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How Much Money Does 500k Views Make On Youtube?



How to Plan Your Wealth Strategies for the New Year

There are many questions raised about YouTube earnings, and this topic is one of the most interesting and frequently asked questions. Today, in this article, we will try to give you a well-referenced and objectified answer.

Firstly, we should be aware of the facts which are related to YouTube payment. We do not know that YouTubers are paid by Adsense and not by YouTube itself. So, basically, YouTube videos and channels are monetized by Google Adsense. people are so crazy for this income that they actually buy youtube views at a price for getting this income.

Google Adsense is one of the most valuable assets of Google. In comparison to all the apps and artificial intelligence ever developed or monitored by Google, Adsense is one of the finest and most secure software. Why must I be wondering why and how? Because unlike other software and apps, Adsense cannot be cheated on, especially the spammers who use certain automated tools for generating fake subscribers and viewers in the thought of earning more money.  

Google Adsense has a very sophisticated way of generating advertisements and paying its content producer or publisher by using the method of CPM formula.  

When asked Google questions related to YouTube earning, it says:

“There’s no precise answer and math behind an individual’s YouTube earning as their earnings depend on numerous factors like views, likes, etc.”

YouTubers are paid by the method of CPM, which stands for Cost Per Millie and also Cost Per 1,000 impressions.

Short Note: CPM ( Cost Per Mille) networks make payment according to every 1,000 YouTube views advertisement impressions an individual receives on his video.

For example, Let’s say $1 is the price of a CPM. By that, we understand that YouTube will pay 1$ for every 1000 impressions an individual has generated.

However, Cost Per Mille (CPM) varies from $0.1 to $10. And it mainly depends upon all the niches you are using in your video like video games, entertainment, music videos, profession, etc.

As of a report published in 2018, the CPM method of YouTube was reported to have an average cost of 3$ per impression, that means an individual will get paid 3$ for every 1,000 ads impression on his video.

Let’s do some calculation and math now, let’s calculate the average scenario where you will be paid $2 for every 1,000 impressions:

1,000 views: $2

10,000 views: $20

100,000 views: $200

1,000,000 views: $2000

10,000,000 views: $20,000

100,000,000 views: $200,000

1,000,000,000 views: $2,000,000.

However, we should not forget that there are many important factors to consider while calculating YouTube payment.

Some of the YouTubers post videos with no single advertisement while uploading them, so does that mean that they will not receive any payment? Some even buy youtube subscribers to get more and more impressions. Firstly, we should keep in mind that what we use is not equal to advertisement impressions. Google Adsense will make sure to show a moderate level of an advertisement on selective YouTubers’ videos, and in some cases, there is no advertisement at all.

A vast majority of the YouTube population has installed an extension that blocks any kind of advertisement that is shown while playing the video. Now, these extensions surely work against Google Adsense, and therefore even the advertisement is blocked, and no impressions are recorded. This can affect the annual payment of a particular channel, but this only happens when a video is played through web browsers, not on the official app of YouTube. On the official YouTube app, this kind of extension is easily identified and blocked immediately.

According to the YouTube statistic, more than half of the views that are generated on YouTube comes from mobile phones. Luckily, on mobile phones, you cannot install or direct software that can block advertisements while playing the video, which means you have nothing to worry about.

Probably, the Topmost channels and the most viewed video gets a high amount of payment. Back in 2013, PSY released the song named Gangnam Style, which broke many records and generated about 1,000,000,000 views on YouTube. During 2013, the Cost Per Millie was estimated to be 7.9$, which is a great price, so by a single release, PSY earned $7,900,000.0. There are many other artists in 2020 who are breaking the records in the first 24 hours of release, like BTS and Blackpink.

So the main questions to be asked are:

“How much does YouTube pay?”

“YouTubers have to pay a fee?”

“Is it profitable to start a career as a YouTuber?”

Listed below are the answers:

“How Much Does YouTube Pay?”

As we have already read that YouTube payment is monetized by Google AdSense, which means they will pay a YouTuber according to the number of impressions, views, and other factors. On average, a YouTuber is paid between $0.75 to $2.00 per 1,000 impressions or views on his video. Listed below are estimated paid in relation to the number of views generated:

  • A video with 50k views, on average, is paid between $ 37 to $ 100.0
  • A video with 100k views, on average, is paid between $ 75.5 to $ 200.0
  • A video with 500k views, on average, is paid between $ 375.5 to $ 1000.0
  • And a video with 1 Million views, on average, is paid between $750 to $ 2000.0

We should always keep in mind that since Google Adsense tries its level best to create a match between the advertisement and topic and audience of the video, some other factors might impact the average streaming of each channel. Here is the list of some factors that can create an impact:

  • Niche – the most important factor that can affect the views is what types of video you are creating, like are you videos related to cars, beauty products, educational video, cooking music, humor, gaming, etc.
  • Language – the second most important factor that can affect views generated on your channel is what language to use while creating your video. English is considered to be a worldwide language, but not many people know how to understand French, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. So the video that is made in Spanish may not get the same amount of view as a video that is made in English.
  • Country – A country and its market also influence the number of users generated on your channel. For example, the US market is comparatively stronger than Brazil’s, so a video that is posted in Brazilian Portuguese has always generated fewer views and money in comparison to a video that is posted in English.

Also, there are many people who are curious to know about how YouTube red works. YouTube Red is a paid subscription service that is gaining popularity among YouTubers. It is a scheme that pays according to the ratio: like 55% is offered to the content writer, and this 50% is calculated by keeping in mind the number of views every video has generated with the help of a number of subscribers that channel has. It is a better option that buying youtube likes for a video.

“YouTubers have to pay a fee?”

No, besides taxes, there is no other charge that is charged from YouTubers. YouTube receives an equal share with every video in the form of commission. If a YouTuber wants to get associated with MCN, which stands for Multi-Channel Network, then the payment mode can be very different. MCN performs just like Google AdSense, it will monetize your views, and they have different share rates and conditions for payment.

“Is it profitable to choose YouTube as a career?”

There are lots of videos that are posted by YouTuber under the topic of “truth behind being a YouTuber.” You can surf through these videos and get to know whether it is profitable for you or not. This video covers every aspect of being a YouTuber, such as how they are paid, how hard it was to make ends meet, and will YouTube money help you in paying your rent and bills.

But at the end of the day, it is your hard work and ideas that can help you in monetizing your channel. But if you play your cards right, YouTube can be an amazing source of income.

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4 Ways to Cut Costs For Your Small Business



One of the biggest barriers to entry hopeful entrepreneurs face is the costs associated with launching and sustaining a small business. From building expenses and licensing fees to payroll budgets and more, there are a lot of financial figures to work out before you start to yield a profit. And when you do see those profits roll in, your margins can be pretty narrow depending on your sales and expenses for that month.

It can be difficult to save money as a small company, particularly if you are in a position where potential risks need to be made to achieve greater profit margins.  However, without putting your productivity or financial status in jeopardy, there are a variety of ways you can reduce your company expenses.

To help you cut any overhead expenses that could be holding you back and inflating your deficit, we have gathered a collection of our best money-saving tips.

1. Budget better

Constructing a spending budget for your company will provide the perspective you need to see where your money is flowing and give you a better idea of your outgoing expenditures. Set a time to equate the spending of your corporation to the incoming funds at the beginning of each month to help predict the potential financials. Daily financial analyses will give you a larger overview of where you are investing and where you can trim down.

2. Minimize operational bills

Many businesses expend way too much money on workplace and other operating costs, such as energy bills and overspending on labor. As a company owner, one thing you’ll likely want to explore is whether or not a remote job operation will work for you. It is a smart way to minimize the price you pay for leases, office equipment, and other costs.

If you’re not yet prepared to turn your back entirely on the conventional office environment, you may want to think about a communal workspace. Community workspaces or “coworking” facilities are simply large business areas split by multiple businesses and people that rent offices within the space.

There are different setups for different coworking sites, so you may notice that you either need to rent a part-time meeting room or that you need a pair of private offices five days a week. This effectively helps you cut down on some of those outstanding operational costs.

3. Consider outsourcing

Your workers are your company’s backbone, allowing the gears to spin both in front of and behind the scenes of your business. It goes without saying to you, though, that recruiting workers is seriously costly, especially when you take into account payroll taxes and benefits for your team.

One way to mitigate the costs associated with full-time laborers is to outsource work on an as-needed basis to independent contractors. While some charge higher wages, when you weigh in the costs involved with recruiting part and full-time staff, contractors tend to be more economical than employees.

A possible downside, on the other hand, is that independent contractors are inevitably less familiar with your business than your existing workforce. There are industry-specific networks such as MCT lock desk contracting platforms for mortgage bankers and automated receptionist options that make it easy to connect with individuals who are better acquainted with your niche.

It’s a smart idea to take an especially close look at credentials, job samples, and endorsements before entering into a contract with any potential outsourced staff. In the long term, recruiting the best independent contractors for your organization will save massive amounts of money.

4. Opt for a partially or fully-remote work setup

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many employees across the globe have shifted to a remote work environment, but some corporations claim that they will not be returning back to the workplace anytime soon. Currently, that will really add up to saving money on industrial real estate prices and services.

If you’re not ready to go totally remote you might consider our previous note about how allowing your workforce to work-from-home can cut down on outgoing operational costs while also keeping everyone safe from the spread.


The secret is out: it takes money to make money. But money well spent helps keep your company up and running, meaning you shouldn’t let your profit margins suffer. To help you mitigate your costs and maximize your bottom line this year, use these tips and tricks to get your costs in order.

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How To Avoid Defaulting On First Mortgage?



So you have taken out your first mortgage and have begun paying for it. But now you find yourself in financial distress that makes it impossible for you to pay the loan installments. So the payments keep piling up and slowly you are on the verge of losing your mortgaged property. This is a nightmare scenario for any person who has taken out a mortgage loan. 

But if you follow some advice you can prevent such a situation from ever occurring. Want to know what that is? Then read on below: 

Tips For Preventing As Well As Dealing With Mortgage Defaults

  • Save in advance

Financial hardships can strike anytime and the best thing you can do is be prepared for it. As such it’s advised that you save up for future payments from your current earnings. At the very least have 2 months of loan repayment money stashed away. It will help you in uncertain times. 

  • Talk to your lender

Talk to your lender before doing anything once you are in financial distress. Know that no lender wants to take away your home. So if you talk to them, then you can extend your loan repayment duration or lower your monthly payments. Either way, it will prevent you from more stress and tension. 

  • Take a breath

If you find yourself missing a loan payment, it’s time to calm down. Don’t stress yourself. Tension and stress will simply make the situation worse for you. It will distract and frazzle you. The solution in such times is to calm down and look into ways to arrange the loan money. 

You can ask your friends and family for help or try getting a job that will allow you to pay off the loan and put food on the table. In dire situations, you can look into selling valuable possessions like gold. However, there is one thing you shouldn’t do in such situations- try getting more loans. It will simply make the situation worse for you. 

  • Cut back on expenses

If you find yourself falling back on payments, it’s time to look into other areas that are eating up a large chunk of your income. If you are dining out or going out more then lower the number of days you are going out. Note that even if you are going out, try to go to an inexpensive place. Apart from this, try cutting off cable if that’s an unnecessary expense. After all, little things will add up for your payments. 

If you have lost your job, then it’s time for figuring out your budget once more. Pay more attention to the mandatory expenses and less on luxury items you could do without till you get a new job. 

  • Rent a room

If you are in financial hardship, renting out a room or multiple ones could save you from getting kicked out into the streets by the bank. It might help you at least get your loan repayments made on time with some money even left for essentials. In short, it can tide you over till you get back up on your feet again. 

If you are distressed over the kind of person who will live in your home, then know that you have the power of choosing the tenant. Not to mention the fact that you will be able to enforce the rules for staying in your house.  Note that if you are going through times of financial hardships, don’t panic. Try to figure out possible ways to get money. But above all, talk to your lender and figure out a way to minimize your payments in the short term. It will help you breathe easy. 

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Have you ever experienced seeing or reviewing an advertisement with grammatical errors? As a business holder, we tend to hold the buyers but due to these silly mistakes, we lose the customers. It makes them think 100 times before purchasing anything. No one really wishes to offer their badly earned bucks to anyone who doesn’t have seemed to think enough to evaluate their copies for spelling. It is essential for managers to be conscious of environmental pitfalls, to improve from others’ mistakes, and to spend time to prevent flaws.

The medium of communication is verbal or written and it is composed of words that we use to make them compelling and reasonable. If the base is not strong in these titles then the business will surely fall down. However, people read or listen to the advertisements and then judge on the basis of the quality. The golden factor of this quality is a textual representation that must be of high class. 

If you wish to get grip on the words then you must have the knowledge of spellings that make up a quality sentence. For this purpose, there is a spelling test available to test your knowledge and get the result. 

Reasons to avoid grammatical mistakes:

There are numerous reasons that direct you to avoid any grammatical mistake in business write-ups. Some of these are mentioned below;

  1. First Impression has a strong impact on customers

You want to give a positive initial perception to your fans. You want not only to get their interest, but you want to win their esteem as well. Proper grammar, complete sentences, and the effective use of syntax would offer them more faith in interacting with the client (or the organization).

  1. Good Reputation is the base of returned customers

Similarly, a business that interacts simply and accurately is more inclined to obey buyers and suppliers. Using correct English will help preserve the integrity and prestige of your corporation as a competent, reputable brand that considers all its dealings with its clients and vendors as enormously important.

  1. Effective communication matters

It is possible that by handing them grammar errors to stay clear of, you are distracting your viewers from the message. Such mistakes also render the content difficult to understand. You wouldn’t like to confuse the minds of your viewer, specifically if you are attempting to get them to take some sort of action.

  1. Competitive Edge maintenance

Competition only comes where the base is strong. When your communication level and advertisement base will be of high quality then your firm will be a competitive edge. Buyers mostly trust those brands whose interaction quality is strong.

  1. Productivity increases:

Including group members, many organizations rely on written guidance (for example, reports or email messages). Right spelling and grammar will help the workers quickly identify your orders while preventing any uncertainty or disappointment about what is required of them.

The significance of perfect grammar in marketing communication is certainly that all businesses, irrespective of their size or the sector in which they work, should take into consideration. 

Using your machine, computer or mobile automotive components tool should be the first and most simple verification; however, you should not depend only on search engines to catch errors.

It is important to re-read your paper; ask an employee to assist, either do it yourself or better yet. It is always a smart option to get a fresh perspective to glance over what you’ve composed. The old traditional script and scale over a paper piece is still the easiest way to read and comprehend a report; other methods involve reading it sideways or voicing it softly.

Easy Tips to Review:

After you’ve done composing, going to take a break, and reviewing your work can also boost your capacity to identify errors. This requires adaptive spelling skills. It also gives the opportunity to refine it as you move forward, fixing terminology and sentence structure. For messages, where you don’t get a chance at making a successful first statement, this is extremely crucial.

  1. Never ever forward anything without giving a fresh pair of eyes or proofreading your write up.
  2. Don’t get multitasking work because it can cause grammatical errors. Writing any = paper requires full concentration.
  3. Review each and every terminology but after a while. Just take an hour because when you review after some time, you get a fresh mind.

Equivalently so, it makes perfect sense for workers in command of marketing interaction to be competent in their jobs. The required preparation and resources should be made available; there is also a range of blogs that provide guidance on written communication and can be directed to.
There’s a tool named spell quiz which offers a wide variety of tests to take. It also gives a report at the end of every test to make you aware of your mistakes. Visit for more information.

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How JewelFlix is Changing Jewellery Business in India



The internet has made shopping so easy for everyone that you can buy anything now at the click of a button. Until now, the Jewellery businesses have been very slow in catching up with the online shopping world. But now, it has been made so easy with just one idea which brought the Jewellery market online.

‘Tansh Jewels Private Limited.’, an already established jewellery firm came up with the idea of doing something which would change the entire industry, in both B2B and B2C. This included Customers, Jewellery Retailers, Wholesalers, and Manufacturers. The idea of “JewelFlix” quickly caught up with the Indian market among both Jewellers as well as consumers.

What Does JewelFlix Represent?

JewelFlix is an online jewellery marketplace where Jewellers from all around India would be able to showcase their products for the whole world to see. When Jewellers were made aware of this venture, they quickly associated with this idea. This was an opportunistic moment to extend their business visibility. From just a small city where they operated in a limited area to a broader reach across the nation. The sellers adopted this and experienced a boost in their sales as well as recognition of the brand on social media.

This exhibition of products was not the only feature of JewelFlix. But they also provided every associated jeweller with their own exclusive website and mobile application for Android and IOS. This allowed individual Jewellers to develop their own brand and customer loyalty.

For people, this online jewellery shopping store was a place to explore thousands of different and unique crafts of jewellers in India. Now people didn’t need to go from shop-to-shop to find that perfect piece of wedding necklace, ring, bracelet, or any jewellery item. They would just visit and then choose among the hundreds of products listed. Each product has the specifications like weight, purity, metal, brand and various other details mentioned along with the photos of the exact product.

The Success at South Jewellery Show, Bengaluru

The event of South Jewellery Show held on 8th to 10th January 2021 in Bangalore was exclusively held for Jewellers all around India. This was a chance for already established jewellers as well as fresh-in-the-market jewellers to showcase their products among hundreds of other jewellers.

This event was a big occasion to network and develop new business relationships among Manufacturers, Wholesalers, as well as jewellery retailers. And it turned out to be a big success for JewelFlix as well since they were able to explain their services, features and benefits directly to the jewellers.

South Jewellery Show, Bangalore

With the aim to digitalise the jewellery industry and collaborate more than 5 lakh jewellers by contributing to creating a Digitalised nation. The Main agenda of JewelFlix is to render the best digital services to their customers by boosting their business online and making their dream come true.

What are the Main Reasons Jewellers Choose JewelFlix?

JewelFlix provides a global business platform to connect with top industry brands of retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers. The continuous marketing for the associated brands on the website as well as on social media. This widens the range of business visibility and provides with more genuine leads. And one of the most liked and important features is the ability for each individual jeweller to market their own brand using the exclusive app and website.

These are the core benefits provided by JewelFlix and it is believed that more features and benefits are along the way on their platform for the Jewellers in India.

In conclusion, it can be said that JewelFlix is revolutionizing the online jewellery industry for businesses as well as consumers around India.

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Worry-Free Moving: A Downsizing Checklist for Seniors



According to a survey conducted by TD Ameritrade, 42 percent of respondents said they plan to downsize in retirement.

It makes perfect sense. The kids have moved out of the house, and you no longer need the extra space. All those household tasks – cleaning, maintenance and repairs – that made sense when the house was fully occupied, don’t really make sense any longer. And the added money you spend on a large home could be better used by enjoying your retirement.

The process isn’t always easy, though. Letting go of the family home, and the lifetime of memories therein, can be emotional and laborious – especially if you go it alone. If you are considering downsizing your home (either for yourself or an elderly loved one), you can make the process easier with this checklist.

Talk with Loved Ones

Whether you’re the one downsizing or you are sparking a conversation with ageing loved ones, it’s wise to talk things out. To start, determine the reasons for downsizing: is it a financial decision, for health reasons, or are they looking to make a positive life change? Perhaps it’s all those reasons.

Getting to the root of why downsizing makes sense can help the process along. Next, talk about possible reservations you (or they) might have. Are you nervous about decluttering? Is there trepidation about the move itself? The more you define your reservations, the better you can address them.

Outline Criteria for Your New Home

Besides a smaller size, what are you looking for in a new home? Do you want to be closer to family? Are you craving a community of like-minded seniors? Do you require greater accessibility and fewer house responsibilities? Answering these questions will help guide you toward your perfect home.


To set your downsizing adventure in motion, you will need to edit your belongings. For best results, call in the experts for this step. A professional downsizing company can help you declutter and organize your belongings. Working closely, compassionately and patiently with you, they will sort your belongings and spearhead the sale or donation of unwanted items.

Take Pictures

Take pictures of your old home, and if it helps, take photos of belongings you are giving away too. These reminders of the past can help ease the transition. They are an acknowledgement of the significance that your home had in your life, and you can even hang them in your new home as you get used to it.

Leave Move Day to Professionals

When moving day rolls around, you want to focus on bidding farewell to your old home and saying hello to the exciting new chapter of your life ahead. You don’t want to be bogged down with moving logistics and tasks. Look for a professional downsizing company that, in addition to offering decluttering services, offers end-to-end move management, taking care of truck rentals, elevator reservations, packing and unpacking. Leaving move day to the professionals takes a lot of the stress out of the process.

With a few candid conversations with loved ones, some proactive planning and the help of professional downsizing services, your move will be largely stress-free and positive. Now, all that’s left to do is enjoy your new home – and the money you saved along with it!


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