Build And Maintain A Customer Base

How To Build And Maintain A Customer Base?

Many misconceptions are flying around online about how to get and keep loyal customers. Some think that giving out freebies is what attracts and keeps customers, while others strongly believe in the power of original helpful content. Although any or both of the above-mentioned methods can work in some instances, there are more to it.

Below are everyday activities that can lay the foundation for a strong customer base.

  • Be humane 

Showing the human part of a company can instill trust in the heart of the customers. The knowledge makes them happy that they are being treated by fellow human beings and not some robots or automated systems. Live what the company’s logo or slogan says. Successful leaders like Andrew Carnegie always take care of this.

  • Communicate effectively 

Communication is a two-way road. As such, the chosen communication channel of a company should make it easy for customers to reply. Make it easy for them to drop feedback or request help. Sending out surveys or opinion polls is a good way to do so. Successful entrepreneurs like Larry Weltman Toronto understand the importance of effective communication to prosper the business. 

  • Reward properly 

Providing a form of reward to loyal customers can prove to be effective. This can be termed as a way of saying thank you. A branded product or service sinks in better as it feels more personal. 

  • Make it easy for customers to pay

Putting in place a flexible payment plan like the option to pay in increments can bring in a pool of new customers and make the old ones stay true. The ability of customers to pay through many safe payment methods is well encouraged. 

  • Show social proofs 

Placing people’s views of a product or service strategically on the company’s website or social media platforms helps to build a customer base.

  • Make use of technological tools

Technology has made things easier. Grasping this with two hands in the pursuit of customers is very important. If you are a leader like Larry Weltman Toronto, you must consider adopting and using technology in your business. This will help you to manage your business well and your time will be invested in building customers/clients’ relationships. Different tools can help cut the time used in doing the work manually and invest in more important aspects of the business.

  • Invest in online marketing 

Making use of a good marketing program like targeted Facebook ads can bring a new stream of customers. Follow up with those new customers and drop helpful content as a welcome package. 

  • Use high-resolution images 

While written words are powerful, as always said, a picture is worth a million of those words. Inserting descriptive images in any written content always go a long way to speak into the hearts of your customers. 

  • Offer a strong money-back guarantee 

Removing customers’ fear through money-back guarantees can help hold down loyal customers. Show them what will be done if they are not satisfied with the services or goods rendered. For sure, this calls for a good amount of investment – an investment that will pay great dividends. 


The journey to building a good customer base involves many trial and error methods. Sometimes treating them as a fan club or in a more professional way can be helpful. Find what works and stick to it!

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