How long can Irish citizens stay in New Zealand?


Irish identification holders needn’t bother with a visa to enter New Zealand and, on appearance, might be conceded a guests grant for as long as 90 days. You’ll in any case be expected to give: travel tickets or proof of forward movement plans, and. proof of assets for support. The residents of Ireland are excluded from getting a New Zealand visa as long as they intend to remain inside the country for a considerable length of time or less. Be that as it may, assuming that you intend to remain there for longer, you want to apply for a visa.

Travel and Entry to New Zealand

NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR IRISH CITIZENS The New Zealand borders are right now limited to assist with halting the spread of COVID-19. Throughout 2022, the worldwide line is resuming in five stages to permit qualified explorers to enter New Zealand.

Right now, New Zealand is at Phase Three and hence explorers having a place with any of the classifications recorded here can enter New Zealand. Visa waiver voyagers and work, working occasion, guest and understudy visa holders can leave and get back to New Zealand, assuming their visa conditions take into consideration this. As Ireland is a visa waiver country to New Zealand, Irish identification holders are currently allowed to enter New Zealand.

For additional data if it’s not too much trouble, see: Reopening the New Zealand line Immigration New Zealand

New Zealand Travel Declaration

All explorers to New Zealand are expected to finish and present a New Zealand voyager statement (NZTD) and get a Traveler Pass preceding flight. Families and gatherings need to finish a different travel statement for every part. This incorporates kids, infants, and different wards.

Explorers should give:

  1. Visa subtleties
  2. Flight data
  3. Confirmation of inoculation
  4. Verification of a negative pre-takeoff test (PDT)
  5. Travel history for 14 days preceding showing up in New Zealand
  6. Contact subtleties in New Zealand
  7. Crisis contact subtleties.

A NZTD can be begun as long as 28 days before a withdrawing flight and got back to whenever, for instance to add pre-takeoff COVID-19 experimental outcomes. It is suggested that voyagers complete however much of the NZTD as could be expected prior to getting their PDT and prior to going to the takeoff air terminal.

When do Czech Republican residents have to apply for an eTANZ?

NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR CZECH CITIZENS Explorers from the Czech Republic visiting New Zealand for the travel industry or business purposes with an expected stay of under 90 days should hold an endorsed NZeTA to enter the island country.

The NZeTA is fast and simple to get and can be mentioned internet, taking out the need to visit a New Zealand conciliatory mission.

Most NZeTA applications for Czech residents, likewise with other qualified explorers, are endorsed inside 3 work days, or less.

Hence, candidates are encouraged to present their NZeTA application structure somewhere around 3 work days before their planned date of takeoff to guarantee adequate handling time.

Czech guests who wish to venture out to New Zealand for longer timeframes, surpassing the NZeTA greatest time per stay of 90 sequential days, may have to investigate the various sorts of vacationer visas presented by the public authority of New Zealand to find the one that best suits their movement needs.

Applying for an understudy visa for New Zealand or a work visa for the island does, be that as it may, involve visiting an office or consulate in the Czech Republic to request the suitable necessities for the candidate’s particular circumstance.

Government office faculty will give outsiders the suitable structures and necessity list for various New Zealand visas as well as illuminate them better about the handling time.


This visa assists youngsters from the Czech Republic with coming to New Zealand. You can apply for this visa in the event that you’re a resident of the Czech Republic and you have basically NZ $4,200 to live on during your visit. While you’re here, you can study and work while you partake in your vacation. As referenced over, every one of the nations in the EU are visa-excluded, and its residents are not expected to apply for a New Zealand visa in the event that they don’t surpass the 3-month time frame (the half year time frame for British residents) yet they need to apply for an ETA.

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