How often should you clean your AC condenser coils?

Getting your HVAC’s condenser coils thoroughly cleaned can take a load of stress off the work your systems must do when pumping fresh air into your home. Having this done by an HVAC technician is generally recommended at least once a year.

However, based on the setup of your home, where you stay, and the amount of dust buildup it receives, having a twice-a-year cleaning might be a good idea. Still, there are things that you can do in-between visits yourself.

To keep your condenser coils cleaned for longer, there are a couple of items that you’ll need. The first is a fin comb. This is used to straighten out any bent fins when your routine cleanup begins. As dirt and dust get trapped into the fins, they become impacted.

Once this impact starts on a larger scale, your HVAC will likely require more energy to run as it should. Over time, if the issues aren’t corrected, the HVAC will age quicker until it eventually stalls. Condensor coil troubles are often the area where problems begin and end in HVACs. Clean them as often as you can!

Wear some clothes that you’re not afraid of getting dirty. Old clothes work best. This is a job involving a hose, so the work will get a bit messy. It’s easier to do this in the middle of the day when the temperature is at its highest and you can get the best look at the coils.

After you’ve acquired the fin combs, look for some cleaning solution for the condenser coils. They’re easy to find online, but foam cleaners work best. Furthermore, grab a high-pressure nozzle for your water hose, something with enough power to push debris through the impacted fins. After these are in your possession, you’re ready to begin.

First, remove the front panel of your HVAC. You might need a wrench or screwdriver to do this. Once that’s done, set it aside, forgetting not to clean that before assembling it back on. For very dirty condenser coils, more cleaning solutions might be needed. If the coils are relatively clean, only a quick hose would suffice. Assuming that it’s dirty, first straighten out any loose fins, then apply foam throughout the condenser.

Allowing the solution to work its way toward the bottom, and through the fins. This should take no longer than five minutes. Finally, spray your hose from the inside to the outside of the HVAC, starting from the top of the system to the bottom. This is done to avoid getting the bottom clogged from those impacted above. Spray thoroughly, making sure to avoid any nearby electronic appliances.

The condenser coils should dry quickly when you’re done. In warm weather, it might take about ten minutes for everything to dry. Then take the HVAC’s cover and screw it back into place.

That’s it! Just remember that you should only do this if you have the right tools. An HVAC technician will possess all of these and lots more. But at the most, you could just spray the coils yourself until their scheduled visit approaches, then leave the hard part to the professionals.

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