How PicsArt Premium Helps on 5 Amazing Uses Cases

Editing Photos and Videos on any premium application is still a dream of many editors. Graphics Designers use heavy applications to edit their photos and produce them in the best quality, whereas Video Editors use premium applications to create videos in 1080p, 1440p, and 2160p quality. Even 4230p (8K) quality has also arrived, and you can use different applications to render videos in 8K quality.

Various applications are available for photo and video editors, but editors like some apps, whether they were released decades ago. Some apps can never be replaced because of their extraordinary features. Now PicsArt is one of them. It’s the best application used for editing videos and photos. If you want to get it now, then follow the link I’ve listed below.

So PicsArt is a unique platform used for photos and video editing. People commonly use this network to edit their pictures and upload them on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has countless features uploaded by its developer. Let me share some information about PicsArt’s developer.

PicsArt is a California-based company started by a team of 3 people. It was founded in 2011 with headquarters in San Francisco, California. At that time, it wasn’t as famous as it is now. PicsArt has attracted 1 billion downloads from 180 different countries. It is used by millions of people who upload, edit and download their photos to upload on their social media newsfeed.

The reason it has attracted millions of users is its countless editing options. You can remove objects, change the background, convert photos into cartoons, make stickers and add text in the images. I’ve pointed out the primary features, but you’ll find several other features when using this PicsArt app. It has also offered a different option for different social media networks.

Let’s say you want to upload your cover photo on Facebook. When you visit the official website of PicsArt, you’ll find this option. For YouTube, you get other options. So in simple words, you don’t feel limited to just one network. PicsArt has enabled its options for every social media network consumer. That’s the benefit of using PicsArt.

Subscriptions of PicsArt and ITS Benefits

There are 3 subscriptions of PicsArt that I will explain one by one. Each subscription has its benefits, but it also depends on your usage. So the 3 subscriptions of PicsArt are:

  1. Free
  2. Gold
  3. Team

Everyone knows that free subscriptions are available with limited features. In PicsArts’ free version, you only get limited access to photo and video editing tools. You can do a little editing on videos and photos, but when you go with the premium subscriptions, you get unlimited resources to add whatever you want. That’s what I want to make clear to you.

Gold Subscription Overview

The 2nd subscription of PicsArt is “PicsArt Gold.”. You can visit the official website of PicsArt to see the countless benefits of “PicsArt Gold,” but I’ll highlight the essential features that users never see in the free version.

No Watermark

When you upload, edit and save pictures using the premium version, you don’t see any watermark appearing in that picture. I’ve seen many people complaining about the watermark they see in the free version, but when you finish the process through the premium version, you don’t complain about this because nothing appears.

Creating Self-Made Logos and Intros

Most brands use their logos for advertising their products. Many of them create videos and add labels to the images. So if you have decided to launch a brand and want to promote your service, use PicsArt Premium to design the best logos and introduction videos for your business.

Many graphics designers and video editing professionals use PicsArt premium to create eye-catchy logos for their businesses. So when others use, then what’s stopping you? That’s the point you must consider.

Access on Mobile

On Free Version, you can’t access all features on your smartphone, but PicsArts’ premium version allows you to get complete access on your smartphone. You can dig every single feature on your smartphone. This feature is helpful for those people who travel frequently.

Many people upload pictures and videos during their travels. So when they have this PicsArt premium in their smartphone, they can easily edit and upload videos or photos. Now that picture or video can be shared on your Facebook’s News Feed or Twitter’s Tweet. That’s the benefit you receive when you make PicsArt accessible on your smartphone.

These were the 4 best features of PicsArt Gold. There is one more feature left that is worth explaining. But you don’t get that feature in this “Gold” subscription. You need to be in the “Team” subscription to enjoy this feature.

Features of PicsArt Team Membership

People who don’t have money to invest in PicsArt premium features alone can use the PicsArt Team Membership to enjoy the premium features. You have to find one more member willing to pay for PicsArt Team Membership. Once you have found that, sign up for the Team subscription and enjoy unlimited benefits with full support from the PicsArt team.

There is one more benefit of using the Team Membership. The person you add to your list can communicate with you. You can learn new stuff from that guy because his field is also the same. So both team members can divide the money and learn new things from each other. When you are performing this activity, you are leveling up your skill.


So these were the benefits of using the premium version of PicsArt. We recommend using the “Team” membership to enjoy unlimited features and level up your skill. When you have found one expert guy in this field, you can learn a lot from him.

If you have any questions about PicsArt Premium, you can ask us in our website’s comments section. Drop your question, and you will get your answer. We actively respond to people whose comments are frequently asked. So quickly drop your queries to get the best answers from us.  

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