How Efficient is Numerology in Predicting the Future?

Individuals have heavily criticised numerology all over the world. Even though it was discovered by Pythagoras, the greatest mathematician in history, it nonetheless encountered fierce opposition. Numerology is the science of numbers and how they relate to the events that occur in the world. The study focuses on the numerical worth of letters when framing names. It’s often compared to the divine ways of philosophers and astrologers. Numerology is an unproven claimed science that so many spiritual adherents believe in. However, scientific enthusiasts believe numerology cannot foresee the future and is an unproven concept.

It’s a coincidence, not a stroke of luck!

Many scientists have demonstrated that believing that a number is beneficial for a person is psychological. They believe that the person’s success at that number is just fortunate and that the number turns lucky for them. Some believers claim that they always see one number or their path in life and that this is their fate. However, detractors add that they forget about the other digits they see because people trust their lucky number.

When someone believes that a particular number is unfortunate for them, psychiatrists explain that when a person witnesses a horrific or awful event and sees any set of numbers, humans tend to link the two events. That number eventually becomes unlucky, and they unwittingly make mistakes when they see that number, blaming it on the number. The lucky number is the same way; if anything positive happens whenever they see a number, their confidence in that number, bringing luck, strengthens.

It is stated that people are more prone to recall numerical features that bring them luck and happiness while forgetting those that don’t. This is a regular occurrence known as confirmation bias. As a result, many scientists believe it is pure happenstance rather than luck.

Developed from an original idea

According to several detractors, Numerology was a notion built from fictional numbers. The Egyptians were the first to invent numbers. They invented the cypher number system, which the Greeks later adopted. Until the Hindu-Arabic number system came into use, Europe was dominated by Roman numerals, a system that used letters to represent numbers. As a result, human-invented the numerals. And it was from these manufactured numbers, that the theory of numerology was born. The detractors argue that when the numbers were created, the features of the numerals were not considered. The difficulty then becomes how to describe the numbers with particular properties later.

Is there a link between numbers and planets?

The opposition also raises the question of how numerology is tied to the planets in the sky. The number of planets in each numerology is varied. There are just seven planets in some traditions, including the moon and the sun, which are not planets. The bond’s science has yet to be verified. Nevertheless, they claim that the galaxy contains many planets and explain how the newly invented numbers are linked.

Is numerology accurate?

Yes, numerology is accurate. People use Numerology on everything they can use, from a card,s number plates to numerology baby names. People have seen some reality in it or why more than half of the world’s population would believe in it.Abirth date numerologist generally calculates a baby’s birth time and takes its help to develop the birth chart.

Numerology and future prediction

Numerology works as a signboard to travel through the unknown paths in life. It is often called a working strategy to lead through both positive and negative situations in life. Moreover, it works as an influencer to set your goals and motivate you to get the best result in life.

Role of life path numbers in numerology

The Life Path Number is related to the Sun Sign in astrolog and is the most important to find out the best result of one’s personal traits. A life path number can reveal your identity, strengths, weaknesses, special traits, and ambitions in life. Your Life Path Number also is helpful to find out your previous experiences in past times. You can consider some special facts that occurred in the past and their roles to control the present, and future. It can be said that, it works as an organised system to illuminate your lived experiences for creating a better future for you.


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