How MI TVs giving tough competition to other TV brands

For a relatively new company compared to other brands that exist, MI smart TVs have been giving the others tough competition indeed. With striking features incorporated underneath their hoods, these smart TVs have a lot more in them, for which their popularity is increasing with each passing day.

For a product to be top-rated, the same must possess unique traits or qualities. And here goes a list of uniqueness that enables a 43-inch MI TV to stand out and be a favourite choice among people.

  1. Price

The most important factor, and also the most prioritized factor, is the price. And MI has brought a revolution keeping this factor into consideration. The MI 4A Smart LED TV and the MI 4A Horizon Edition Smart TV, with 43-inch displays, are priced at around Rs.25,000 and around Rs.26,000, respectively. So people now have access to a smart TV without having to increase their budget. This ultimate cheap-pricing is one of the main factors behind the popularity of MI smart TVs.

  1. Features

Another essential factor to be taken into account is a television set’s features. The MI 4A comes with a 43-inch ultra-bright LED display and is powered by a 64-bit quad-core Amlogic Cortex A53 processor with an inbuilt Mali-450 GPU. It also sports 1GB RAM and an 8GB storage space and 2 powerful 10 W speakers and has a low-power consumption rate of 75W. 

  1. Language Support

Perhaps MI smart TVs have dealt with a crucial factor for which it is now a favourite among people. The medium through which people tend to entertain themselves has been very intelligently taken into consideration. 

The 4A Smart LED’s system support has been embossed with 13 regional languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Assamese Marathi Gujarati, Punjabi, Oriya and Urdu. This particular feature has left its contenders behind and enabled MI to draw more customers towards its products.

  1. After-sales services

One cannot deny the quality of after-sales services provided by MI. There are presently over 1,000 MI service centres spread across 600 cities in India, and the numbers are still growing. Moreover, one can also visit their official website to book an appointment for servicing or make a call at their toll-free number to register any problems occurring with their devices.

Now stating the obvious, the services provided by MI are very much affordable. Each replaceable part comes at very standard rates and is much lower than the other brands. What’s best is that this not only applies to TVs, but to every other product that they sell. Their quick-responsive customer support team addresses customers’ grievances and comes up with a solution in a jiffy.

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Hence, these two variants of 43-inch MI TVs sell like hotcakes and are successfully competing with renowned brands in every possible respect. The USP of this brand, of providing excellent features within a feasible budget, makes them a favourite-pick amongst maximum families and households.

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