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How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost?



How Much Does iPhone Screen Repair Cost

Oh no! Did you drop your iPhone and break your screen?

Well, it’s too late now to cry over spilled milk. It’s probably best to look into some iPhone screen repair options.

The great news is that there are many ways to replace your iPhone screen and you should be aware of how much it will end up costing you.

Are you interested in learning more? If so then continue reading to find out how much iPhone screen repairs cost!

iPhone Screen Repair Costs With Apple

Let’s say your iPhone is no longer on a warranty. In order for Apple to repair the screen of an older phone, the price estimate is $129. To repair the screen of a brand new iPhone can be up to $329.

When you’re ready to schedule a repair with Apple you’ll need to follow their instructions to secure your information. Make sure to have your ID and your receipt upon purchasing the iPhone. If you decide to mail in your phone you should erase the device.

When you repair your screen with Apple, the bonus is that they’ll have all the authentic parts necessary. You can also be sure that the procedure will only take one day to fix.

Fixing Your iPhone Screen With a Third-Party

You should remember when deciding to choose a third-party that your warranty will no longer be applicable. In the case that your warranty has run out, using a third-party will be super helpful to you.

The prices range from $80- $140 for repairs. Before you bring your iPhone to any store make sure to double-check online using Yelp or HomeGuide. You’ll want to know if the third-party store is a legitimate option.

Most third-party stores will be able to look at your phone first to give you an estimate on how much the repair will cost depending on what’s wrong. Having a third-party source, like Fruit Fixed, examine the damage will in turn help you to save money.

DIY Screen Repair Kits

If you’re a tech wizard and want to put your skills to the test you can repair your iPhone yourself. The DIY repair kits cost anywhere from $40- $80.

Unfortunately, it is not a recommendation to do this process on your own if you don’t have experience. You don’t want to mess with lithium batteries because they can easily catch on fire.

Before assembling you should watch an instructional Youtube video or carefully read the booklet that comes with the DIY kit.

The Importance of Knowing iPhone Screen Repair Costs

After reading this you should now know all of your options to choose from when looking to repair your screen.

It is important to make sure to do your part of researching what the best iPhone screen repair options are for your specific issues. This way you can have a successful outcome!

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The Importance Of E-Commerce platforms




There is a wide range of businesses, from entrepreneurs to small corporations to large brands that can offer their goods or services on their eCommerce Website. Consumers no longer want to wind down the highway to purchase products in the new, competitive and convenient society. Still, they want to shop at home, making e-commerce a versatile option for companies and consumers.

Where you are still on the verge of launching an e-commerce store, then look no further; here are the five most important reasons for your e-commerce business, Eishops Marketplace and how can you profit this year from going online!

Can Your Brand Extend

Ecommerce is the perfect way to introduce the products Eishops Marketplace to an innovative and well-loved brand from a conventional brick and mortar shop. Through offering excellent products 24 hours a week, along with online customer support, blogs and social media, your business is not just a single shop any more; with its online presence, it is conceivable that your business is the home of your products and the ultimate home to your company.

More relaxed

An online store is open every day, so your customers will still be able to access your store on any schedule. These days people do not always have time to sell online for free  go shopping. Still, more and more people decide to shop online to find the things they want or sell online for free  need, and you shouldn’t cater Eishops Marketplace to more consumers who search for a simple and versatile experience when your enterprise can do it for their customers.

Boost your scope

With access to the Internet, millions of people worldwide are now able to visit your website, Which means that you have even more opportunities for those trying to grow their businesses and reach a bigger audience. Compare the number of which a high-street shop or local advertisement helps you reach through a website; there is no excuse for you not to sell online for free bring your company online if you want to increase your reach.

Give your marketing opportunities.

The use of SEO when creating a website will lead to greater opportunities for your company to be found in the search engine and an immense amount of opportunities in your industry. Many marketing methods, including pay per click ads, social media marketing low prices on everything and e-mail marketing, may also operate alongside your website. All of them may have ties back to your website.


As your business expands, you will most likely want to broaden your low prices on everything  product line and target audience and build your company for consumer need and demand. An e-commerce platform helps you extend your company accordingly to add new lines, add additional payment options, and even develop as delivered, without thinking about changing position or moving to larger premises, as you do with a brick and a shop.

With a well-designed and configured website, you can accomplish these goals and give your customers a comfortable 24-hour service that can improve your business, from marketing to growing your product line to further sales. Ecommerce offers businesses a whole range of opportunity.

E-Commerce has rapidly become an important business strategy component low prices on everything and a strong driver for economic growth in the new global economy.


The continued growth of eCommerce will lead to lower inflation pressures by rising competition, saving costs, and improving salespeople’s price behaviour. A wide variety of businesses can use their online shop to offer products/services from entrepreneurs to small- and medium-sized enterprises to large brands. Simultaneously, the rapid influx of new technology into the retail industry has made customers of all ages expect a relaxed and connected experience that harmonizes seamlessly with their daily lives.

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How to Create an Effective TikTok Marketing Strategy



Effective TikTok Marketing Strategy

It should come as no surprise that leveraging social media is a reliable marketing strategy. This is especially true for TikTok, a platform that has exploded into popularity over the past couple of years.

But, developing a solid TikTok marketing strategy isn’t always straightforward. Fortunately, we’ve put together a brief guide that details everything you need to know. Let’s explore what you should keep in mind.

Stay Aware of Current Trends

As you might guess, you can’t expect to take full advantage of the platform if you aren’t aware of the current trends. In fact, it’s recommended that you take a bit of time each day to research what’s popular.

Hashtags, challenges, and dances change on a regular basis, and you can use this knowledge to leverage trends that are relevant to your brand. Additionally, you can research what other brands are doing on TikTok and learn from them.

This will help you establish your presence and cultivate a following over time.

Consider Working With Influencers

Social media marketing and influencer collaboration go hand-in-hand. For some reason, however, some brands are sometimes hesitant to reach out to influencers on this platform.

The truth is that doing so can exponentially increase the reach that your brand has. In fact, even a single well-crafted post could drastically increase your exposure in your industry.

For this reason alone, it’s highly recommended that you take this option seriously. Be sure, however, that you only work with influencers who have a good reputation.

Otherwise, you could actually harm the reputation of your own brand if you work with individuals who are caught up in scandals.

Use the Platform Regularly

Like every other social media platform, TikTok’s algorithm prioritizes users who are highly active. This means that it’s in your best interest to be as active as possible on your account.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to post everyday. In this context, the term ‘activity’ could be something as simple as commenting on the content of other users.

As long as you take a few ‘actions’ on TikTok each day, you will signal to the platform that you’re maintaining a sufficient level of activity. From here, it’s more likely that the content you post will be pushed into the feeds of other users.

In some cases, you can even go viral.

Only Post High-Quality Content

It should go without saying that the only content you post on your account should be of high quality. In fact, posting low-quality content will only serve to give off the impression that your brand is not professional.

Unfortunately, many businesses struggle to maintain a consistent upload schedule and instead sacrifice quality for increased frequency. It’s recommended that you outsource any weak points that your company has in order to ensure that your content meets quality standards.

To elaborate, let’s assume that you don’t have the manpower to produce a professional-level video. It will be in your best interest to work with an agency that is capable of fulfilling this role for you.

Otherwise, you run the risk of deterring users who would have otherwise engaged with your brand.

Take Advantage of Ads

TikTok ads are one of the most efficient ways that you can reach your audience on the platform. But, this also assumes that you have a strong understanding of your target demographic.

In order to fine-tune your ads to reach the intended users, there’s a handful of factors that you need to consider. These typically include:

  • Age
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Ethnic background primary languages
  • Level of education
  • Annual income

Put simply, the more you understand about your target audience, the easier it will be for you to get your content in front of them. In contrast, haphazardly throwing out advertisements onto the platform is sure to be nothing more than a waste of money.

It’s far more efficient to take a step back and clearly define your target audience, even if it means starting a campaign at a later date.

When budgeting for your marketing on this platform, you should also keep in mind that you can buy TikTok followers instantly. You can visit this resource to learn more.

Brand Yourself Appropriately

So, you got your content in front of your audience and you’ve slowly begun building a presence. But, does your content appropriately reflect your brand identity?

This is a crucial factor to keep in mind, as insufficient branding efforts could prove to be a significant setback. Take a moment to consider your brand story, the tone you want your content to have, and how your audience will potentially receive this content.

It’s essential that you strive to align all these factors so that you can accurately portray your brand while simultaneously providing content your audience finds valuable. This will ensure that the users who interact with your brand are genuinely interested in what you have to offer.

As you build a following, proper branding becomes even more important. So, be sure to handle this obligation during the early stages of your TikTok marketing.

Creating a Solid TikTok Marketing Strategy Can Seem Difficult

The above information, though, will ensure that you are able to do so seamlessly. From here, you can create the most reliable TikTok marketing strategy possible and hit metrics like never before.

Want to learn more info you should keep in mind? Be sure to explore what the rest of our blog has to offer.

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Does PPC and SEO Work Together Well?



In online marketing, there are two standout important strategies we will highlight today.These strategies increase your visibility, search presence and online success. Each one of these categories has its own set of technical rules and complexities.

  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
  • SEO (Search engine Optimization)

PPC means Pay-Per-Click. It is digital advertising, while using targeted keywords and relevant appearances. You can run PPC ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram and many other online advertising platforms.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it encompasses multiple facets of tools, methods and techniques, in order to help you place higher on Google search results. Content management is an especially important part of SEO. Afterall, what is Google if not a majestic library of content from creators all around the world.

The Online Advertising Market Place

The online advertising market is a very dynamic environment. A holistic approach is needed for Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Advertising.By combiningboth of them, you can realize higher traffic and more conversions. Search Engine Optimization is the best technique to bring your site to the first page of search results. This strategy has some core components including:

  • On-page Optimization
  • Backlink Profile
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Management
  • User Experience and more

The SEO Conundrum

One of the core reasons why you want to combine PPC ads with SEO is efficiency. While SEO is a great long tern strategy to place you at the top of your competitors, it is not a strategy that provides results overnight.

One reason is because it relies on history and a new website with a new domain has very little history on the web. Time allows you build a properly diversified backlink profile. Time allows you to develop an audience that generates legitimate engagements, traffic and an online presence. History is the key factor why SEO needs a boost from PPC during the first year.

The Solution to Slow SEO Growth

Pay-Per-Click ads is one of the best and immediate solutions to the slow SEO growth conundrum. While PPC ads cost more upfront, the immediate traffic it generates will help you curb down marketing expenses while your search visibility and positions continue to grow.

With PPC ads, the website owner can place ads on the region by targeted criteria.You can generate multiple Pay-Per-Click ads to targe multiple pages in your website for a specific demographic.The targeting options don’t just stop there either. You can target by interest, work positions and a plethora of other metrics.

This combination allows the business owner to accomplish their monthly customer acquisition goals while tracking the projected growth of their online search presence. You can track this growth by using a number of tools such as:

  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu
  • Google Analytics and
  • Google Search Console (GSC)

You may have seen PPC ads, when you search for something on Google. You can see on the top of the search results; the best result has a pointer “Ad”. This means that they have activated theirGoogle ads account and are more than likely delving into some moderate to extensive SEO. You can use a focused SEO strategy, keywords and Pay Per Click Advertising to improve your traffic and increase your conversions.

What is White Hat SEO

White Hat SEO is a practice that helps improve search engine ranking in an ethical manner. It protects your website’sintegrity by using the latest Search Engine Optimization methods considered white hat strategies.You can read further about white hat SEO by doing a search online or visiting an SEO provider like Cubic IT Consulting, if you are not familiar with this strategy. In general, PPC and SEO can work together much better than trying to implement them separately. You just need the tricks of the trade to join these two strategies for event and conversion tracking purposes.

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HunText: Hunt down those missing files in a split-sec!



Why is your phone so slow? The applications keep freezing up all the time, and using your device feels like a nightmare every time. It constantly heats up, the firmware keeps crashing and you don’t look forward to spending some quality time with your device. Change your smartphone’s health for the better with HunText. There’s no file too hidden for it to find, no document out of reach and no video well crowded out by clutter.  HunText tears through heaps of files like a hot knife through butter, getting you what you need in a jiffy. Additionally, it’s great at finding opportunities to free up space, such as by deleting duplicate files, among other methods. The more the space, the faster your phone operates, and the less likely you are to break the screen in a fit of rage!

HunText Features

HunText’s primary concept is built around the fastest search engine and indexing known to Android. With only a partial phrase of the title, users can pluck out files from the furthest corners of your phone memory. In addition to a File Finder system like never seen before, users also get treated to the following:

  • PC-like file explorer: Do you sometimes wish your phone was as organized as a PC? HunText offers PC-Esque file directory arrangement.
  • A UI to fall in love with; the app’s user interface is not only built for speed and accessibility; it is also gorgeous to look at with its light tones.
  • Wireless FTP: Need to transfer files between mobile and PC? No problem! HunText offers wireless transfers across multiple device platforms.
  • File manager that enables the manipulation of files through deletion, uploading, compression, and more.
  • Duplicate remover: The app finds similar files and lets you delete them
  • In-app video and audio player: You’ve found that missing video file, now you don’t need to switch files to listen to music or watch clips
  • Easy file categorization that enables easy access according to file types e.g. images, audio, etc for more specific lookups 

Working of the app

Need to look up something? Hit the search navigator! Want to compress something? Highlight the file and toggle between options to copy, move, delete and compress it. For compression and cloud transfer features though, you’ll need a PRO subscription.

Where HunText stands out from the rest

If you’ve used most third-party file transfers, you’ll agree with me that they are darn slow! You’ll be better of watching a tortoise cross the road than waiting for search results. HunText accelerates this process to mere seconds, thanks to its unprecedented FTP and search engine.  This lightning-quick file transfer system is its best quality, not to mention the fact that it doubles up as a compression tool and video/audio player!

Download HunText for its speedy file transfers and excellent diversity!

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5 important social media platforms in 2021



2021 is a year of hope because it is going to involve so many positive changes including the arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine. Social media saw a huge rise in 2020 because of the pandemic and the statics of these platforms have also changed a little bit. In this massive crowd of the internet, let’s see what the top 5 important social media are –

1.            Facebook – The total number of users on Facebook is 2+ billion. Facebook has gained popularity among all kinds of ages and genders. The data shows that people aged 65+ also use Facebook on daily basis. Facebook is also versatile in its content type and is really easy to use. You can use it to grow your business, promote your brand, for your personal use, connect with people with the same interests, etc.

2.            Twitter – Twitter has 330 million active users and the age spectrum is 18-50. Twitter is best for following all the trends in the global world because it provides a continuous flow of information and gathers new content from the internet. You can only include 280 characters when you tweet, which helps its users to create and consume concise and quick information. You can include photos and videos in your tweet. You can also use twitter downloader to download any photo or video that you want.

3.            Instagram – Over 1 billion people use Instagram daily. Instagram is known for its fairly young audience. You will find all the young people in their teens and 20s very active on Instagram. It follows all the trends relating to fashion, beauty, tech, sports, etc. Using Instagram is best for all creative people since it constantly updates with new and interesting features that can be used to create a different kind of content. As of now, the most successful update was of reel videos on Instagram since it has shown great response from all the creators and consumers too.

4.            Pinterest – Pinterest is a new social media platform but it still has 300 million users. The user base of this particular social media is female (85%). Pinterest is basically used for consuming all the visual content and no text content. You can literally find photos and videos on any niche for free and can also download them. If you are an artist or a musician, Pinterest can really help you grow some reach. You can also spread your brand awareness if you sell products in which women are most interested.

5.            LinkedIn – The number of users is 303 million aged 25 to 65. When it comes to professional platforms, no other social media can beat LinkedIn. The age group suggests that people use LinkedIn for connecting with businesses and workers. This makes this social media much more formal than the other ones. If you run a business and want to connect with other businesses, you must optimize your LinkedIn profile. Not just for a business owners but for any person who wants to connect with others in professional terms, they must exist on LinkedIn. It went through drastic popularity after the pandemic as people are looking for online work more than ever before.

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