The 3 Be’s – How to be Successful in an Online Business

Do you want to learn how to be successful in an online business? Today I am going to teach you how with the 3 Be’s. Be Positive, Be Patient, and Be Persistent

The First Be – Be Positive

The first step in any success story is to be positive. You cannot achieve anything in life if you always focus on the negative. Or even if sometimes focus on the negative. Being positive doesn’t come easy for us in today’s world because there is negativity all around us. It is something we always have to work on.

My advice is to use some positive affirmations. Not many just enough to make sure you are in the right mindset. Think about what you want to achieve then phrase your affirmations as if you have already achieved them.

Things like…

  • I am a successful online entrepreneur
  • I am a good salesman
  • Attracting customers is easy for me
  • Building my wealth is easy for me
  • I am making more money every day

You get the idea. I know it sounds ridiculous to say stuff like this when it isn’t true but the point is to make it true. There is a reason why Affirmations should be worded in the present tense like this.

Your mind is a powerful tool, but it cannot be wrong. In other words, if you tell your brain that you are a good salesman then your brain has to be right. So, it will make the statement true. It will tap into all your knowledge and you will start to become better at selling.

I know this sounds far-fetched. Kind of like Sci-Fi but it has been proven to work. Read anything out there on the law of attraction and you will see I am right.

The Second Be – Be Patient

Now that you are being positive, it is time to learn the second Be. You must be patient. Impatience has killed many online businesses before they even get started. I am speaking from personal experience. I failed at quite a few online endeavors before I finally stumbled onto the training that has changed my outlook.

The old saying goes ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was any business anywhere. It takes time to build a reputation. It also takes time to execute a good marketing plan. I have an ad up right now that has over 150 clicks with 0 conversions. Now I need to take that down and figure out why so I can increase my conversions.

If I didn’t have patience, I would just quit posting ads altogether figuring they wouldn’t work anyway. But as I continue being patient and trying different strategies eventually, I will succeed and pretty soon I will be spending $10,000 on ads and making $100,000 in returns.

Remember as you move forward and try new things you begin to learn what works and what doesn’t, making you more efficient.

The Third Be – Be Persistent

How are you going to achieve your goals in business? By making sales? By selling memberships? By driving traffic to your blog? All of these options require persistence. You cannot try for a few weeks and then give up. You may have given up right before you discovered the key to closing that sale.

You need to keep pushing through trials. You need to be able to move forward without any sure signs of success. You need to persist until you make it. Then you have to set new higher goals and persist till you get them too.

I think I’ll add a fourth Be – Be Creative

A lot of people online will tell you to follow their system and you will be successful. But that can be very deadly to a new business. The reason why is simple. Let’s say I give you my best funnel that I use to convert thousands. You copy it word for word and start driving traffic. Now suppose that traffic has already seen my page and now they are seeing yours and it is Identical. They will be less likely to click through.

The reason is simple. They will see you as a copycat and won’t trust you. Now if you created your own sales funnel that linked to the same product but was worded differently, then you may trigger that one that wasn’t interested in my pitch. Perhaps you worded it differently or perhaps you changed it altogether. The point is you need to be creative. Too many copies of the same thing will just get you lost in the sea of pages. Now if you stand out from the crowd then you will get noticed and could bring in the traffic that those carbon copies are losing.

Putting it all together

If you are positive, patient, and persistent then you will be successful. If you are creative as well then you can become very successful. It takes time yes. That is where the patience comes in. However, keep persisting and add more creativity, and no matter what you will succeed.

A little personal story before I end this article

I have been searching for the truth about how to be successful in an online business for a long time. I have tried it all from MLM to Blogging to Affiliate Marketing and nothing was working. Until I found a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson have built an incredible training platform and also added an awesome community feature that makes them stand out. Everything I now know about being successful I have learned within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

I wrote a review about Wealthy Affiliate when I first started this blog. Check it out and you will see what I have known from the beginning. Wealthy Affiliate will give you the tools to succeed and help you every step of the road to achieving success.

Ok, that ends my sales pitch. After all, I am trying to be successful and persistence is one of the 3 Be’s. Anyway, the image below will take you to my review and from there you can click any of the links in my review to sign up for a starter account for free. If you have any questions or would like to share your comments feel free.

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