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How to Assemble 1 87 Model Cars with Your Own Hands

Connoisseurs of mini-cars are literally in love with cars in 1 87 scale. But few people are looking for an answer to the question: where did this scale come from? Why exactly 1 87?

1 / 87 scale models date back to the 20th century. It was this period in Great Britain that was marked by the rapid development of all industries. It was the combination of all these factors that prompted manufacturers to make and sell mini-models, which were endowed with an extraordinary similarity to real samples.

Very often people do not make a fundamental difference between a toy car and a large-scale copy of a real car. After all, most of the children’s toys have an opening hood, a moving steering wheel, like 1 87 models. 

But there is a difference. The scale model contains complete information about the manufacturer, scale, and prototype brand. There is no such data on toys. This is the main difference. But the differences don’t end there.

You can purchase 1 87 model cars from the Wespe Models website. Collectible scale models of cars are not only an original gift for a man of any age, but also a small piece of the history of cars and the automotive industry on your shelf. All modern car models are worked out to the smallest detail. They are completely identical to the original, not only in appearance! 

In order to create your own unique model, paper, wood or plastic are often used. Build kits are available in stores. The kit includes small parts that, using paints, glue and simple tools, turn into a single whole: a beautiful car model, similar to the original. So, for work, you will need a holder, tweezers, oilcloth, solvent, glue, putty, varnish and masking tape. And also three sets: for assembling cars, a set of tools and a set of pigments. The whole process of work can be roughly divided into 10 stages. Let’s consider each of them in detail.

You can find suitable objects in everyday life. These are cosmetic or medical tweezers; stationery knives; brushes; small sharp scissors; nippers; small jars for paints; holders (preferably with a magnifying glass); a set of small drills; needles; syringe without a needle; pipette; sandpaper. 

It is necessary to prepare additional materials for work: newspaper or oilcloth (to protect the work surface); solvent (to remove excess paint and degrease surfaces); paint (aerosol, enamel, acrylic); putty (to eliminate shrinkage); masking tape (to protect parts); special glue; varnish; a set of pigments to give the model a slightly worn look.

Next, we move on to a very boring, but important stage – studying the instructions. It contains all the necessary information about the assembly process, describes the color variations, color numbers, etc.

We take out the finished plastic castings from the box and carefully study them. The cut parts should be cleaned from the remnants of the docking partitions in the base using a sharp clerical knife. For best results, sand the edges a little. The part is covered with a thin layer of glue (you can apply it with a spatula).

Next, we proceed to the neat connection of parts that must be held for 10-20 seconds. Certain parts require painting before being glued. Auto glass is usually made of plastic. They should be fixed to the painted door or openings. If the windows are installed before the car is painted, they should be covered with masking film so as not to spoil the part with paint.

After that, you can proceed to the complete painting of the scale model of the car. With the help of the holder, this will be much easier and more efficient. You can paint from a spray can or with a regular brush. An airbrush is also perfect for these purposes. For civilian cars, the glossy option is better. But the military cargo models will look more profitable with a semi-matte varnish coating.

Very often, various decorative elements are included with the models: emblems, license plates, moldings, body kits, etc. They are applied over a well-dried varnish, pressing firmly against the surface.

And, finally, evaluate your creation and enjoy the work done. 

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