How To Buy A Bra

How To Buy A Bra: A Lingerie Buying Guide

Inside and outside wear are important for the perfect attire. Innerwear gives the perfect shape and comfort. Lingerie shopping is not a squeamish thing to discuss. It is one of the crucial things which needs extra care and more research. It has an essential role in giving the body perfect posture and shape. Since it also helps with dress up, it is crucial to choose the right bra and the right dress. The right fabric and bra size calculator helps to get rid of this tension to an extent. Check out these important things to look into before buying underwear.

How to purchase a perfect bra?

Finding a perfect bra is a difficult task as calculating the perfect fitting is something that needs help. A bad bra can cause a horrible experience to the body’s shape and posture. Follow these basic things to find the perfect size. 

Bra brand

It is crucial in finding the perfect size. In a good brand, the bra band feels just right. It won’t be too tight or too loose. The band will be firmly clasped. A bad bra will dig into the skin and leave marks. The natural shape of the breast will be distorted if the band is overly tight. The band should be parallel and not over tight. 

Bra size calculator

Calculate from the band of the bra. Measure around the back and waste. If it is an odd number, get the brand size by rounding it to the nearest even number. If it is an even number, go with it. It is ideal to ask someone else to measure the body. Make sure the underbust measurement is correct. Now check the overbust size too. That is the measurement across the breast. Calculate the bra size with both of the measurements. For example, If the underbust size is 63cm and the overbust size is 77cm, the bra size is 8A. 

Right fabric

There are various fabrics used for a bra which includes cotton, lace and silk. Always choose lightweight and stretchable fabrics. This gives more comfort. The fabric should complement the overall attire and also gives a good feeling while wearing. A mix of cotton and elastane is a better choice.

Various styles of bra

There are plenty of options for bra shopping in the market today. Choose the best one. It can be padded, non-padded or wired. These are some stylish bra available now

1) Full cup bra

It is the best option for a fuller breast. The cups of a full cup bra gives full coverage. 

2) T-shirt bra 

It is an everyday wear bra. This seamless, smooth bra gives a perfect shape to the breasts. It gives an easy look with any tops or shirts and also gives a perfect fit. 

3) Sports bra

It is the best support to wear when running, during a workout or on practising yoga. This is a must-have bra. It saves side spillage. 

4) Bralettes

Bralettes are the chic design inner-wear. It is one among the most comfortable wears with elegant designs of low backs and low necks. 

5) Multiway bra

This bra has a wider band and optional straps. It accompanies better with strapless or backless outfits. 

Always go for what fits right. Looks come second only in the case of lingerie. Keep in mind the occasion too. 

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