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How O365 Migration benefits your business

More and more companies are opting for Migration to Office 365. If you’ve ever thought about moving your business to the cloud, you probably know how big your decision will be. You may also know that this can be a difficult process for any business. However, the benefits of switching to Office 365 are not to be missed.

What Are the Business Benefits of Moving to Office 365?

Before explaining the benefits, let’s first explain what Microsoft Office 365 is. Office 365 is a suite of cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools designed to improve your business operations. These tools integrate many Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into one cloud service.

Is Office 365 Worth It?

Now you know that O365 is a cloud-based productivity and collaboration tool. They also know that it is intended to improve business operations. 

Why use Office 365 and how does it improve your business operations? Office 365 means better communication, accessibility, and productivity. It also has other beneficial benefits, including:

Improved Collaboration:

Microsoft’s O365 is designed to help teams communicate, share information, and work together more effectively across distances. You can do this through a range of features including office sites, chats, video conferencing, and more

Optimized Infrastructure:

Instead of relying on an old server-based environment, you could migrate to Office 365. This has the benefit of your IT team being able to reorganize itself and focus on other more important tasks.

Support and Maintenance:

As O365 is in the cloud, you can manage and operate your file on your Azure Desktop as a Service with the help of your provider. They will be also responsible for support and maintenance. This minimizes the cost of your support and maintenance and saves you money.

Extended Cloud

The great thing about cloud-based solutions is that they give employees more freedom. Employees can work from anywhere on the device of their choice as long as they have an internet connection. This benefit is especially beneficial if you are hiring remote workers.


Privacy concerns are one of the main reasons why many companies are reluctant to move to the cloud. However, security isn’t an issue because O365 has built-in security features that help keep your data safe.

Office 365 is a popular choice in the industry with plenty of benefits to offer. However, we cannot deny that it isn’t perfect and some people may be deterred by its shortcomings. A few of the drawbacks are noted below:

Internet is a must:
Internet connection is required to use O365. If the internet goes down, you will not have access to the tools you need to work.

Changing Features:
Office 365 features change frequently. This is done to give you access to the latest version of the software available. If you’re using a program that’s rarely used, it can be difficult to keep up.

If paying an annual subscription fee instead of a large prepayment interferes with your transaction, O365 may not be a service.

O365 Migration service

Microsoft Office 365 has grown in popularity over the years. And if you’re wondering whether your organization is ready for it, there are options to make the change gradually – instead of doing all the work at once. 

The team of experts at Apps4rent will help you prepare for the transition and provide guidance on DropBox to SharePoint Migration.

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