchase reaches a certain amount.

There are also special discounts for customers like teachers, seniors, and medical cannabis users. You might also find special deals during special occasions and seasons like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving Day.

  • Trust online seed banks that have many contact information

Sometimes, you need to contact customer service to inquire about your purchase. You may need to change delivery information, to inquire when your order will arrive, or to ask about a certain product. It’s best to rely on seed banks that you can readily contact through phone, email, chat, or through social media. This way, you can get answers to your questions right away.

An online seed bank is convenient for most people but you must always keep safe when buying anything marijuana-related. Always consider reputable seed banks and learn how to distinguish trusted sites from scam sites. Follow these techniques and you’ll surely get the best, the freshest, highest quality cannabis seeds online.

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