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How Important Are Common Interests in a Romantic Relationship?

The phrase “opposites attract” is thrown around a lot, and while it may be true to an extent, common interests are the key to a successful relationship! While you don’t have to think exactly alike, sharing common interests, values, and hobbies can significantly increase relationship satisfaction and bring you closer together.

Let’s take a more detailed look at why common interests lead to happy, healthy relationships:

They Allow You to Have Fun Together

Studies have found that couples are happier when they’re best friends. Additionally, marital satisfaction was twice as high when the couples considered each other best friends. 

When you both enjoy the same hobbies, entertainment, food, etc., you get to enjoy them together. For an instance, if you’re both a travel junkie, you’ll both definitely enjoy traveling to top honeymoon destinations. It’s fun doing things with your best friend, and the experience is even better when you’re in a romantic relationship.

Shared Interests = Shared Bond

When you’re able to create memories based on shared interests, it helps develop a deep, strong bond. Without anything in common, your relationship maintains a surface-level romance. You can’t truly connect and bond with each other based on physical attraction or sex — there needs to be something else there.

They Help Create Relationship Rituals

When you both enjoy the same things, you start to create rituals in your relationship that help keep it thriving. For example, if you’re both wine connoisseurs, you might try a wine tasting once a month. If you both enjoy exercising, maybe you go for a jog each morning. Whatever it is, it helps keep you feeling connected.

They Provide a Support System

When you bond over shared interests, you build a solid foundation of trust, intimacy, and communication. Once those are in place, you start being able to turn to each other for support for things not only related to your common interests, but to other areas of your life as well.

They Give You Insight Into Each Other’s Personalities

You can learn a lot about your partner just by knowing what their interests and hobbies are, especially if they are similar to yours! If you are both into music and acting, then you know that they also have an appreciation for the arts. If you both love kayaking, then it’s clear that you’re both the outdoorsy type.

A person’s interests speak volumes about their personality, and the more you have in common, the more compatible you will be.

Common Interests Make Life Easier

Couples who have similar hobbies and passions often agree on how to spend their time and maintain interest in each other. Life is just easier when you’re on the same page! When things get tough or there’s a strain on the relationship, you have your common interests to fall back on to get things back on track.

Differences Are Important Too

Having common interests is important, but it doesn’t mean differences are a bad thing. Unless your differences are so polar opposite that you can’t get along, the best thing you can do is learn to appreciate them. No matter how different you are, the key is to have a shared vision of your future together. As long as you’re on the same page about your expectations, needs, and commitment, you can make it work.

At the end of the day, when the honeymoon phase of your relationship wears off, you’ll need to have things in common to stay connected. There’s a reason being best friends with your significant other makes for the best kind of relationship!

abdullah hussain tanoli

Abdullah hussain tanoli was born in Pakistan , except for the time when he attended high school there. he studied History and Literature at the University of Haripur. he began writing his debut novel after obsessing over books. When he’s not writing, he can be found wandering through nature or journaling at a coffee shop.

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