How Smart Forest City Make Future More Liveable?

Technology has been part of our lives. With it, we enjoy great convenience beyond expectation. Nowadays, the technology has allowed the architect to have access to data and analytics that enable them to focus more on innovation versus production while optimizing performance. In other words—the job of the architect is also evolving. Thus, allowing them to create more livable smart cities for human being.

 In this article, readers will find how Forest City make full use of technology to ensure the future more livable.

Get to know the intelligence of Forest City.

Forest City project launch with Smart B.I.A system which means using building information modeling (BIM), the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (A.I.) to build a smart city. In addition to Smart B.I.A System, intelligent security system, humanoid robot for community service, building automatic control system, mobile phone application for the smart community, and smart payment platform are also used in the operation and management of Forest City.

The concept of intelligence runs through the spatial dimension of urban construction and overall planning in the early stage of the plan. Starting from the three major directions of household management, life service, and intelligent industry, Forest City has built a comprehensive smart city system under the support of three databases of information security center, operation command center, and data resource center. At the same time, Forest City coordinates the development of intelligent security, transportation, education, and medical care to provide a comfortable, safe, and reliable living environment for the residents of Forest City.

How does Forest City make the future more livable?

A smart city may be a new concept in urban development, nonetheless, it is – an inevitable trend in the future. After all, technology makes human life better. With the help of artificial intelligence technologies, daily activities can be enhanced. In the era of high speed data and emerging technology, the accumulation of all kinds of behavioral data makes people’s lives drive to the trend of comprehensive intelligence.

Through Smart B.I.A system, Forest City Johor is committed to making the future more livable. BIM technology enables project agents to design, analyze, and plan in a digital and virtual space. The application of BIM in the planning and operation of the Forest City project has been considered with the development of BIM technology to a new dimension. In this case, factors affecting urban sustainable development and livability are taken into account in project planning. Each production process uses a building information model to control the accurate investment of resources and reduce the waste of building materials, such as water, electricity, land resources, and human resources.

The Internet of things is mainly used for remote control, which can better quantify the environmental benefits and operation status of buildings for further actions. The vertical greenery system of Forest City Johor uses a multidimensional three-dimensional greening system and drip irrigation system, which can automatically provide suitable water irrigation for plants so that the environmental efficiency and ecological system can be improved synergistically. Furthermore, the use of the Internet of things in the management of the Forest City community provides great convenience for managers and even residents by predicting the needs and problems in advance.

As for artificial intelligence, it plays an important role in efficient management, the comprehensive control of building safety, and energy consumption of Forest City. An example in this case is the intelligent service robot “Sensen” which provides a hand for the Forest City community in monitoring, security, property management, and other services, ensuring residents a diversified service platform.

Through the intelligent B.I.A. system, Forest City Johor has played an outstanding role in public service and resource utilization. Meanwhile, it also allows residents to enjoy a high-quality living and achieve the future lifestyle of intelligent human settlement.

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