How to Accept Crypto Payments via Web3 Wallets in WooCommerce?

In recent years, cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity as an alternative form of payment. If you’re a WooCommerce store owner looking to accept crypto payments in WooCommerce, the “Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro” plugin developed by Cool Plugins is an excellent solution to consider.

What is the “Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro” Plugin?

The “Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro” is the best WooCommerce crypto payments plugin that will help store owners to easily accept crypto payments at checkout. This plugin supports popular web3 wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect, making it user-friendly for both merchants and customers. By integrating this plugin into your WooCommerce store, you open up new possibilities for accepting crypto payments.

The Advantages of Web3 Wallets

Web3 wallets, such as MetaMask and WalletConnect, are essential components of the decentralized web, providing users with secure access to blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies. These wallets offer a seamless and user-friendly experience for making transactions, providing an alternative to traditional fiat payment methods.

Easy Integration

The “Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro” plugin can be easily integrated into your WooCommerce store without any technical expertise. With a few simple steps, you can start accepting crypto payments through web3 wallets like MetaMask and WalletConnect.

Direct Payments to Your Wallet

One of the significant advantages of using this plugin is that all payments made by customers go directly to your cryptocurrency wallet. Unlike traditional payment gateways that may hold funds or charge hefty withdrawal fees, this plugin ensures that you have full control over your earnings.

ERC20 and BEP20 Payment Support

The plugin is compatible with both ERC20 and BEP20 tokens, enabling you to accept a wide range of cryptocurrencies based on different blockchain networks. This flexibility allows you to cater to customers using various digital assets for their transactions.

Transparent and Secure Transactions

Crypto payments through web3 wallets are transparent, allowing both merchants and customers to track transactions on the blockchain. Additionally, the plugin ensures that all payments are secure, protecting your business and customers from potential fraud.

How to Set Up the “Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro” Plugin?

Step 1: Purchase and Download the Plugin

To get started, visit the plugin’s official website at Purchase and download the “Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro” plugin to your computer.

Step 2: Install the Plugin on WooCommerce

Log in to your WooCommerce dashboard, navigate to “Plugins,” and click on “Add New.” Choose the option to upload the plugin, select the downloaded file, and click “Install Now.”

Step 3: Activate the Plugin

After successfully installing the plugin, click “Activate” to enable it on your WooCommerce store.

Step 4: Configure Plugin Settings

Access the plugin settings through the “WooCommerce” tab on your WordPress dashboard. Customize the payment options, wallet addresses, and other relevant details as per your preferences.

Step 5: Start Accepting Crypto Payments

Once you’ve configured the plugin, your WooCommerce store is now ready to accept crypto payments through web3 wallets. Customers will see the option to pay with cryptocurrencies during checkout.


As the world of finance evolves, accepting crypto payments becomes a compelling option for online businesses. The “Pay With MetaMask For WooCommerce Pro” plugin developed by Cool Plugins offers an excellent solution for WooCommerce store owners looking to embrace cryptocurrencies. With support for MetaMask and WalletConnect web3 wallets, direct payments to your wallet, and compatibility with ERC20 and BEP20 tokens, this plugin simplifies and secures the process of accepting crypto payments on your WooCommerce store. Embrace the future of payments by integrating this powerful plugin and providing your customers with a cutting-edge shopping experience.

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