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How much is custom duty in US and everything about Custom data



custom duty in US

Customs duty is an indirect tax or tariff that is imposed only when goods are being transported across the borders of the country.

Customs duty is paid upon arrival in the US. It can be paid in the US currency, through a traveler’s cheque, and money order, etc.

There are five types of customs duty.

  1. Protective duty.
  2. Anti-dumping duty.
  3. Countervailing duty.
  4. Basic customs duty.
  5. An additional customs duty or special CVD

How much is a customs duty in the United States?

These three scenarios are provided by the Government to get the idea of customs duty in the US.

  • If goods are bought from CBI or Andean country, up to $800 goods will be duty-free.
  • If goods are purchased from your IP, up to $1600 goods will be duty-free.
  • A flat 3% rate will be applied to any amount exceeding $1000 in goods.

What is the customs data?

Customs data is a record of transactions that happened between international trade companies.

Everything you need to know about customs data

It gives the country a brief idea of the situation:

As customs data is a record of transactions that happened in the past so it gives an accurate idea of the foreign trade situation.

It contains a record of 10 years or more:

Customs data is just not a record of a year or two it is rather a record of 10 years or more. As one or two years is not enough to put a clear picture on display.

It’s a record of both import and export transactions:

Custom’s data contains the record of both incoming and outgoing transactions to keep the whole situation covered.

It can only be true and fair if the principles are strictly followed and accurate information is recorded:

The accuracy of the recorded transaction can be questioned if the principles are not strictly followed. And citizens must not try to conceal the affairs from the authorities to be true to their country.

It contains millions of transactions:

The recorded transactions have gone in millions as the frequency of international trading is increasing, the number of transactions is also going up.

With transactions, it contains details:

It contains all the important details about the import-export transactions. By “Important details” It means the information (Names and addresses) that can be helpful for any kind of future activity.

From Market changes to finding suitable buyers, customs data is needed:

Customs data is not just an excellent way of knowing the efficiency of overseas markets, International market trends, buyers, but accurate monitoring of peer dynamics as well.

It usually contains the information filled in the bill of lading:

What is filled on the bill of lading is recorded on the customs data. Cost, type, and quantity, etc is the example of the information filled in the bill of lading.

US customs data is public.

In the US customs data is public. The importers can access the information of transactions that happened between the interested supplier and the other importers. Just searching the name will show you the history, so yeah, it proves the honesty of a trader in seconds.

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Top Approaches to Successful Customer Segmentation



The Different Approaches to Successful Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is the need of the hour for every sales and marketing team. It improves the efficiency of a targeted campaign and boosts engagement. Creating segments leads to a divide and conquer approach so marketers can focus their efforts on the client base that will bring in the highest ROI. The marketing funnel becomes more aligned as the data insights that feed into the CRM tool improve in quality. 

Approaches to Customer Segmentation

In a broader sense, the customer segmentation approach applies to both the B2B or B2C business models. We can choose which strategy to use with help from a CRM consulting firm but listed below are some models that have been proven to attract more customers.

You can experiment with them and find one that works best for you. It is also possible to mix up different ideas and create your unique segmentation model.

What to Consider

Before you choose one approach you should look at your business domain, the volume of customers, and time sensitiveness. Once you have figured out the basics it will be easier for you to make the right decision. This knowledge is useful for a CRM software consultant as well.

A Priori

This is the easiest and most cost-efficient approach to customer segmentation. It uses public data and a lot of intuition to divide the client base. These segments might not be excellent in terms of targeted marketing but they work well for mass campaigns. It doesn’t take the needs into account so it should not be applied for high-quality advertisements. 


Post-Hoc takes a customer’s intentions into account using data insights from your CRM consulting platform. The quality of data drives his approach because it uses buyer habits, patterns, and trends to create segments. You will get better segmentation that you can use for your meaningful marketing content. 

Your advertising will be more targeted and focused. The way Post-Hoc works is by creating groups based on many attributes with larger data volume and better insights. 


We can identify customer needs and use customer segmentation to combine a group of people through this approach. There is a lot of value in the needs-based segmentation because it creates well-defined customer clusters. You can also find out which segment has already been targeted.

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 The only challenge that exists here is identifying the customer’s needs. Often they are dependent on quality, service, and price. You need to do a lot of market research to align the company’s vision and deliver the right message to the right audience in the wide and diverse market. 


Customers base their buying decisions on a lot of factors but in the end, it all comes down to the price. The value-based approach analyzes customers on the economic value associated with them. Customers with a similar financial background or spending habits are grouped by a CRM software consultant. The customers can identify the prospect as an influencer and brand ambassador.

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Gaming Need Customized Packaging to Enhance the Thrill

Game boxes can excite customers about the products that are packaged inside. They contain functional and customizable features that can increase thrill in customers.




Game boxes are amazing ways to display various gaming types and deliver them perfectly to customers. Their manufacturing materials are bux board, corrugated, and cardboard papers. Due to these materials, they can protect valuable game items and their accessories perfectly. They do not consume a huge part of your budget because of their affordable prices. On platforms like online vendors and marketplaces, you can get them at discounts while buying them in bulk. They are available in attractive themes which you can customize with desired color patterns and layouts. You can get them in attractive and functional shapes with amazing designs from packaging suppliers. They also show quality results to processes like coating, foiling, and lamination. Businesses can enhance them with the use of add-ons and customizable handles. Even with their various qualities, they are also helpful in reducing the impact of plastic on the environment.

The gaming industry is becoming very vast and extensive. Whether it is a child or an adult, everyone has experience in playing games. They come in various forms and types. Both video and board games have their own features, and people like to play both of them. Game boxes are perfect solutions to showcase gaming accessories, CDs, cards, boards, and related electronic devices. Because of their versatile and customizable nature, they can enhance the experience of users in numerous ways. Given are some ways in which these packages are increasing factor of excitement among customers.

1.     Inserts for the Gadgets:

There are various kinds of games that come with different components. When we are talking about video games, those components are called gadgets. For example, if you buy a PS5, you will receive controllers and speakers with your PlayStation. Many games require the utilization of goggles and VR accessories. Now the functionality of packaging in this regard is to enhance the experience of the user. In this regard, game boxes have many ways through which they can do that. It is easy to utilize their spacious nature and make the addition of custom-made inserts for the placement of your components. You can get them in the shape of your gaming consoles or goggles to interact perfectly with the audience. Plus, they provide protection to your valuable components as well.

2.      Customized Color Schemes:

Packaging with an ordinary color scheme and patterns cannot be utilized to present games. A huge part of the target audience for these products is kids. In order to interact perfectly with them, attractive and engaging colors schemes are required for your custom game boxes. It is easy to display high-saturation colors through their surfaces due to their printing capabilities. Brands can relate their selected color schemes to their games. For instance, if they are selling board games like monopoly, they can design these boxes with the colors that the board of the monopoly has. In this way, they can attract customers by showing colors that can have a positive influence on them and define their products.

3.      Functional Packaging:

You need to utilize functional packages to sell gaming items in your target markets. Just like different games have different features and functionalities, you have to utilize unique packaging for them as well. Game packages are easy to customize, and you can take their usages for more than a single purpose. For instance, a brand is selling chess boards; it can display the details of boards and their qualities on these boxes. Similarly, you can utilize their surfaces to talk about the manual guides or how to play your game to interact with customers. You can also get them in functional designs that have compartments and store different gadgets and components of your games inside them.

4.      Printed Images:

Images are necessary when you are displaying gaming items. Consumers of games usually take more interest in displayed images rather than details. Brands are utilizing custom printed game boxes for this display of images. They can put images of characters from the video game, or they can show details about graphics through utilizing a high-resolution image on surfaces of these packages. These packaging solutions have the tendency to showcase high-resolution images of high-DPI values without any faded results. Brands are even printing images of board games on these packages to interact with customers and provide a real-time experience of the game.

5.      Treasure Boxes:

Many companies are utilizing subscription boxes to make their customers feel special. Manufacturers in the gaming industry are also utilizing the same approach to increase excitement in their target audience. They are utilizing game packages as treasure boxes and sending valuable items to customers as a surprise. For instance, these boxes can be designed as a loot crate, just like in PUBG, in which brands can put valuable items for consumers. Taking ideas from games and implement them on packaging always increase the worth of your deliveries. And gaming boxes are solutions on which you can uniquely display every idea.

6.      Enhanced Unboxing Experience:

Enhanced unboxing experience always increase customer loyalty and increases the growth of a brand. Customers these days are connected to social media platforms and share everything they purchase on these platforms. Game packages allow brands to make product deliveries that are memorable and effective. In order to enhance the unboxing experience of customers, brands are putting unique add-ons and complementary components inside these boxes. Some brands are even utilizing creative treasures and puzzles on these boxes. In this way, customers will get to play with the product packaging that you provide them. Option of inside printing is also available for this packaging that businesses can provide excitement to customers while opening the boxes.

Game boxes allow brands to make use of their creativity while presenting their items. There are numerous ways to enhance them and get instant sales for your business. They can engage perfectly with your target audience and maximize your growth in a short interval. You can find amazing and creative ways to utilize them on online sources. Utilize trendy ways to showcase your products through custom made packaging for game and get the attention of your consumers.

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Some easy tips to brand building on Instagram




brand building on Instagram

Instagram is the best medium for brand building. Businesses using Instagram for there and boys are gaining more success and visibility for their companies quickly. It is the best tool to use to build an online business reputation. It plays a key role in your business branding. If you don’t know how to start Instagram, then let’s discuss in detail:

 Why you need to use Instagram for businesses

There are different social media networks out there, but you use Instagram as a platform for your company, why you don’t do any other? So the first thing to know is why to use this platform for your businesses. Currently, Instagram has the highest reach of audience around the world from any other social media platform. And the next big thing is that every kind of content available on Instagram is suitable for businesses. So you can target all type of audience over the Instagram to lead successful it business. Moreover, you can also so your creative skills on Instagram.

Visual platform 

Instagram is a visual platform that required content from your video to photos. Videos and pictures are more impactful to show your emotion to grab the attention of any other. It is an innovative and clever way to prepare content for your target audience. It will help you to draw more and more user’s attention to your business.

To get more buyers for your business. 

At the current time, the highest number of users are using Instagram and sharing their daily lives on Instagram. It will give you the most increased reach of customers or users for your Instagram account. In a comparison of other social media account, you will get more visibility for your business on your Instagram account.

Some easy steps to brand yourself on Instagram: 

The given below tips will assist you to capture the attention of desire users on Instagram. You can connect to a company from where you can buy followers UK or likes. But, here we are giving some free tips to brand your business on Instagram quickly: 

  • Ready your content in advance and use a scheduling tool to post the content so that you have enough time to prepare the next content for your Instagram profile.
  • Repost your old content! One study save that repost content can help you generate more users on Instagram. Moreover, the user also finds this type of post more trustworthy than any other post. You need to be unique while using the caption to direct your right business idea among the user.
  • You need to prepare a gallery theme for your Instagram account. It will help you to make your Instagram account more impressive and attractive. You can make a proper combination of business photos, user-generated photos, topic-related photos, and so on.
  • You need to set a time to do a particular task so that you can avoid multitasking. Research is fundamental to post any content on Instagram for increasing your account reach. It will also help your brain to think of new strategies to make your Instagram account more attractive. 
  • Always ready in advance! If you want to get specific progress in your Instagram account, then you need to prepare the things in advance that will help you to engage more people with your content. You can also approach a company to buy real Instagram likes.
  • You need to use the same filter and address that you use in most posts to get consistency in your posts, and it looks the same.

It is essential to have the right Instagram strategy before jump into the campaign. You can also produce an expert to prepare the right design for your Instagram account. A well-planned strategy can help you to achieve more success with your Instagram account. 

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Time Management for Recruiters: 4 Tips



There are times when it seems like nothing is more important than your job.

If HR professionals are to succeed in this competitive industry, they must have a strong work ethic and good time management skills.

If you work in HR or sales recruitment, your time is constantly being put to the test. Keeping track of all those deadlines is difficult.

Using tools like Google Calendar has helped me manage my workload better than ever – without feeling overwhelmed or stressed about what needs to be done first.

Make Proper Plan

Writing everything down is one of the most important steps to effective time management. If you receive new tasks, don’t forget to write them straight away into your notebook so they won’t be forgotten.

This way, it’s easier for you to stay organized and reach your goals Make sure that everything from the important tasks on top of other unimportant ones.

Having less opportunity cost associated with finishing early (if any) will result in more productivity in fewer total hours worked per day by eliminating distractions like social media or television.

Advance Plan

Tasks are a necessary evil in any job, and it is important to make sure they get done. If at first glance your list seems daunting or overwhelming then don’t give up! The second step of successful time management will be taking the review session where you go over these tasks again with fresh eyes so that nothing slips through unnoticed.

Buckling down for long hours can feel like one way forward but often times we need help getting everything off our plates – this doesn’t mean giving fewer responsibilities though as there might still some work due from previous days even after reviewing what needs doing today (and tomorrow too!).

Priority Plan

One of the most important things to do in order for you time management plan be successful and efficient is by writing down all your tasks. This will help with prioritizing, which leads into step three: deciding what needs urgent attention or can wait until later on when necessary resources are more easily available.

Tasks can be overwhelming and time is always an issue. Writing them down helps you take a step back, look at what needs to get done in priority order of importance as well as how much energy or effort will go into completing each task prior too starting anything without first giving it due consideration.

Maintaining healthy work/life balance isn’t easy but prioritizing your tasks should make things easier on yourself by staying organized with lists so there’s no confusion when looking through old notes for forgotten projects.

Arrange Things

The fourth and final step is the most important of all. Once you’ve followed these three easy steps, when I tell your brain to start breathing again in a few minutes time it’ll know exactly what needs doing without any confusion whatsoever.

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What to look for when choosing a mortgage lender?




Whether you are buying your first home or your third home, there is a good chance you will find yourself looking for the best mortgage lenders. With the average U.S. consumer paying a mortgage for 20-30 years, you will want to choose a reliable lender.

While it helps to ask friends to pass it on, it is also a good idea to spend time comparing prices and talking to lenders. Not sure where to start? You may use these suggestions to help you choose the best lender for you.

1. Does the lender offer competitive interest rates?

First things first, it is generally recommended to find a place in the world by looking at the various lenders and the prices and fees they advertise. Taking this step can help you understand what the market looks like as a whole and who can offer you competitive prices.

Keep in mind that the prices and plans you may finally receive may depend on your preferred lender and your needs and financial situation, but these initial comparisons may provide a basis for you to start working from.

Try to look at the most common types of loans offered. Interest rates on fixed loans do not change with the life of the loan. Flexible interest rate interest rates may change with the life of the loan and be influenced by the Federal Reserve which increases or decreases the rate at which the index movement is tied to ARM levels.

2. How much of the process is online compared to paper or in person?

How many facets you have to apply for a loan may differ from the lender. Some online banks will allow you to complete the process completely online, while brick and mortar banks may need a personal visit.

In the past, applying for mortgages required a lot of paperwork. But much of this has now been replaced by online communication. For example, you can now send your financial information such as bank statements and W-2s electronically.

Lenders who complete most, if not all, of the online application process, can offer lower prices or fees, because they do not have the cost of brick and mortar bank facilities, and their staff has to take care of them.

That means, if you are a person who loves face-to-face help, you might consider a lender who allows you to apply in person or a lender who uses face time.

3. How quickly can a lender close once you have a contract?

Once you have found the home you want to buy and you are under a purchase agreement with the seller, the time it takes to repay the loan may vary. Depending on the situation you may have to wait for tests, appraisals, and all kinds of paperwork you can do before closing.

However, your lender can offer you ways to speed up the process. For example, you may be able to get a mortgage before you take out a mortgage loan, which will save you a lot of time before you start buying a home.

4. Does the lender offer loan products with terms that suit your needs?

Your needs and your financial situation can play a big role in the plans you have chosen and are appropriate. For example, some lenders require a 20% down payment to get the best mortgage rates.

If you can’t afford to pay 20%, lenders may require you to have private property insurance, which covers them in case you fail to pay your mortgage. Loan insurance premiums vary according to many factors.

Ask your preferred lender how much your monthly payment will be made and keep in mind that in some cases private property insurance does not work, as in other Jumbo loan schemes, and in some cases, you may qualify to have your home loan removed later if certain conditions are met.

If you can’t afford a 20% down payment, you can look for lenders who offer flexible payment requirements.

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