How does Exness minimum deposit compare to competitors

Every trader understands the importance of forex trading and how it has taken over the world of trading. Trading is not easy as it seems. You have to work hard to be a successful trader. 

Apart from this, you have to work with brokerage houses to continue trading. Exness is a brokerage house that traders get acquainted with to continue trading. 

Exness did not enter the world of trading long ago, and in this short time, they have gained immense popularity and the trust of traders. In order to start working with Exness, you need to submit a minimum deposit. 

While some might think that the Exness minimum deposit is a liability, but in reality, it is a blessing. Exness does not work on a single account. It consists of different accounts, and every account has a different minimum deposit. The lowest minimum deposit for an account on Exness is $10. 

First, let’s take a look at the different types of accounts of Exness. 

Types of accounts

Exness provides its users with four different accounts that they can use to their advantage. 

  1. Exness’s Raw Account
  2. Exness’s Pro Account
  3. Exness’s Standard Account
  4. Exness’s Zero Account

As stated below, all accounts on Exness have a different minimum deposit. The lowest minimum deposit is for Exness’s Standard Account. It has a minimum deposit of $10. Along with this, the maximum leverage provided to users on this account is 1:2000, and it has a spread of 0.03 pips. 

Moreover, the other accounts include Exness’s Raw Account, Exness’s Zero Account, and Exness Pro Account. To use any one of these accounts, you have to pay a minimum deposit of $200. On these accounts, you get leverage of 1:2000 and a spread of 0.0 pips. 

These deposits give leverage to Exness over their competitors as well. This is because these minimum deposits have various advantages for traders. Let’s look at how these compare to the competitors. 

It gives users the option of using a demo account

A demo account, just as the name suggests, is used as a trial account. It makes you understand how to trade, etc. it is a trading account that can be used free of cost. It completes the purpose of a trading account, however. Users should know that it is not a live trading account. 

A demo account allows users to practice trading and understand the thing involved in it. They can do so without having a fear of losing any amount of money. Traders, especially the ones who have recently entered the world of trading, are afraid of starting proper trading at once. 

This account helps them work on their skills and improve them. This allows traders to enter the world of trading with great confidence. 

It provides traders with security

Every trader is scared to trust their brokerage firm. This is because there is no certainty that the brokerage firm they are opting for is legit or is a scam. Traders are afraid that the brokerage house can turn out to be a scam, and they will not get any of their investment back. 

However, when you pay a minimum deposit, you start working with Exness. Exness is regulated by FSCA, which is one of the topmost regulators. It ensures that Exness does not carry out any fraudulent activity. 

If Exness is involved in fraudulent activities then users will get their money back because of the regulators. Along with this, the regulator will punish Exness heavily. 

It gives users the choice of using different financial instruments

Every trader greatly values financial instruments. These instruments make the process of trading easy for traders and make their work efficient. This is why traders want to use brokerage houses that provide them with different financial tools. 

After you pay the minimum deposit for Exness you can get access to more than 80 financial instruments. Some main tools you can access are currencies, commodities, indices, stocks, ETF, etc. 

With the help of these instruments, you can understand the world of trading better. Also, you can use these instruments to your advantage in various other ways!

Helps you earn a hefty amount on a small minimum deposit

What is the primary purpose of traders? To earn well and to get a good amount of money in return for what they have invested. Well, Exness allows you to do this. 

When you pay the minimum deposit, you get access to leverage tools. When it comes to forex trading, these tools are extremely popular due to their advantages to users. 

In comparison to the amount of your forex trading, these tools help you gain a much larger amount of money. These tools work with the help of ratios. These ratios include 1:2000 and 1:1000, along with some others. 

These tools tend to get a little risky for beginners, but these are very good for professional traders. The only reason they are risky for beginners is that you need proper training and experience to use these accounts, and then you can make the perfect decisions. 

To wrap it up!

While almost all brokers have a minimum deposit, the minimum deposit of Exness opens doors to various opportunities for traders. Therefore, Exness’s minimum deposit works in favour of the traders!

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