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How Much dollar Does 500k Views Make On Youtube?

There are many questions raised about YouTube earnings, and this topic is one of the most interesting and frequently asked questions. Today, in this article, we will try to give you a well-referenced and objectified answer.

Firstly, we should be aware of the facts which are related to YouTube payment. We do not know that YouTubers are paid by Adsense and not by YouTube itself. So, basically, YouTube videos and channels are monetized by Google Adsense. people are so crazy for this income that they actually buy youtube views at a price for getting this income.

Google Adsense is one of the most valuable assets of Google. In comparison to all the apps and artificial intelligence ever developed or monitored by Google, Adsense is one of the finest and most secure software. Why must I be wondering why and how? Because unlike other software and apps, Adsense cannot be cheated on, especially the spammers who use certain automated tools for generating fake subscribers and viewers in the thought of earning more money.  

Google Adsense has a very sophisticated way of generating advertisements and paying its content producer or publisher by using the method of CPM formula.  

When asked Google questions related to YouTube earning, it says:

“There’s no precise answer and math behind an individual’s YouTube earning as their earnings depend on numerous factors like views, likes, etc.”

YouTubers are paid by the method of CPM, which stands for Cost Per Millie and also Cost Per 1,000 impressions.

Short Note: CPM ( Cost Per Mille) networks make payment according to every 1,000 YouTube views advertisement impressions an individual receives on his video.

For example, Let’s say $1 is the price of a CPM. By that, we understand that YouTube will pay 1$ for every 1000 impressions an individual has generated.

However, Cost Per Mille (CPM) varies from $0.1 to $10. And it mainly depends upon all the niches you are using in your video like video games, entertainment, music videos, profession, etc.

As of a report published in 2018, the CPM method of YouTube was reported to have an average cost of 3$ per impression, which means an individual will get paid 3$ for every 1,000 ads impression on his video.

Let’s do some calculation and math now, let’s calculate the average scenario where you will be paid $2 for every 1,000 impressions:

1,000 views: $2

10,000 views: $20

100,000 views: $200

1,000,000 views: $2000

10,000,000 views: $20,000

100,000,000 views: $200,000

1,000,000,000 views: $2,000,000.

However, we should not forget that there are many important factors to consider while calculating YouTube payment.

Some of the YouTubers post videos with no single advertisement while uploading them, so does that mean that they will not receive any payment? Some even buy youtube subscribers to get more and more impressions. Firstly, we should keep in mind that what we use is not equal to advertisement impressions. Google Adsense will make sure to show a moderate level of advertisement on selective YouTubers’ videos, and in some cases, there is no advertisement at all.

A vast majority of the YouTube population has installed an extension that blocks any kind of advertisement that is shown while playing the video. Now, these extensions surely work against Google Adsense, and therefore even the advertisement is blocked, and no impressions are recorded. This can affect the annual payment of a particular channel, but this only happens when a video is played through web browsers, not on the official app of YouTube. On the official YouTube app, this kind of extension is easily identified and blocked immediately.

According to YouTube statistic, more than half of the views that are generated on YouTube comes from mobile phones. Luckily, on mobile phones, you cannot install or direct software that can block advertisements while playing the video, which means you have nothing to worry about.

Probably, the Topmost channels and the most viewed video get a high amount of payment. Back in 2013, PSY released the song named Gangnam Style, which broke many records and generated about 1,000,000,000 views on YouTube. During 2013, the Cost Per Millie was estimated to be 7.9$, which is a great price, so by a single release, PSY earned $7,900,000.0. There are many other artists in 2020 who are breaking the records in the first 24 hours of release, like BTS and Blackpink.

So the main questions to be asked are:

“How much does YouTube pay?”

“YouTubers have to pay a fee?”

“Is it profitable to start a career as a YouTuber?”

Listed below are the answers:

“How Much Does YouTube Pay?”

As we have already read that YouTube payment is monetized by Google AdSense, which means they will pay a YouTuber according to the number of impressions, views, and other factors. On average, a YouTuber is paid between $0.75 to $2.00 per 1,000 impressions or views on his video. Listed below are estimated paid in relation to the number of views generated:

  • A video with 50k views, on average, is paid between $ 37 to $ 100.0
  • A video with 100k views, on average, is paid between $ 75.5 to $ 200.0
  • A video with 500k views, on average, is paid between $ 375.5 to $ 1000.0
  • And a video with 1 Million views, on average, is paid between $750 to $ 2000.0

We should always keep in mind that since Google Adsense tries its level best to create a match between the advertisement and topic and audience of the video, some other factors might impact the average streaming of each channel. Here is the list of some factors that can create an impact:

  • Niche – the most important factor that can affect the views is what types of video you are creating, like are you videos related to cars, beauty products, educational video, cooking music, humor, gaming, etc.
  • Language – the second most important factor that can affect views generated on your channel is what language to use while Creating video content. English is considered to be a worldwide language, but not many people know how to understand French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. So the video that is made in Spanish may not get the same amount of view as a video that is made in English.
  • Country – A country and its market also influence the number of users generated on your channel. For example, the US market is comparatively stronger than Brazil’s, so a video that is posted in Brazilian Portuguese has always generated fewer views and money in comparison to a video that is posted in English.

Also, there are many people who are curious to know about how YouTube red works. YouTube Red is a paid subscription service that is gaining popularity among YouTubers. It is a scheme that pays according to the ratio: like 55% is offered to the content writer, and this 50% is calculated by keeping in mind the number of views every video has generated with the help of a number of subscribers that channel has. It is a better option that buying youtube likes for a video.

“YouTubers have to pay a fee?”

No, besides taxes, there is no other charge that is charged from YouTubers. YouTube receives an equal share with every video in the form of a commission. If a YouTuber wants to get associated with MCN, which stands for Multi-Channel Network, then the payment mode can be very different. MCN performs just like Google AdSense, it will monetize your views, and they have different share rates and conditions for payment.

“Is it profitable to choose YouTube as a career?”

There are lots of videos that are posted by YouTuber under the topic of “truth behind being a YouTuber.” You can surf through these videos and get to know whether it is profitable for you or not. This video covers every aspect of being a YouTuber, such as how they are paid, how hard it was to make ends meet, and will YouTube money help you in paying your rent and bills.

But at the end of the day, it is your hard work and ideas that can help you in monetizing your channel. But if you play your cards right, YouTube can be an amazing source of income.