How relevant are SMS messaging for business in 2022?

Digitalization is changing our world every second. Previously, we communicated and learned the news at work, in a cafe, on TV or by phone. But now everyone carries in his pocket a small computer with a dozen communication programs that replace the whole world for him. Therefore, each business must be present in the information space of customers. To ensure high-quality communication and fast response to customers, a business needs to manage several channels at once, and automation solves this problem.

Automatic SMS sending is one of the modern marketing tools. This service makes it possible to send thousands of messages at the same time and program a dialogue with the client. Telling about a promotion, taking orders, reminding about an appointment – now you don’t need a manager on the phone for this. The SMS marketing platform allows you to:

  • save and manage message history;
  • divide contacts into groups and set up different campaigns;
  • send messages based on the geolocation of the client;
  • program the time and date of automatic sending.

Sounds great? Let’s see how and where it can be applied.

What kind of business is SMS suitable for

In the age of the internet, some people consider texting a surplus of the past. Whereas online targeting allows you to accurately determine your audience and deliver individual messages. But this is just one of the marketing tools, which has its drawbacks. For example, your messages will be read only if the person is online.

But a business needs not only advertising, but also other interactions with customers: event reminders, order status notifications, and feedback collection. That is why some entrepreneurs organize call centers that perform all these functions. But what does it cost to business? Jobs, salaries, taxes, and other expenses. But the result is not justified – subscribers answer only 52% of calls, and the rest of the calls will never reach the goal.

So, it’s ideal for a business when a person receives and reads his offer immediately. That is why SMS, which are delivered even offline, is used by leading business areas in 2022:

  • Retail
  • Recruiting
  • Event business
  • Healthcare
  • Financial services
  • Real estate
  • Restaurants & Cafes
  • Car service etc.

For them, this is a real and fast way to reach the client. The client reads the message here and now, and it costs the business a meager waste and effort.

Fewer clicks, more profits

Automated one-click messaging is the reality of the 21st century. Your offer is sent simultaneously to thousands of your contacts, and 92% of them definitely read it.

SMS-marketing platform was created to relieve businesses from routine processes. Your company no longer needs to hire employees for phone calls, the entrepreneur and head of marketing can manage sending messages in his personal account. A clear and user-friendly interface helps you make changes to your advertising campaign quickly and get up-to-date statistics.

Export leads the way you want

Fortunately, today you can forget about the database, scattered across different files and documents. After an advertising campaign with the Smarter Contact service, you can export data in a way convenient for you: Excel, CSV, or another CRM.

In addition, after the advertising campaign, all leads will remain sorted into groups by responses and message status. Such information will be useful for setting up the following campaigns, as well as simplifying the work with contacts.

Convert your chats into real deals

A promotional text message can grab a customer’s attention, but how many of them get lost along the way? Most SMS do not provide answers but in vain. Most SMS do not provide answers, and this is a problem. Because the client may have questions to which you must think over the answers in advance and also close objections and come up with a compelling additional offer.

Smarter Contact provides the ability to conduct a full-fledged dialogue with the subscriber. Thanks to this, the client will receive an answer to questions and get rid of doubts. By continuing the dialogue, you increase the chance to close the deal.

To set up a steady flow of leads through SMS, there is no need to hire a copywriter and an experienced marketer with writing skills. Effective marketing texts are the strong point of the Smarter Contact team. Based on the experience of hundreds of projects, they will tell you how to create an effective offer and properly organize the dialogue.

6 tips for a successful SMS marketing campaign

  • Respect time limits

Be tactful and polite so that your messages are appropriate and not intrusive. No one likes to receive text messages late in the evening or early in the morning. But that’s not the only thing. You can predict the most favorable time for sending SMS, when the client will be most disposed to make a purchase decision. Therefore, research and approach responsibly by the time of sending.

  • Don’t bombard with messages

Know the measure and do not be annoying. Too many advertising messages speak of too selfish goals and cause mistrust. The customer may unsubscribe at any time. It will be better to alternate offers with useful information so that the client also feels cared for.

  • Use multiple channels

As we know, the best result in marketing is a combined approach. Communicate with the client in several instant messengers. If the client has not read your email, try to chat on Facebook or Whatsapp. And if you see that the person is just not online, send an SMS.

This way you will allocate resources more efficiently and accurately deliver your message. And thanks to the easy integration of the SMS platform into the company’s CRM, you can easily manage it.

  • Set up a geofencing 

By targeting a specific location or radius around a location, you can narrow down your audience. This will help you find the most targeted customers and offer them the right choice in the right place. An SMS about the promotion “1 + 1 for all dishes” in the nearest restaurant will be very useful for a person who escaped from the office for a lunch break. 

  • Brief and clear

Try to keep your message concise. If the client is not interested in the first words that are shown on the screen in push messages, he will not read further.

Recent research shows that the most engaging text message size is 20-30 words.

6. Motivate people to subscribe to your SMS newsletter

You can send promotional notifications only to those subscribers who have agreed to this. There are several ways to get the customer’s consent to use data and send messages:

  • Announce a giveaway with the opportunity to win a prize in exchange for a subscription
  • Give a discount for permission to use data
  • Automatic subscription when issuing a loyalty card
  • Guarantee access to exclusive content or individual lucrative promotions

And most importantly, keep your promises so as not to lose the trust of customers. SMS and automated chats are the future of marketing. Take full advantage of the Smarter Contact SMS platform to improve your business today.

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