How many calories a day should you eat if you want to lose weight?

Calorie counting (and height and weight charts for that matter) and the concept of “weight loss and the scales” are outdated and misleading paradigms that encourage one of the most destructive human behaviors – dieting. Dieting is guaranteed to make you fat. At the point when you go on a run of the mill diet and cut your calories, you are viably starving your body.

Your body reacts to this eating regimen as a danger and a progression of exceptionally amazing endurance reactions rapidly go energetically, which essentially cause your body to store. First, your metabolism slows to a crawl. Your body then releases cortisol , a very powerful survival hormone which facilitates the burning of your lean muscle mass, (depleting your body’s calorie burning engine), and the storage of fat. Your body also releases lipoprotein lipase, a very powerful fat storing enzyme. The bottom line (no pun intended!) is that when you come off your diet, you begin to store fat like there is no tomorrow, and you not only gain back all the fat you have lost, your body becomes more resistant to your next diet. Even though you may have lost weight, you are actually fatter , because your body fat percentage – the relationship between the amount of fat to the amount of lean body mass (muscle) – actually gets worse.

The key to ultimate energy and health is to focus on “fat loss”, meaning reducing your body fat percentage. Optimum body fat percentage for good health for men is 15% and under, and for women is 22% and under. If you want A+ health and A+ body, optimum body fat percentage for men is 12% and under, and for women, 15% and under. To reduce your body fat, attribute 75% of your efforts to nutrition. Focus on the quality and ratio of the three macro-nutrients – lean complete protein (like chicken breast, turkey breast, grilled fish, whey protein being the best), raw fats and oils (like extra virgin olive oil, almonds, sunflower oil and seeds, raw flaxseed oil and seeds or an omega 3/6 blend oil or seeds being the best), and unprocessed, foods-as-grown carbohydrates (raw vegetables, fruits and whole grains) – starting with an equal balance of the three for every meal, and increasing your intake of protein if you still feel hungry or sluggish after.

Eliminate sugar, anything containing sugar and all processed carbohydrates like white bread, white pasta, and white rice. Eliminate all saturated, processed and fried fats (heat makes fat toxic), like butter, whole dairy, red meat, store-bought vegetable oils, and anything fried or deep fried. Starting your day off with a KLEAN SHAKE, which is a synergistic, perfectly balanced blend of the highest quality of the three macro-nutrients, will set you up for long lasting success. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of pure water.

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