How Gaylord boxes can help you in self-storage

If you are about to move, then you might be considering renting a self-storage unit. One of the most important tasks is to pack your items in your boxes. The trick to packing boxes is not only about backing them carefully. You need to pack them with foresight as you might need to unpack these boxes in the future. Gaylord boxes will provide you the best self-storage experience. You can buy these Gaylord boxes from the Gaylord Box Exchange and Generics. In this article, we are going to talk about how Gaylord boxes can help you in self-storage.

Boxes over bags

Boxes are perfect for packing. You might think that bags are good for packing. However, they are not friendly when you are loading in your storage locker. You will try to stack bags on each other. However, you will only end up with piles of bags on your floor. Boxes will ensure that you can easily stack them one on top of the other.

It is very difficult to carry a pile of huge bags. However, you can easily carry the boxes. You can stack your boxes together. Thus, you can easily carry your bags.

Your bags can also get stretched or ripped. They are not strong when compared to the boxes. You can leave your clothes in a bag and later they might get covered in the dust. Plastic is probably the worst material for storing your items. It will trap moisture which will have an effect on your items.

Boxes are uniform

The best thing about Gaylord boxes is that they are uniform in size. You can buy the same size boxes and stack them together. If you are buying different size boxes, then the stacking will become tricky.

Make sure that you are only buying boxes from the Gaylord Box Exchange. This will ensure that you can buy the boxes of the same brand. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the difference in size.

The right size

Gaylord Box Exchange and Generics will help you in finding the box of the right size. You will find both large and small boxes on this site. This will ensure that you will always find the right size box. Make sure that you are using the right size for the contents.

Utilize as much space as you can

Make sure that you packing a box to the extreme. If you are leaving a box unfilled, then it can get crushed under the weight of other things. Thus, you should fill your box entirely. You can use crushed paper for filling in gaps. If your box is filled perfectly, then there will be less movement. This will ensure that your items will stay safe. You can buy durable Gaylord boxes from the Gaylord Box exchange.


Boxes are better for storing your items when compared to boxes. It will ensure that your items are safe. Thus, you don’t need to worry about your items. You can easily move your stuff from one place to another if you are using these boxes.

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