How Predictive Maintenance Solutions Are Boosting Productivity

Predictive maintenance is a procedure through which one could find the abnormalities in a process and the possible flaws in an apparatus.

If you are wondering how predictive maintenance solutions are boosting productivity then we will provide you the answer to your query.

In this procedure data, analytical tools are used along with the techniques to find out the defects in the operation of the equipment. So the mistakes and deficiencies can be fixed before it causes failure by using predictive maintenance solutions.

What Is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance, shortly pronounced as pdM, is the maintenance that observes the performance and status of apparatus throughout a normal process to decrease the probability of failures. It has been employed in the industrial business since the 1990s.

The first objective of pdM is to predict when apparatus could fail, after that is to prevent the failure through constantly planned and disciplinary maintenance.

Steps Involved In Predictive Maintenance:

  1. Identify apparatus and mode of failure to be controlled.
  2. Settle rate.
  3. Watch condition.
  4. Issue report.
  5. Make a work order.
  6. Schedule a work date.
  7. Make sure labor parts are available.
  8. Repair.
  9. Finish the work order and go back to Step 3.

How Predictive Maintenance Solutions Are Boosting Productivity

Industries now understand that it is very important to invest in predictive maintenance solutions, as it is a guaranteed way to enhance working efficiency. It directly affects the final results.

In this procedure, sensors are used to trace apparatus conditions and continuous analysis of the data. So the organizations can service the apparatus when there is an actual need instead of doing it at the scheduled time.

The machinery is set up in such a way that they examine their status, order their alternate, and plan a service engineer when required. Big data-based algorithms can be utilized to predict forthcoming apparatus failures.

Schneider Electric presented a report in which they show the benefits of applying predictive maintenance solutions, which expects 4million dollars saved because of identifying the damage of the rotating machine at its initial stage.

Similarly saved 500,000 dollars due to identifying coupling failure, and saved 370,000 dollars due to identifying the valve problem of the heat exchanger at an early stage.

So according to a study, it is said that annual maintenance expenses are reduced by 10%, downtime is reduced by 20% and inspection costs are reduced by 25% by doing the improved predictive maintenance of industry apparatus.

Predictive maintenance solutions are boosting productivity in several ways such as:

  • Minimizing the cost
  • reduce the count of sudden breakdowns
  • optimize asset working hours and enhance asset credibility
  • decrease operational expenses of supplies and spare parts by carrying out maintenance just when essential
  • Decreasing the period the apparatus is being maintained
  • optimize manufacture hours by decreasing the rate of hours gone to maintenance
  • enhance safety
  • simplify maintenance costs with decreased apparatus, inventory expenses, and labor.
  • Another benefit of predictive maintenance is its capability to modify both an organization and a maintenance team. Performing PdM enables asset directors to enhance results and improve balance preferences such as reliability and profitability.


Predictive maintenance solutions are now implemented in various industries. It is considered to be a wise solution to handle various issues for example increased repair expenses, prolonged apparatus downtime following sudden breaks, or speedy machine devaluation. So, the number of Predictive maintenance solutions is increasing day by day and is boosting productivity.

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