How to build a welcome package for new neighbours

Moving to a different area is thrilling and, if you’re honest, it can be not easy. You’re not just transitioning to your new home and surroundings but also getting to know an entirely new region or perhaps a completely new province or city. You’re likely to be overwhelmed with concerns, such as where is the closest park to my dog? When will the garbage be taken care of? If I need help, Where is the nearest hospital?

Perhaps you’ve had similar questions before you moved into your new neighborhood. If you observe the moving truck pulling towards you, Why not greet your new neighbors with a welcome gift? It’s an excellent way to build a community from the start and offer necessary community resources — and maybe some treats for new kids on the block. According to two homeowners who have moved into new neighborhoods in the past, here are some suggestions on what you should include in the neighborhood welcome packet. 

Neighborhood resources

In this case, it is essential to include pertinent information about your neighborhood. Include a calendar with important dates, including recycling and trash pickup, electronics and hazardous garbage drop-offs, appropriate lawn care, and neighborhood gatherings.

“We had to look up neighborhood regulations like you can’t paint your door a different color and things like that,” says homeowner Paisley Rotondo.

Your new neighbors might be interested in knowing who their local officials are and how to contact them.

Emergency services

It is possible to give your new neighbors security by providing the addresses of the essential services like hospitals and walk-in clinics within the vicinity. You might also wish to find out where the nearest police and fire stations are.

Professionals and business

All of us can use Google and Yelp. However, having someone recommend a reputable service, product, or company by relying on personal experience is far more convincing.

Jeff Richard, a new homeowner who relocated out of the urban area to a more rural area, says, “finding a good healthcare provider, like a doctor or optometrist, is all word of mouth.”

Include a directory and business cards for a few individuals and businesses, such as plumbers, electricians, mechanics, contractors, medical professionals (including optometrists), dog groomers, dentists, landscaping, and snow removal. If your new neighbor has a green thumb or intends to make some changes to their yard, it is good to be aware of the closest garden center or nursery. They can also find a landscaping depot.

Entertainment and recreation

After a tiring day of unpacking, there are times when all you need to do is relax. Let your new neighbors know that you are, thereby giving them a list of nearby amenities, including parks or hiking trails and places where you can take them to engage in fun things, such as movie theatres and bowling. Don’t forget the food! Think about adding a few gift cards or coupons for your favorite eateries.

It’s also beneficial to include information on local services, like recreation leagues for homeowners who want to participate in organized games.

Essential household items

We’ve all felt the frustration of not knowing which container something isn’t essential or small, like batteries, is located in. Include in your welcome pack the household essentials necessary to keep in your house; however, they always disappear. Things like batteries, paper towels, multi-purpose cleaners, and bulbs for lighting are excellent places to begin.

Engage the community

The process of putting together a welcome pack does not have to be entirely yours!. If you’re part of a neighborhood committee or regular meeting, ask members to participate or participate. You could even think about going door-to-door and asking for assistance or suggestions from your neighbors. They might not be interested in being responsible for assembling and giving the present; however, they might be willing to contribute cash towards gifts, household items, and other snacks.

Although Herrndorf claims that “every homeowner faces different challenges upon first moving in,” you can make your move to a new neighborhood less stressful. A welcome pack packed with valuable neighborhood resources and a wealth of recommendations can make the new residents feel at the new place.

The welcome package is being put together

While it’s possible to transfer these items to your new neighbors in a cardboard box it’s nice to go the additional step. Put everything in the form of a reused grocery bag or more relaxed, a wooden planter container, a beautiful basket, or any other item that new homeowners could reuse. Look up local makers and see if they’ve something that can be used. So you’re not adding their pile of items to get rid of when they take their belongings out of their homes.

If you ever see a “Sold!” sign in your neighborhood, think about putting together a welcome pack packed to the max with vital neighborhood resources as well as thoughtful suggestions for new neighbors, and it will make them feel at home.

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