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How operations management is crucial to business success

Operations management is the practices and processes used to operate a company. The goal is for processes and operations to work together to ensure that a company performs with the highest level of efficiency, success, and profit. Raw goods and labor are utilized to prevent waste while still maintaining quality control acceptable to the customer and company.


As you can see, an operations manager is critical to a company’s success. This is why a Master in Operations Management is a lucrative degree to obtain for a successful career. Consider an accredited institution such as Kettering University Online which can provide you with the tools and skillset to achieve success within the business.


Operations managers must have a great understanding of their available labor pool


A successful operations manager must know everything about the skilled and unskilled labor they have on hand to execute tasks. This can involve working with human resource managers to change hiring strategies at times. For example, a new product may need workers that are more skilled in one area than what is currently on staff, or there may need to be more workers to get a new product launched.


An operation manager must ensure a steady supply chain of raw goods


Inventory levels of raw goods needed to create products must be kept at acceptable levels so that there is no delay in creating products and getting them shipped to customers. Operations managers ensure that there is as steady a supply chain as possible. This can be challenging at times since many raw materials are manufactured worldwide. During the COVID-19 crisis, operations managers had difficulty keeping inventory levels at manufacturing facilities at a level that could meet demand.


Of course, an operations manager also needs to try to keep costs down by finding the best source for raw materials that can be made into a product that meets quality standards. With manufacturing and materials costs rising, this is an increasing challenge for both new and experienced operations managers.


Fast and affordable delivery to customers


Packaging and shipping costs must be managed efficiently. This requires negotiating prices for bulk shipping materials and creating a system to ensure that the most cost-effective and efficient shipping methods are utilized. In today’s fast-paced business environment, customers expect timely delivery of products to meet the demands of their customers. This means always delivering by the promised date. 


It is always better to state a delivery time that allows for extra time in case of a problem beyond your company’s control. Once a shipment leaves your warehouse, there is not a lot you can do if your shipper has a problem, but that doesn’t mean your customer will not blame your company for any problems this causes them.




Operations management is the heart of any business. Without good organization and attention to detail, revenues fall. Finding the right person to manage operations at a company is one of the most important hiring decisions for a human resource manager. 

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