How Education Consulting Firm Helps You to Build a New School?

Building a new school is not easy. The preparation process will be time-consuming and incur many unpredicted problems. In this case, an education consulting firm can be the right hand to ease your burden by Find scholarships .

Why Need An Education Consulting Firm?

Education consulting firm consists of education consultants who are often teachers or administrators. They want to remain involved in the education field besides their day jobs, so they join the education consultancy company and help people with professional education advice. The guidance is the essence of their years of working experience in the education sector, which is pretty valuable for your new school project. So, with an education consulting firm, your new school project will always go on the right track.  

Benefits of An Education Consulting Firm in Building A New School:

If you build a new school without assistance, all of the stuff will probably make you utterly exhausted. But don’t worry, an education consulting firm can do all of these for you!

Here are the vital steps for an education consulting firm to help you get started your new school project:

  •  Do Feasibility Research and Market Survey

This is the essential process for you before building a new school. A comprehensive study will minimize the potential risk in your new school project and also maximize the chance of success. The research decides whether you can proceed to the next steps. You need to review the analysis on industry, market, and competitiveness, the marketing strategy, the operations, the human resources, and financial planning. An education consultancy company can help you do comprehensive research, lowering the risk level you might face.

  • Determine Vision and Mission

When you are building a new school, vision and mission are invaluable. They reflect your school’s values and make it distinct from other schools. Moreover, these will be part of the special memory point for your graduates after 10 or 20 years. If you can’t make it yourself, the education consultancy company will be your inspiration source.    

  • Develop a Curriculum

While developing a curriculum, you need to consider the learning scope and sequence that you want your school achieves, as well as the practical organizational matters of daily operations. For example, how long is a class? How many classes in a day? When will the first class start and the last class end? What do your students need? What’s the objective of your students’ learning? Or what criteria will be used to assess learning? All these issues should be considered when you are developing your school’s curriculum. If you think it’s too complex, an education consulting firm can help you.

  • Write a Teaching Statement

The teaching statement tells the pedagogy you’d like your prospective teachers to use and develop in their classrooms. It decides whether you can attract the best and brightest teachers to your school. Education consultants are professions in this field, as they used to be part of a school, well knowing what is appealing to a teacher.

  • Make Your Curriculum Approved

Upon completion of the curriculum, you must get approved. The process is somewhat time-consuming. An education consultancy company can help you make an appropriate plan to reduce the processing time.  

  • Prepare a Business Plan

There are hundreds of business plan models, but you need to figure out which one works best for you. Your business plan needs to describe your school goals, the reasons they are attainable, and how you plan to achieve them financially. This will be necessary to begin raising funds for your new school project.

  •  Establish a Board of Directors

You can’t open a school entirely by yourself. It would help if you need a board of directors composed of like-minded administrators who will jointly make all financial and operational decisions, recruit faculty staff, and supervise the school. Education consultants can help you choose the right administrators to operate the school with you jointly.

  • Develop School Facilities

You need to develop your school facilities early, as the process of leasing, renovation, and building tends to be longer than anticipated. Working with an education consulting firm can help you start the process as early as possible, saving more time for the next steps.

  • Hire Excellent Teachers

Your teachers will determine the quality of your new school, and whether your school will succeed. An education consultancy company will help you select the best teachers for your school, with its connections in the education field.  

  •  Promote Your School 

Inform parents in the local community. Advertise through your friends. And you can also hold an opening day to attract local parents and students. Education consultants are specialized in providing creative and cost-effective marketing plans for new school projects.

  • Enroll Students

Congratulation! You can start recruit and enroll students now. An education consulting firm can help you take the hassle out of processing tuition payments.

See? How a long list that an education consulting firm can help for your new school project. Using an education consultancy company can make you achieve your school plan much easier and smoother. If you are looking for one of the best education consultants, Whitehead, Lee and Associates (WLA) will be the perfect option for you. It is an international education consultancy specializing in providing high-quality and bespoke business-education solutions, especially for new school build project support. In WLA, you will get the most professional advice and solutions.

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