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How to become an Instagram Influencer?

Do you have a unique persona and are looking for a career opportunity??

Are you an Instagram geek and want to make an income of your passion???

Are you camera-friendly and think have the power to engage people???

The answer to the above questions is, “You are perfect for Instagram Influencer.”

Gone are the days when Instagram was all about posting a picture or just surfing your favorite celeb handles. Over the years, Instagram has proved to be a great platform for individuals who have that uniqueness in them and are open to becoming a public personality. 

That’s where the aspect of Instagram Influencer comes into the scene. This phrase needs no introduction as you hear it quite often and follow many of them. Therefore, if you wish to become an Instagram Influencer, here are some quick tips, that will you tread this journey:

  1. Find your USP. In other words, understand your personality and define your USP which will become your identity on Instagram. For example, if you are a dancer define what dance? there are so many who do the same dance form. What makes you different?? How do you wish to show this difference?
  1. Reel is trick: Gone are the days, when Insta was all about clicking a picture and posting with an interesting caption. Now Insta has many features out of which the video feature of Reels and IGTV is quite popular. Therefore, though you create static posts and carousels, learn the art of creating video content. You may not be technically sound to shoot videos but ensure that your videos are stable and with clear sound and light. 
  1. Show consistency: Yes, you may say it’s not a news bulletin or a TV serial to share content everyday, everyweek at some time. Consistency means sharing content regularly. Define your post calendar and accordingly share. This is to keep your followers engaged. 
  1. Write meaningful: Whatever you post, pad it up with the right captions and hashtags. When we say hashtags, there are two common mistakes that all do. 1. Usage of too many hashtags and 2. Usage of wrong hashtags because there are trending. Avoid both. Have an interesting caption and choose only those hashtags that are relevant. 
  1. Focus on building followers and community: The success of becoming an influencer depends on the number of followers you have. However, though you aim at followers, you must also focus on building community for yourself. Wherein your followers, just don’t see your content but share, like, comment and save the same. When you set out to build followers, you can opt for agencies like to help you build real Instagram followers by paying a certain amount.
  1. Know your audience: Lastly, remember that your success depends on your audience. Therefore, ensure to know your audience i.e. what is that they like seeing and what they like about you. Creating content around this makes the audience feel that you genuinely care for them. 

With the help of the above mentioned key pointers, blend your understanding, and you can be sure of success. 

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