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How the Right Pet Products Are Better for Your Health

Having a pet in your home can bring happiness and companionship. However, some of your pet’s products aren’t entirely ideal for your own well-being. Certain things are likely to lead to health troubles if you aren’t careful. Making sure you’re choosing the right pet products is better for your health.

Anti-Clumping Cat Litter Prevents Dust

For years, clumping cat litter seemed to be the right way to go. It made for easy clean-up and was promoted heavily in TV commercials. Now, more and more people are switching to other types. Clay litters that offer this clumping effect actually give off a lot of dust. Whether you’re simply cleaning the box or inhaling the dust that’s left behind on the floors by your pet’s paws, breathing in dust of any kind can lead to respiratory struggles. An anti-clumping cat litter prevents this dust problem from wreaking havoc on your lungs and respiratory system. It’s a much better alternative, especially for those who already face breathing problems like asthma.

Non-PVC Chew Toys Do Not Contain Phthalates

Many chew toys are made with PVC material. Polyvinyl chloride, its formal name, is a plastic polymer made synthetically. Phthalates found in these toys may not be lethal to humans, but they can cause some health issues if you aren’t careful. When a dog or cat chews up the toy and releases phthalates into the air, you can breathe them in. Not to mention, they can get ingested by the animal and cause problems for him as well. Choosing chew toys, and any other toys and products that are non-PVC is the best solution.

Bagged Food Does Not Contain BPA

Plastic is a culprit of health concerns for many reasons. BPA is yet another dangerous compound found in plastic, and it can also be found in canned items. If you’re regularly handling plastic pet food containers or cans of food that contain BPA, then you may be exposing yourself, and definitely your pet, to this harmful chemical. It’s best to choose bagged food that does not use plastic or contain this material. With a rise in eco-friendly plasticizers coming to the market, this will hopefully be less of a concern in the future. For now, however, you need to be diligent and check the packaging of everything you buy to be sure it says BPA-free.

Natural Flea Treatments Do Not Contain Pesticides

Your cat or dog’s flea treatment may also become a problem over time. Many treatments, including a flea collar, have some form of pesticide within them. Though it may not harm you to touch the collar once, you shouldn’t repeatedly touch it and expose yourself to pesticides. They can lead to skin irritation at the very least and an increased risk for cancer at the worst.

It is better to find a natural flea treatment that is safer for both you and your pet. This is especially true if you have young kids at home who may not remember to avoid touching the collar or treated area. You can try mixing either apple cider vinegar or rosemary with water and applying that to the animal’s coat.

Having the right pet products in your home is far better for your health than having the wrong ones. When it comes to certain pet litter, toys, and even foods, you have a chance of developing health issues because of the material they’re made with and the chemicals found within them. Just as you need to be careful what human items are left around your pets, you also need to use caution when purchasing pet items to have around you. Dangers are always lurking.

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