How I grew my hair back

Entering into my forties, fine lines appearing on my face shocked me. What shocked me more was a receding hairline, that too at such a fast pace that I could not keep up with it and lost quite a handful, not saying that rhetorically.  After trying numerous methods and using every home remedy possible on the planet what worked actually for me was the laser cap. If you are unfamiliar with it. Let me shed some light on it, Laser therapy caps are undoubtedly the leader among all products available to curb hair loss. There are portable lightweight caps available for you to use to get your hair back while you go about your day. The laser cap uses noninvasive light therapy to deep down in the scalp and trigger the health of weak follicles and cells, which as a result helps to regrow hair. For me reading out Capillus82 review was not less than a miracle. For it changed my life completely. I now have hair regrowth which is sustainable, I do not have to worry even for a second to think about other methods for hair growth.

Other methods

But before going for laser therapy, I have tried numerous hair remedies for helping with hair growth. Which I would like to share with fellow readers too. A number of home remedies and ways are widely available for those who have just started to witness hair loss or for people who have minor issues with it. Massaging your scalp daily can help repair hair and also increase hair growth. Using organic hair oils will also do wonders for your hair health. You could always do with masks that surely reinvigorate hair texture and health.

Talking about hair oils and masks, Aloe vera is considered to be the best hair mask for hair along with the tried and tested yogurt and egg white mask. A little henna paste not only naturally colors your hair but also gives it shine and strength. Did I tell you that coconut oil is every grandma’s go to oil when it comes to treating hair problems? 

And not only applying oils will get the job done. You also need to consume omega rich fatty acids in order to make your hair strong on the inside as well as shinier and sleek on the outside, as they are loaded with nutrients and proteins. Onion juice application on hair is also a bomb regimen when practiced consistently and regularly. Trust me, it does wonders to your hair by curbing hair loss and growing more hair rapidly. 

More methods

You could always take hair growth supplements to help you with hair but that needs to be taken consistently. Taking a healthy diet and exercising is not only good for your body and skin but also is magical for your hair. Whichever way you choose to go for hair therapy, just be sure to be consistent with it. nothing will get you results overnight. Be patient and wait for amazing results. For more hair care articles visit

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