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How much does Austin Kitchen Cabinets Installation Cost?

Working on the budget for kitchen remodeling should not be hectic or complex. For every house owner deciding on custom cabinets Austin thinks of the cost of kitchen cabinets.

How much does it cost? And what’s all with the hardware of the kitchen cabinets?

Estimating the budget is not the game everyone wants to play, especially in larger cities like Autin. Here, it can be hard to find through the myriad of Austin kitchen cabinets contractors, subcontractors, or builders. Every one of them may suggest different things for your kitchen too.

So, how do you decide on the budget that brings you both quality materials and service? Let’s see the breakdown by a kitchen remodeling company in Austin.

Cost of Kitchen Remodel

First thing to get straight-every house is built differently and thus has a different price estimation for the work required. You cannot compare the expenses of your neighbors’ or your relative’s kitchen remodeling. 

Depending upon what your overall goal is, what needs to be replaced or what needs to be repaired, the price will vary. Luckily, there are some averages that can help you get a rough estimate of the expenses in kitchen remodeling.

Typically, kitchen remodeling around Austing can take up to $20, 000. Sure, it seems a lot initially. But, remember that a well-designed kitchen adds value to the home. So, in the future, if you plan to sell or rent the palace out, you can always expect a higher rent for the same. Also, note that this is merely an average cost. If your kitchen is smaller, $10, 000 would be sufficient, and if the kitchen is larger, then the cost may rise up to $40,000. But who can say for sure? 

Only professional kitchen remodelers can offer the price estimate for your kitchen. 

Project Cost Breakdown

Overall kitchen budget is inclusive of sections of the kitchen that need to be either replaced or repaired. So, in order to have a closer average cost for the kitchen cabinet Austin, you can refer to the following breakdown.

Kitchen ComponentPercentage of Total Budget
Plumbing Fixtures4%

Where to Invest in KitchenRemodeling?

Each kitchen is different but the core is still the same. All the kitchens have similar superficial requirements. But, you need to account in the budget where you can save money and where you should invest money. To put it simply, you need to make wise expenditure choices. 

Cabinets cover 30% of your kitchen expenses, also the most defining features of the kitchen. Adding kitchen cabinets Austin can really bring the best out in your kitchen, but you would want to have a price as the focal point.

Appliances take up 14% of your kitchen remodeling budget. They are the workhorses of your kitchen to make it functional. When buying appliances, you need to consider not only the looks but also the energy consumption and their functionality in your kitchen.

Countertops make about 10% of your budget. You can choose from materials like quartz, granite, and quartzite. Each has its own unique characteristics that make up the kitchen aesthetic feel. However, you need to have a countertop that suits your needs, lifestyle, and design.

Lighting makes up 5% of the toilet kitchen remodel budget. Prefer not making too many cuts here but you want good overhead lighting. Due to the amount spent in your kitchen and the tasks you are doing, you need the space to be well lit. You may also go for under-cabinet lights that help in bringing more focus to the highlighting features of your kitchen. 

Plumbing and paint make for 6-7% of the budget. It is nice to have an expensive fixture as it results in fewer and less expensive substitutes. So, if you have a kitchen on a tight budget, go for the right choices. When it comes to painting, it is very low and easy to install or change. Speak to your interior designer and find out the best price for the paint coatings. Based on your entire home aesthetic feel, you must find a suitable color. 

Kitchen Remodeling with Cabinet IQ

Want to have th best Austin kitchen remodeling provider? CabinetIQ – kitchen remodeling provider in Austin, brings a great selection of countertops like granite, quartz, and marble. We understand that remodeling a kitchen can be overwhelming for most homeowners. But, with the highly qualified and experienced remodeling contractor Austin, you can design the heart of your house as per your choice without less hassle and with high efficiency. By understanding your goals, style, and budget, our professionals create the new kitchen in a matter of time.

Contact the professionals today for the best kitchen remodeling services. You can explore more at – kitchen remodeling company in Austin.

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