how long does it take to settle a personal injury claim

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim? A Basic Guide

Getting injured is one of the most humiliating and painful events. Since only about 4% of personal injury claims go to trial, there’s a good chance you’ll receive a settlement instead.

So how long does it take to settle a personal injury claim?

Don’t get left in the dark. Read this article to find out what kind of timetable you will have.

Medical Attention

If you’re hurt, the first thing you want to do is seek medical attention. Your health and well-being should always be the top priority.

In some cases like car crashes, injuries can worsen and become lethal if left unattended.

But don’t accept a settlement from a party before you know the prognosis. By accepting money before you heal, you could miss out on a large amount of money to help you with rehab, treatments, and psychological care.

Make sure you keep all bills, physicians’ notes, and any other paperwork that shows the money you had to spend to get the proper care. You can also get estimates and opinions of medical professionals about how long treatment will last.

Get a Lawyer

While you can negotiate your own settlement, you’ll probably be discussing with someone who has tons of experience dealing with settlements. They will try to low-ball you in hopes you accept the cash.

Hire professional lawyers at Gorvins Solicitors to fight for you. Skilled attorneys keep others from taking advantage of you. Additionally, they can prevent parties from delaying the settlement.

Let a lawyer help you and guide you through the process so you get all the compensation you deserve.

Part of guiding you involves keeping you from making mistakes. Don’t talk to parties without clearing it with your lawyer. Don’t share details of the incident with everyone.

Any time there’s a question or hesitation about something you need or want to do, ask your lawyer first.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

The short answer is that it depends. You and your legal representative must file a claim before the legal statutes of limitations expire. Check your local and state laws.

After you file the claim against the defendant, they usually have 30 days to respond to the claim. Depending on the facts, being served a claim shows how important this incident is to you.

In many cases, a party will reach out to your lawyer to offer a settlement as soon as they receive the claim.

If you and your attorney agree to the settlement, then you can close the book and move on with your life. But if the settlement is not enough, you can begin the process of taking it to trial.

Depending on your injury, you could receive a settlement in as few as a month. More serious injuries and resistance by the defendant could mean it’s a couple of years before you’re paid.

Winning the Personal Injury

If you’re wondering “how long does it take to settle a personal injury claim”, then you know it depends on several factors. Speak with your lawyer and medical professionals to help gauge your timeline.

Winning a personal injury claim helps your peace of mind and financial recovery.

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