How to be Successful in B2B Matchmaking Business?

To earn more revenue and authority, you have to plan advanced strategies for a successful b2b matchmaking business. Your business should rely on the goal to create maximum connectivity, networking, and collaboration options among companies or individuals.

Keeping the above point in consideration, here are some smart choices to be successful in virtual, hybrid, or physical b2b matchmaking businesses.

Make a Niche Oriented Platform

Determine a micro-niche for your business and focus on what connections you want to work on. For example, you must operate in a specific business industry to build authority and credibility. Some business industries are automotive, IT, health, entertainment, energy, science, etc. It will be relatively easy to find competition and success strategies in one specific business industry rather than finding for all niches.

Similarly, you should define what directions you want to offer in the b2b matchmaking business. For example, you can offer connections between

  • Businesses and investors
  • Or connecting businesses with service or product providers
  • Businesses with customers or event organizers
  • A Combination of connections 

You can also make a hybrid model (using multiple strategies) over time to get more market shares.

Analyze Market and Your Competitors

In the European market, a lot of b2b matchmaking businesses are offering services in different business categories. Aciety, Widerpool, AladdinB2B, UpWork, Fiverr, and Valuer are some examples of successful b2b and b2c matchmaking companies. You can get an idea about your business by analyzing their working model.

Also, always keeping an eye on your competitor’s services will help you to get innovative ideas to beat them in the market.

Define Strategies to offer a B2B Matchmaking Software

A b2b matchmaking software will help to organize the events and engage the right audience.  Your b2b matchmaking software or tool should comprise the best features to stand out from the crowd. You should define functionality features of a b2b matchmaking software considering these factors;

  • Pages for sign-ups or login
  • Individuals should be able to add all details about their business 
  • Businesses should be able to find their interested contact details
  • Easy search results to find interested parties automatically
  • Allowing group or individual chats with import/export document options
  • Both parties can schedule any time for a meeting
  • Both parties can meet in advance for a more successful event
  • The system should send notifications to remind about meetings
  • They may able to check the analysis report of their meeting
  • Offer 24 * 7 tech and customer support

Check Your Budget and Resources

The cost of a bb2 matchmaking business will depend on several factors. For example, you need to check these parameters to determine your budget;

  • The complexity of the platform (generally, the more complex a platform is, the more maintenance cost it requires)
  • Design of the platform
  • Cost for technical and customer support staff

Launch and Market Your Business

After making effective strategies, you will be able to develop a successful b2b matchmaking software.

Once you launch it, the next step is to market it as much as possible. Again you will need to make effective strategies for its marketing. These may include

  • Paid and organic promotions across different social media platforms (for example using Facebook and LinkedIn ads with targeting specific audience)
  • Arrange local events, meetings, or conferences to promote your service
  • Find brand-ambassadors or influencers for promotion among their audience. 
  • Focus on SEO or content marketing to get more organic traffic  

Pro-Tips to make a Successful B2B Matchmaking Business:

Here are some recommended tips that you must consider;

Send Personalized Messages via Email Marketing:

Sending personalized messages is an effective way to get people re-visit your platform. For example, you can send an email to the event host about the newly registered participants. You can set countdowns till the start of the event and send reminders to participants.

Or you can send emails about the new updates or features of your platform. Similarly, you can send reminders to the inactive persons, who got registered previously for the event.

Telephone Marketing:

You can schedule telephonic marketing campaigns for active or VIP members to update them about your matchmaking services. This will help you to find the right people for your platform. 

You can also offer more exclusive services to the sponsors or brand ambassadors of your services.

Registration Process:

Don’t make the registration form too lengthy for the start of registration, as these may annoy individuals. If you want to collect more information, you can collect that at a later point.  

Also, minimize spam and misuses of the platform by allowing only registered persons to join the event.

Use Single Platform for Complete Matchmaking Process:

Try to incorporate all steps in one platform to increase user experience. For example, registration form, CRM, event planning, event marketing, sales process in b2b, mobile app, and reporting all should be available simultaneously on the website.

Also, avoid the requirement of multiple passwords to use these services. The endpoint is to make a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform as much as you can.

Allow Virtual Meetings:

B2b virtual matchmaking sessions are in-demand after the covid-19 pandemic. Introduce virtual meeting tools that automatically show time zones, options to add new people to the meeting, and schedules of meetings. 

Another most important feature is to allow users to record all virtual sessions. In this way, companies or individuals can use the session across other channels later. 

Participant Engagement Options:

Allow options to create Q&A, polls, quizzes, questionnaires, or chats to increase engagement among the audience. Also, include a moderator to show the relevant content only.

Feedback System:

Introduce form for feedback, or user ratings. Track these records and make necessary updates or improvements in the software.   

Introduce Mobile Apps:

Mobile apps are more convenient for some participants and these should be satisfactory for them.  Make sure these apps are optimized for program operation and push notifications. 

Also, add other best features, such as chat options, meeting management, and live questions. Ensure the compatibility of mobile apps to use in Android and iOS.

GDRP Compliance:

Ensure all the details or data of companies or individuals are secured and confidential. It should be a trusted b2b matchmaking platform that complies with national and international government laws.

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