How to build a cheap gaming pc for 1080p games

One needs to be tech smart to build a gaming PC for 1080p games at a low price. But if you are not a tech buddy, do not worry because Gaming Zaming will help you to make a cheap gaming PC for HD games in 2022.

There will be a few compromises that you will have to make because it is going to be built under a small budget. These small compromises won’t necessarily mean you have to compromise on the gaming performance in your favourite game.

 It will be challenging but stay tuned and read till the end to get an idea of how you can build a gaming PC at a lower price. Gaming PC is known for their high cost because the components used in them are premium and of the top-notch brand. What if we compromise a little on brand and specifications to make our gaming PC cheaper?

Now there are a few things on which you could save up some stuff. One is the main cover of the CPU; if you already have a basic setup, it won’t be difficult to upgrade it to a newer version and save a few bucks. We may have a monitor and a CPU cover at our home or our friends’ which are not in use anymore. Recycle, repair, or do something about it because these two essential things would decrease your potential costs if you already have the older ones.

If you don’t have them, go for the cheapest option available in the market choosing the monitor screen size of 24-inches and moving to the CPU components now, which will be essential for gaming performance. Motherboard, RAM, CPU, PSU, GPU, SSD, and HDD cards ensure you get an ultimate pro-level gaming performance by choosing high-quality products at a relatively lower price.

The processor we picked for you is the 3300X Ryzen 3, four-core and eight-thread. This CPU has been listed in the most budgeted picks, and quality wises its brilliance. It has a solid base and gaming performance, giving you good speed while playing your favourite game.

For graphics cards, which are again an essential element of in-game performance, we have picked RX 5500 XT AMD; select the 8GB variant because it comes in only a slight price difference compared to the 4 GB version. The higher variant would make the latest games in 2022 play easily with 8 GB.

The motherboard we picked is Gigabyte B450M DS3H because it is listed in budgeted motherboards and the reviews are very good. It is also compatible with many modern-day PC components used for gaming, so you should go for it for your gaming desktop.

For memory, we have picked 2x 4GB DDR4 RAMs of 400MHz, which will be sufficient for modern-day gaming. And, of course, an HDD of 1 TB because you need good storage to collect your favourite games and breathing space for a PC. 

The power supplies can be chosen randomly as their price isn’t much different compared to its competitors. But in this guide, we have chosen Corsair CV450 PSU for you, which will be excellent and compatible with other PC components mentioned in this guide earlier.

And for the case, if you already have one, as said earlier, then it’s great. Otherwise, you could pick Corsair Carbide 100R for yourself. Monitoring the ASUS brand is quite reasonable and cheap, and the prices would depend on the screen size and resolutions that you like. 

Now keep this option at last so you can decide to buy one of your remaining budgets.

Last, it would help if you had extras like a gaming mouse, keyboard, speakers, and headphones. You could either buy them from the remaining amount or upgrade them later and buy some basic ones for now. It is up to you as such wide varieties of these extras are available in the market in 2022, which could be extremely expensive. However, there are cheap options obtainable which you could pick for now.

This ends our guide here, and with adding up all the PC components, the potential expense will be less than 1k$, which is very low, especially while building a new PC for 1080p gaming. You could still make some compromises if you are below that budget, but it would be a little layoff. 


 I hope this guide helped you to build a cheap gaming pc for 1080p games. I understand there are various other options available in the same price range, but we only had to pick one component each, so we tried our best to choose the best ones for you. If you have any suggestions or want to ask anything, you may.

Thanks for reading!

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