How to change fonts and other styling in Discord

Discord is recognized as a platform that provides instant messaging and content distribution services. It is very popular with different groups of users. The unique feature of this brand is to facilitate community-based communication, where users with similar interests can form their private chats called servers. 

Discord’s user interface is very smooth. It enables users to use plenty of new communications tools, from textual content to video and audio streams. It offers effective stakes in learning how to change the visual look of the texts by using basic formatting, for the users who want to send their messages creatively. 

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Here’re the detailed instructions on how you can change fonts in Discord as well as the other styling. In this article, we will discuss how can you enable various options such as bold, italic, and underlining a certain part of the text. 

Discord Font Change is easier than your think

It is quite simple to get a new Discord name font or message. For this, you to find a discord font generator, type in the text you want to change, select style from the given options then copy and paste it into discord.

Discord may not support different fonts in your display messages, however, these created fonts get about in only a few clicks. 

How to Format Text in Discord?

Format Text in Discord is not a difficult task. We’ll provide instruction in detail on how you can italicize, bold underline, and strikethrough text as a starting point. There’re no alternative font options and no discord font maker to get things slightly embellish. 

First of all, we discuss basics and then creative code blocks for text coloring. 

How to Bold Text in Discord?

You have to do is start and end the bolded text with two asterisks (*) to create bolded text in Discord. The asterisk is SHIFT+8 on the keyboard.

There’re two asterisks or stars in the front and the end of the bolded text. 

For example

**bolded text**

How to Italicize Text (Create Slanted Italics) in Discord

If you want to create italics or italicized text in Discord, then you have to type an asterisk again. But you have to use one asterisk this time. 

For example

*italicized text*

We deployed two asterisks to bold the text, such as **bold text**. And we’ll use one asterisk for italics like *italicized text*.

How to create Bold Italicized Text in Discord (Bold+ Italics)

To create bold italicized text in discord is quite simple too. You have to mark down three asterisks for Bold+ Italics.

For example

***bold italicized text***

How to underline text in Discord

To create your text as underlined, you need to use two underscores (__). We are giving a keyboard layout below for your understanding. 

For example, we typed this to get the concerned output:

 __underlined text__

How to create Strikethrough Text in Discord

You have to deploy the tilde (~) key. Two tildes cross out or strikethrough the text you type. We also mentioned a keyboard layout (yellow highlighted keys) for typing a tilde. You have to use SHIFT +~.

For example

~~crossed out~~ text

You can modify your text in different fonts by using the above-mentioned forms such as Old English, Gothic style text, Double-struck, Cursive text, Small text, and many others. 

Moreover, users can write a small text and instantly send it to the app with the help of a discord text generator and the same text will appear in a different number of font styles.

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